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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/23/08
Here every1 a side story dne on how amu n ikuto met dne by xx__angelz__xx ^__^
Enjoy ^^

Part 1

Amu starts the day off like normal, walking alone to skool, then suddenly, someone came running towards her, she dodged that person in an instance. She thought she had imagined it, cause she had saw that person with cat ears. As amu thinks about the mysterious cat boy, Ikuto (the cat boy) was also thinking about the girl. The way she dodged him, is some how off. He thought about it, and then he decided to check her out. the next morning, amu completely forgot about the strange cat boy, as she enters school, the students were waiting for amu to come, as usual they all greeted amu, she was treated better than the directors own daughter. “Sigh, I wish that everyone would treat me normally, I mean this isn’t really the real me anyways.” (her three chara’s) “ jus use us and everything will be okay! We will help you find your true self!” the day passes and she walks home. Amu had this strange feeling that someone is following her, she looks back and saw a tail. She thinks it is a cat. It still felt a bit weird so… “ I no that you are there! Come out and you wont get hurt. Strangely enough, it was the cat boy that she had met yesterday. “ my name is Ikuto, and I have developed an interest in you, will you go out with me?”

Part 2

‘‘Yes…. No, wait huh!!?? What did you just ask???!” Amu replied.
As Amu’s thoughts wondered…. Ikuto chuckled and said,
“I’m looking forward to your answer!” he gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked away.
She watched him walk away and when she couldn't see him anymore, she fell to the ground.
“Calm down Amu!!” Miki said.
“B-but…. What just happened a strange guy came out of no where and confesses to me?? How am I suppose to answer him!!!” Amu blushed…
“but he’s cute desu~!” Su said with joy. I think you should say yes!!
“I think you should say No… he seems weird… when he was talking to you he also looked our way… it looked like he was looking at us for a moment.. and if he was that means he also has Guardian Chara’s!” Miki complained.
“Well I think Amu should say yes! Amu-chan ganbare!! Ike! Ike! Go! Go!!!” Ran cheered.

Part 3

Ikuto’s side ~

Yoru came out and asked, “Nee, nee… Ikuto, what are you going to do with that girl ?? She has 3 Guardian Charas”
“Hmph” Ikuto said, walking away slowly…..
“Wait, Ikuto! You haven’t really developed feelings for her have you??”
-no response-
“We’ll see….”


“What do I do?? For some reason, when he came close to me, my heart was racing soo fast!!!”

>> >.< <<<

“That’s a sign that you like him desu!~” Suu said
“But I can’t tell him yes!! That’s not my character!!!”
“Then change with me!!” ran yelled
“No!” Amu quickly responded.
“Hmm….” Miki thought…
“What is it Miki??” Amu asked
“Nothing, just thinking……”

-knock knock knock-

“Who’s there!!!” Amu yelled.

Part 4

Amu went to open the door…. But no one was there…..

“ Is anyone there??!!” Amu yelled!

Ikuto’s side~

“Why did you run away??” Yoru asked.
As Yoru questioned Ikuto… Ikuto was also wondering why he ran away….
“Could it be….” Ikuto mumbled… then he went back to Amu’s door and rang again….

-knock knock knock-

“Who’s there??” Ikuto heard a voice and he knew that it was Amu’s right away.
“ It’s me… Ikuto….”

Amu’s side~

“Oh no! what do I do… I don’t have an answer for him yet!” Amu panicked…
“Hhmm… something’s wrong…… how did he find out where we lived…?” Miki wondered… as Amu went to open the door for Ikuto…..
“I… ummm… sorry!! I don’t have an…..” Amu said as Ikuto then interrupter her.
“hmph” Ikuto smiled….
“I haven’t come here for that today… I have come to talk to you about you and your Guardian Chara’s.” Ikuto said while looking away.
“What!!?? You can see ma chara’s??”
“yup… that’s because Ikuto also has one and that’s me!! Yoru… it’s nice to meet you”

Amu was very shocked at this moment… she was also very confused…

“Amu-chan are you okay???” Ran asked.
“Y-yeah…. I think…. It’s just that I didn’t know that there were other people who had guardian chara’s.”
“Of course there are desu~ there are many people out there”

“ahem” Ikuto interrupted…
“well…. As for this topic… I can see you don’t have any useful information for me... so i'll see you next time... oh and by the way... i'm still waiting for your answer" Ikuto kissed Amu on the forhead, smiled and went away....

