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Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/27/08
ok I think its an interesting story but I'd rather it hurry up and get back 2 were it left off at Huceo Mundo I want 2 know whats going on what happens 2 Rukia and Chad and does Szayel Aporro come back 2 fight with Uryuu and Renji or were they able 2 get away from that area and Ichigo and Orihime and Nel where did they go after he beat Grimmjow did Ulquiorra come back before they leave so many questions and the fact that the next ep is part of the filler arc will it b the last ep for it, it doesn't air until Oct 7th so there r a couple weeks before we'll know

What does everyone else think about the filler arc also the arc doesn't fit in the timeline anywhere I know its not in the manga but they didn't even fit it into the anime its just a could've happened story
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