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Here You Shall Record Your Story...

for more info:(you'll need it)

For a bad pun I could have done at the beginning of this post click the spoiler below.
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I thought here is where you post your characters background stories?
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Raiden_Stormstrider wrote:

I thought here is where you post your characters background stories?

You can if you wish.
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When I was 14 I fell in love with a human.
Being born into the underworld ment one rule. No Fraternizing with the enemy.
Then look at me, the Devil's own daughter for chirst's sake fell in love with a measly human.
When my father came to know of this he went balistic.
Burning everything.
Killing everybody.
Then sending the souls to the deepest part of Hell.
When he came to my beloved human, he did not listen to my cries of mercy, nor did he take notice to what my love had been saying.
My father killed him.
My father killed him right in front of me.
I became unaware of everything around me and also lost my awareness of what I was doing.
I killed my fathers army that tried to stop me from escaping the Underworld. I singed my own fathers cheek.
I escaped.
Now here I am, 16... and pretending to be a human.
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years ago, while out on a week long hunting trip shortly after his 13th moon Raphael and his childhood friend Vex where setting up camp when they witnessed an earth shaking fight. A pair of rank 5 demons((1-10 10 being strongest)) were fighting all out the 15feet tall black and green monsters were tearing the peaceful valley to pieces. ((due to their environment the valley was well hidden with nothing more dangerous than the occasional rank 1and2 demons so while common in other places 2 rank 5's were a rare occurrence the resident of the area were not prepared for)) In their blood lust the demons did not see the harm they were causing and they didn't care drawing closer and closer to the two kid's precious village. Raphael ran as fast as his legs could carry with Vex barely keeping up. they arrived to a scene the very embodiment of chaos. villagers were fleeing wildly in all directions the village hunters lay dead or dying, rank 2 demons being the strongest they had ever fought. Raphael search for the only other person he cared for...the chief. ((his adopted father, after being found in a clearing covered in blood and surrounded by the remains of demons he was the only one willing to take him in)) he quickly made his way to the main was still intact he made his way in and up the stairs when BOOM the house shook as if a bomb blew up underneath it he quickened his pace and made it to the door leading to the second floor landing he swung it opened and felt the air...the fresh nighttime air. The entire left wing of the house was missing. The green demon now lay where the chiefs room once stood the black demon had gained the upper hand pushing on his advantage he began to pummel the green demon into the floor deepening the crater beneath them with each merciless blow the green demon tried his best to recover but a few massive blows to the head and he was defenseless the black demon stood tall over his dying foe and with one final roar he delivered the final blow extending his foot long claws he drove it straight through his chest and into the ground below. Finally a victor. With his enemy vanquished at last he noticed the half destroyed village still shocked Raphael had watched the events from the opened second floor door way less than 12 feet away. he was snapped out of it by vex who was running towards the newly rampaging abomination spear in hand. he jumped down into the streets and tried to go after him...too late the demon had noticed the fourteen year old slamming a human sized fist on the ground behind the poor boy. vex went flying forward, spear broken in two, dropping useless weapon. with the big hand blocking his way back Vex ran between the creatures. the demon did the same thing and slammed his hand on the ground making vex fall and skid a few the demon let out something similar to a laugh...the monster was toying with him((intelligence is not based on rank some can speak and cast magic..some are just plain stupid)) the beast pinned him down with one finger obviously entertained. vex pulled out a small hunting knife and drove it halfway into the demons tough hid .the beast roared in displeasure applying enough pressure to break vex's raised its other hand high into the air playtime being officially over he brought it back down full force. at the same time Raphael was still running towards them he wasn't going to make it closing his eyes tight he desperately tried to run faster... a bright light flooded the night time streets and in less than a second he found himself on the creatures back looking around confused as the demon he was standing on he noticed the weapon clutched tightly in his right hand it was a gunblade surrounded by dark aura...a very wicked sword with a dark red blade it had gun shape handle.A very deadly weapon in every sense of the word it felt as light as a feather, like any other part of his body, it made him feel complete, but most of made him feel powerful. the demon roared with rage Raphael started paying attention to the fight leaving the questions for later. the demon started clawing at his back in madness as if demanding his existence to end. Raphael dodged the massive hands with ease even with the sword in hand he felt so light almost as if gliding. deciding to finally attack he dodged left and right until he made it to the base of the neck gripping his new partner around the middle he brought the blade in a wide crescent slash flame shooting out in the shape of the crescent moon making a whole in the shape of the slash 40ft deep, it was more than long enough long enough to completely decapitate the beast and end its rampage once and for all. the beast stood there like a giant headless statue before ungracefully falling forward into the cold dirt street. with his ribs broken, vex had not moved during his exchange and could only cry out as the giant body fell on top of him with one last scream he died. crushed under the massive demon's weight.Raphael realizing his best friends fate broke down still on top of the demon he cried for a full hour before what was left of the previously 30 ppl came out with spears, pitchforks and rocks.

That night the villagers wanting something to blame. needing something to blame, manifested that there was something dark inside Raphael. they drove the thirteen year old crying child out of the village calling him a monster and a murderer...and he agreed one hundred percent in his shocked little mind he believed he killed his best friend and the last of the 2 important people in his life. from then on he traveled all over the world becoming ever stronger and working as a hired blade he didn't care if the jobs were good or evil at first he was just trying to figure out where his next days meals would come from.....
to be continued
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-10 years ago-
Hiro is the youngest in the Nakamura Family. When he was little he played the violin very well because his father teached him, but his family was killed by the Hunters who was sent by the man who rules this world and now the Hunters are hunting him down also. So he ran away from his home and went on a quest to stop this madness! And so Nakamura Hiro is training his way to become the most powerful Vampire in the world!....... As life goes on to becoming a World of Darkness..........
-7 years later-
When he was 13 he had a fight with a Hunter and was about to get killed, but he unleashed his most powerful powers (they are unknown powers, it could be anything!) that was sealed by the Hunters when he was little. He will turn into a fearsome Vampire ever! The Hunter called for help, but it was too late, the Hunter was killed, but the hunter made a scar on his left eye......
Now he is 16, Nakamura Hiro is now the most wanted in the Hunter List. So right now Nakamura Hiro is now wondering around carrying a violin case and holding 2 katanas, and hidding in human form. Also he is looking for something he wants.... Revange! (kill the man who ruled this world now).
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