Part 5

Amu opened her eyes… and the first thing she sees is hair…
It looks like hair… cat hair… she thought, as she snuggled closer…
“It’s warm…” she said
“So does that mean your answer is a yes?” She heard someone say.
Amu opened her eyes once again, and then she looked closer,
“AAAhhh!! Why are you in my bed!!” Amu yelled.
“Aww, we were so close just now, what do you mean why” Ikuto chuckled.
“W-w-wh-at do y-you mean I-I w-wasn’t snuggling w-with y-you!!!” Amu blushed while pointing at Ikuto.
“When did I say anything about that, I just said that we were getting close” Ikuto smiled at her gently. He looks closley into Amus eyes. Ikuto feels draw to Amu for some reason, and before he knew it, he took his right hand and put it on her left cheek.
“Can I?” Ikuto whispered in Amu’s ears.
Ikuto leans in towards Amu… and then…..

Part 6

*Note: This time I am going to write it as if I am Amu… but if u read it, then it will be like you would be Amu-chan^^ Then there an Ikuto side, so i am going to write like I am Ikuto^^ If you don't like it this wayy you cn just tell me =D

I closed my eyes, and slowly nodded, then I opened one of my eyes to take a peek of his face. Then I saw something moving by the door i looked closer and it was Ami-chan!! I blushed and then turned away and gave him a slight push. I looked at him to see his reaction and it looks like he was a bit pissed. He turned around and then saw Ami-chan, it looks like he knew her, but I was not sure. He turned back around to look at me and chuckled. "I guess we just have to continue this later." I watched Ikuto leap out of my bedroom window, and as soon as he was gone, Ami came running in. ONEE-CHAN!!! You like onii-chan!?? I tried to look for a good reason why Ikuto was here for, but I just gave up, since Ami-chan already knew about Ran, Miki, and Suu. I sighed, and then looked at Ami-chan, please don't tell mom and dad, this is our secret okay? Ami nodded and then i remembered the look that Ikuto gave Ami-chan. Ami-chan? can i ask you a question? Ami nodded once again. Do you know that onii-chan that was here just a moment ago?? Hai!! Ami-chan knows!!^^ she replied. How do you know him??

Ikuto side~!

I looked up to the sky feeling disappointed, i wondered why. I closed my eyes, and then i heard someone coming. I opened my eyes to see Yoru infront of me. Yoru, do you think, that i have gotten too close to that girl? I looked to Yoru for an answer, " I don't mind nyyaa~ actually I just came back from... uhh... i mean ...." i heard Yoru say.. He was about to fly away, but then i reached out and caught him. "Yoru, when you start something you have to finish it, now where did you just come back from?" I said. "I wasn't spying on you! I swear!! I just happened to pass by, and then i saw you, I was about to turn back Nyaa~ but then i bumped into that girls Guardian chara... you know that blue one?? she asked a lot of questions, but i didn't give that much information..." i looked at him... and I smelled the scent of cake, they were probably eating cake together i thought. I smiled and said, "you have some cake on your shirt" i saw him flush up, his face was as red as a strawberry (authors note: I LUV STRAWBERRIES!! xD)

Part 7


"Onii-chan told me not to tell Onee-chan, but since Onee-chan likes Onii-chan i think its okaay." Ami-chan said is a sweet cheerful voice.
"Onii-chan said that he is going to buy something big for you! He came to my school after school when Ami-chan was singing to her classmates^^" Ami-chan continued.
Amu stared at her little sister as she thought of what Ikuto would buy for her."

