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American responsible for Iraq tragedy
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Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/23/08

I-Killerbee-I wrote:
Quite frankly, I still believe that there were unregistered weaponry in Iraq, just the USA took ages to actually inspect Iraq, so they had enough time to hide it.

Secondly, even if the USA wouldn't have gone to war there, Iraq was always in a bad condition. Oh yeah, lets not forget that people there kill each others on a daily basis out of various reasons of which most are based on a religious ground and that BEFORE the USA set foot there.

Anyway, BS thread,
A. you are too biased on that matter to make this a sound topic
B. a lot of nonsense in your post
C. arguments based on nothing, just on your biased opinion on that matter
D. tell me at least ONE country that would change their president while their country is at war! It would have been a tactical mistake if they would have done so.
E. Bush is not at fault, blame those f*cking terrorists who used Iraq as their shield. Those, who actually put Iraq into this sad situation.
F. Blame the many Iraqis who supported and still support these terrorists.
G. Responsible for what? For the fact that the people there are unable to cope with the West? I'd say that Iraq should actually be glad that the USA was so hesitant about the whole war concept, because, hell, over 3000 people killed in one day by some lousy bastards from the Middle East, I doubt that if the same would have happened to another country that they would have done better than the USA
H. Uhm, damn it, I forgot what word would be good to express your attitude towards the Americans, but I guess calling you a bigot does the job quite well. Secondly, you little hypocrite, CR is a US website, I guess you should stop frequenting this website if you don't want to support the USA in any way any more.

This thread should get locked, because
A. It's not constructive at all
B. The structure of this thread just makes it end up in a huge argument
C. Intolerant, anti-american thread, hate thread



Just to sum up your points:
a) It was ok for the American government to incite war and murder in Iraq, 'cause they probably would have done it to each other anyway (those barbarians)!
b) The upcoming presidential election is a "tactical mistake".
c) Those damn terrorists, they ruin everything! We're fighting for freedom and democracy!
d) Damn Iraqis too, they support terrorism! Freedom, I say!
e) They started it!

digs wrote:
Sure, the Iraq war has had its flaws, but it is far better off than before we got there.

That statement is inherently subjective, biased, and thus irrelevant. But to provide some perspective, one of the things Hussein did well was keeping the peace. America, despite the massive amounts of propoganda that say otherwise, does not in fact have a Midas' touch that turns everything it touches into a golden fount of democracy and freedom.

Conclusion: Despite his trolling, the guy had a valid point that almost everybody in this thread failed to address, concerning the American populace's apathetic and biased attitude towards US politics and the global implications that come of them, and America's legacy of war.
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Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/23/08
Troll thread.

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