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Posted 11/30/07 , edited 12/1/07
To: CTS and GTV
The first season of the Taiwanese version of drama-comedy Hana Kimi has
reached international fame and has affected many of us worldwide. Hana
Kimi has brought us tons of laughter, smiles, and plenty of tears. As
the show was only broadcasted once a week, fans of HK would anticipate
their weekends so that they may watch the show.

The cast and crew made their best efforts to create a wonderful drama and indeed, they did. The Taiwanese drama of Hana Kimi has swept Asia, Europe, North America, the Island nations, Australia, and Africa with its hilarious and exceptionally engaging plot line and script.

Ella Chen fulfilled her role as a young woman disguised as a man (Rui Xi)
and achieved this with the utmost impressive performance. Rui Xi entertained the audience in her effort to conceal her true identity. Although her expressions seemed somewhat exaggerated at times, the viewers had come to love watching the bubbly, silly, and fresh Rui Xi. The cast and their amazing acting skills captivated the audience.

A second season of Hana Kimi was confirmed to be made by the end of the year 2007. While many of us expected and anxiously waited for the Hana Kimi 2
season, we were told that HK 2 has been cancelled by Producer Huang Wan
Bo in September of 2007. Fans were not only appalled, they were also
disappointed. The reason given to us was that Hana Kimi 2 may receive
lower ratings such as other shows' second season. The ending to Hana
Kimi was said to be a good enough ending for the audience. But was it truly?
The conclusion of the first Hana Kimi left us hanging there. Well, what
about Rui Xi and Quan? Will they ever confess their true feelings to one
another? Will Rui Xi stay in Taiwan or will she return to the U.S? Since these questions are still left unanswered, we the viewers, will not and can
not be satisfied with the HK finale. We ask you to please reconsider
your decision for a second season because a vast number of us would
absolutely love to see silly Rui Xi, charming Quan, and funny Xiu Yi in an upcoming sequel. Thank you.

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