The next day, Amu went to school, and it seems that there is a new student. Amu took no interest in the new student for she was thinking about what Ikuto was gonna buy for her. As she thinks about what Ikuto is going to buy for her, the new student introduced himself <<<<( author: himself xD you can tell what is going to happen xP)

"My name is Kukai Souma"


Ikuto woke up early in the morning, and couldn't help but feel irritated. He went on the roof, and thought why he was so irritated.

"Maybe it's because i missed my chance yesterday.... -sigh-" Ikuto said.
He turned to the side, and then got up. He then went into his room and opened one of his closet doors. He took out a strange box and opened it.... inside the box was what he wanted to give Amu, but missed his chance to. Yoru came in and saw Ikuto holding something in his hands...

"Nyyaa~ What is that Ikuto?" Yoru asked with a questioned face.
"I was suppose to give this to Amu, but then i missed my chance.... it's a----------"

Part 8

The next morning~

(yes whats in the box is still a mystery xD)

Amu woke up early in the morning to get ready for school. She still has a lot of time so she spent most of her time picking out her outfit. After she was done, she went downstairs to eat breakfats... as usual, her parents were dressing up Ami-chan and taking pictures... As soon as Ami-chan saw Amu walk by, she ran to her..
"Onee-chan, Onee-chan!!! Can you take me to buy my clothes tomorow??!!! Onegai!!!" Ami-chan begged.
I guess i have to...." Am-chan responed, and then turned around to sit on the chair.
"Soo cool!!" Amu's parents said.

When Amu finally reached school, she was a bit early. She sat down and looked out the window. She saw someone playing soccer.
"It must be the new guy, Kukai Souma" she thought.
Kukai saw Amu staring at him, so he turned and waved.
"Ohayou!" he yelled.
Amu felt herself blush, she didnt know what to do, so she turned around quickly. Amu saw some of her classmates come in, so she thought school must be starting soon. She sat there waiting quietly until the bell rang, and then Kukai came in. He came and sat next to her.
"Ohayou" he smiled.
Amu just turned around and ignored him. Then the bell rand and the teacher came in. The rest of the day went by pretty normally. Amu was about to go home, when Kukai came.
"You never answered me in the morning, but i guess its too late to say that now" he smiled.
"You have to make it up for me by going to this new park with me, i heard its very fun."
Amu thought that it was not her character to say yes, but then she saw something behind her.
"You also have a guardian Chara?" amu questioned.
"Yes, and since you have one too, i thought that we could be friends" Kukai responded.
"Actually, she has three! desu~!" Su came out and cheered
"and she would love to go with you to the park!!!" Ran said happily.
"Noo, Ran, you can't answer for me!" Amu said.
"so does that mean you don't want to be friends with me??" Kukai asked.
"No, it's not that, it's just that....." before Amu could answer, Kukai interrupted.
"Great! then lets go!" Kukai said
Amu got pulled away to the park, but she kind of felt happy, she thought that Kukai was someone that she can trust and he seems like a really nice guy. Amu followed along with all of kukai's plans. When the day was about to end, Kukai really wanted to eat the parks famous creps.
"wait here, i want to get some creps, what flavour do you want?" Kukai asked.
"Any is fine with me" Amu responded.
Amu watched Kukai go and then sat down.


Ikuto was walking and and thinking about the present. He then suddenly stopped. He saw Amu with another guy, and it seems like it was a date. Ikuto got very upset.
"Nee~ Ikuto what's wrong?? What did you stop?"Yoru asked.
"Yoru, I need you to do something, can you go and get me something to eat?" Ikuto asked.
Yoru went away to get some food, and then Ikuto saw that the boy that it with Amu went away. It looks like he is going to buy something, he thought. As soon as the boy walked away Ikuto went to Amu.
"sigh, this was a really fun day, i'm very tired" Ikuto heard Amu say.
"So you have been having fun without me today ehh...?" Ikuto said
"and with another guy too..."
Amu looked up and saw that it was Ikuto. She couldn't help but blush. Thank god that i woke up early and picked out my clothes carefully, she thought.
"So what, what i do is none of your business...." Amu quickly responded.
"Then i guess you don't want this present i bought for you..." Ikuto said, and looked away.
Noo... of course i don't want it.... wait you bought me a present??" Amu said.
"Yeah.... but since you don't want it, i guess i have to return it....." Ikuto was about to get up, but Amu pulled him back down.
"wait, i guess it couldn't hurt to see what's in it..."
Ikuto took out the little box in his pocket and gave it to Amu. Amu slowly opened it.
"It's a ring???" Amu said surprised.
"yeah.... it's to help you decide on your answer" Ikuto smiled.
"my answer?" Amu asked...
"yeah, you still haven't given me your answer yet...." Ikuto said.
"oh... that answer...." Amu looked away blushing.
"but before you answer, your present comes with another thing too..." Ikuto smiled, looking very excited..
"another thing???" Amu asked curiously.
"yeah, but you have to close your eyes" Ikuto demanded.
Ikuto slowly learned in, and said okay open your eyes when you want to. Amu opened her eyes and as soon as she did Ikuto kissed her (Note: and yes!! ON DA LIPS!! xD this is for da people who wanted then too kiss xP) Just when Ikuto kissed her, Kukai came and saw them kissing..... (note: GASP!!! oh noooo!!!! >.<)

Part 9

Amu was so cativated by the kiss that she didn't notice that kukai was there.
"Ahem..." Kukai said.
Amu looked up to see that kukai was staring at her and Ikuto.
"Oh... umm.. " she said still capivated by the kiss.
After when she finally noticed what happen, her face turned deep red.
"This isn't what it looks like! belive me!" Amu tried to defend herself
"Why not, I like how it looks right now" Ikuto said, trying to catch Amu's gaze, but instead caught Kukai's instead.
"Exuse me, but as you can see, today is my day with Amu, so i would really apretiate it if you would leave.... right now..."kukai said.
"You can't tell me what to do... but your lucky today, i have to go anyways..." Ikuto said.
He turned to Amu and smiled.
" I'll see you again, next time, we won't get distracted." Ikuto bent down and gave Amu a gentle kiss, then turned to Kukai and flew away.
"Ikuto!" Amu yelled.
"Amu, who is that guy.....?" Amu turned around and saw that Kukai was still staring in the direction Ikuto had went to.
"Umm... his name is Ikuto, he also has a Gardian Chara... but that's all I know...." Amu said, now realizing that she doesn't really know anything about Ikuto.
"I don't know why but i don't like that guy..." Kukai said to himself quietly, but loud enough for Amu to hear.
"uumm.. well, can you not tell anyone that this happened?"
"Hmph" Kukai chuckled. He then turned around to face Amu.
"I won't tell anyone, don't worry, but it seems that you are more popular than i thougt you were, but that won't trouble me, i just have to keep you closer." Kukai smiled at Amu again.
"Keep... me..... closer.....?" Amu blushed.
"Yes, tommorow, i will show you how much cooler I am than him " Kukai winked.
" But it seems like it is getting late today so i guess i should take you home."
Kukai then walked home Amu.

~At home

"Amu-chan! how did it go with the new kid? desu~!" Suu asked.
"arrgg!! it was horrible!, Ikuto came!! i feel like i don't know anything anymore! >>> >.< <<< When i'm with Kukai i have a lot of fun and i feel so comfortable with him. i think i might have fallen for him. but then when i'm with ikuto, it's as if i can't breath. i can't think straight anymore and.. well i duno how to explain it. i'm a horrible person!! i like 2 people!"
"Don't worry Amu-chan, we girls are like that" Miki said, while thinking or Yoru and Daichi >>> kukai's chara.
(Miki met daichi today, when Amu was out)
"huh??" Amu was really confused now.
"Are all girls like that?" Amu thought through the whole night.

~ The next morning

"hhmmm..." Amu sigh as she snuggled closer to soething soft.
Amu thenopened her eyes and saw Ikuto.
"kyyaaa!!!!!! what are you doing here!!" Amu yelled, almost having a heart attack.
"Well, i told you that next time we meet we won't have anyone to distract us" Ikuto said while sitting up.

Part 10

Before i start i just have to say... i can't believe it's part 10 already >.< so fast xD anyways lets learn more about iktuo in this one^^ a friend reminded me that i still have to tell you guys why ikuto was running in the beginging xD

"B-but...." Amu started to complain, but she didn't know what to say, she was realy happy that Ikuto was here today.
"Heh, you say that but i can see it in your face, you're happy" Ikuto teased Amu.
He then leaned in to kiss Amu, but then Amu stuck out her hand to stop it.
"What is it...?" Ikuto said, still muffled by Amu's hand.
"I-I can't, I don't even know anything about you" Amu answered, stumbling a bit.
"So you want to know more about me?" Ikuto chuckled.
"Huh... what's so funn.... WAIT NOT THAT WAY!!....HENTAI HENTAI!! " >>>> .... >/////< ...... <<<<
Ikuto laughed at Amu's reaction.
"Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to" ( me: hehe that was from the book) ikuto laughed again.
Amu stared at Ikuto, she had never seen Ikuto laugh before.
"So, wha do i have to tell you?" Ikuto asked, and then layed his head on Amu's lap. (me: also from book/anime)
"U-ummm.. W-well..... what is your last name??" Amu said, trying to not focus at the fact that ikuto was so close to her.
"Tsukiyomi, next" ikuto snuggled closer to amu (like a cat)
Amu though abou what else she could ask and then she thought to way in the beginging, when ikuto was running.
"Etoo.... why where you running the first time we met?" Amu asked curiously.
Ikuto opened his eyes, pausing for a second.
"I was running away from my old man..." ikuto paused again.
"Next" he then closed his eyes.
Amu could see that he didn't want to talk about it so she went on.
"H-how old are y-you?" she finally asked the one question the she really wanted to.
"17" Ikuto answered calmly.
"17!!?" Amu yelled.
"yes, what about it, I'm still a kid."
"only for about a year" Amu whispered.
"Is that a problem" ikuto asked. (me: in that cute chibi face i luv xD)
"U-uh.. well you said you want to go out with me, but you a lot older than me, won't other people think it's weird?" Amu blurted out.
"I don't mind what other people say about us..." Ikuto got up and stared into Amu's eyes.
"As long as you think it's okay..."
"uu-mmm... i don't mind.." Amu said without thinking.
Ikuto smiled.
"what is it?" Amu asked...
"Your answer, is that a yes?" Ikuto said happily.
"Huh?? no!! >.< i just said i wouldn't mind...." Amu said quickly.
"So that's a yes." Ikuto said.
Amu nodded slightly.
Ikuto leaned in to kiss Amu, but then Amu stopped him again.
"What is it this time....?" Ikuto said with a little irratation in his voice.
"It's just that... you don't know anything about me...." Amu said shyly.
"Heh, i already know everything i need to know about you" Ikuto smiled.
"Now, can i continue...." ikuto said and smiled a playful smile.
Amu nodded slightly. Ikuto leaned in to kiss Amu, faster so she couldn't stop it. The kiss lasted for a few seconds only when...
"Amu-chan, are you awake now?? mama needs you to come and help me." mama called in.
"I'm going to come in now Amu-chan"

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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/23/08
i luv the side story, it soo gd r dre more parts
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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
oo write more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
please write mooore
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Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08

please writ more!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!! i love your story take your time and make another AMAZING ONE
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Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/28/08
I love your story!! It's awesome~ I can't wait for the rest to come out!! It's like waiting for a new book to come out :D
Take your time I can wait since school start T_T ;P
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Posted 9/28/08 , edited 9/28/08
whoa ~ Ikuto likes kissing Amu~ !!! XD NICE ~
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Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/8/08
MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/9/08
omg omg i want to read more of it plzz
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Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
wow, your creativity flows! its a really good story^^ keep up with it! and write more >.< its reallly gooood!
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Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
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Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/12/08
more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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yay!!more plz ^-^
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Posted 10/21/08 , edited 10/21/08
fanfic?? nice!
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