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Post Reply Side story on how Ikuto & Amu met
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24 / F / secret.... steali...
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Part 13

"yo, you should look where you're going you know.... some pervert might attack you if you not careful" Amu heard a soft familiar voice.
"ack!" she pulled back immediatly.
"Kukai! you know you shouldn't do that....." she said as kukai looked at her observingly....
"what is it!?" amu asked.... annoyed....
"You look beautiful today...." Kukai responded still observing.
“oh... thanks... umm... well i have to do something today so i can't talk bye!" amu quickly ran away, but Kukai caught one of her arms.
"Mind if i come with you?..." Kukai asked.
"well, you see i was,, with..."
"oh.. the guy last time with the blue hair?"
"Yeah... so umm..." amu thought of a way to refuse.
I don't mind...... as long as you are there i will tolerate it.
"Who said that i\ll tolerate you...." Kukai and Amu looked up...
"Ikuto..! i thought that you said you will wait at the park....." amu's heart started racing, panicking/
"Well, some one took too long so i came back to check on you.... by the way..." he started observing amu.
"you dressed up nicely today.... is it for me?" Ikuto smirked.
"N-nooo! i always dress like this... and... and ...." Amu thought of what to say next...
"Hello... i'm still here you know....." Kukai waves his hand infront of amus face.
Amu said in relief.
"i know, but right now i have a date with amu so i would like it if you leave" Ikuto responded...
"That's probably because you forced the date onto her, so today she is coming with me..." Kukai fought back.
"no, she agreed to it already.... lets let her decide who she wants to be with today..." Ikuto responded with confidence.
"Fine with me" Kukai said.
The both looked at each other and you could she the lightning flash between them as their eyes met. Then they looked at Amu, waiting for an answer.
Amu didn't know how to answer. Who will she go with today, Ikuto? Kukai? or even worse, Both.................................................

I havent wrote since last year.. sorry guys >.< been busy.... i didnt write because i was doing my hmwk.... been A LOT。。。 you cant even imagine how much..... sigh..... o well now i have come back... its okayy if u guys dn read it because i have wrote for so long, buh i just want to continue this story because i have so much ideas.... just to let you know... i will be updating this story every saturday now. its better for you and for me because now you know when to check so you don't have to check everyday... and i have a whole week to write ^^ yes yes im writing too much soo... sayonara until next saturday.
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Ikuto leaned in to kiss Amu, but then Amu stopped him again.
"What is it this time....?" Ikuto said with a little irratation in his voice.
"It's just that... you don't know anything about me...." Amu said shyly.
"Heh, i already know everything i need to know about you" Ikuto smiled.
"Now, can i continue...." ikuto said and smiled a playful smile.
Amu nodded slightly. Ikuto leaned in to kiss Amu, faster so she couldn't stop it. The kiss lasted for a few seconds only when...
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please write more its sooooo good!!! And can´t wait wat will happen next im soooo siked!!!XD
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24 / F / secret.... steali...
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animeamu wrote:

please write more its sooooo good!!! And can´t wait wat will happen next im soooo siked!!!XD

thank yous~~
buuhh if u want to read morree, im gonna post all of my stories in a group called stories 4 everyone :D
im da creator n im gonna update all the stories from there ;D
do u want to join?
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24 / F / secret.... steali...
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Part 14

"EEhhhhh!?? ummm... iku--- wait no kuka--------- umm... how about we all go together!" Amu thought that if they were to go together, then one of then will eventually leave...
"Fine, if that's is what you really want" Ikuto looked at her first and then looked away. Amu couldn't see what kind of expression he had.
"Amu.... are you suure? You really want to spend a whole day with this guy" Kukai asked.
"Let's all go to the amusment park!" Amu grabbed both ikuto and kukais hand and pulled them to the park.
When they finally reached the park, amu et go of their hands, but they held on tighter and didn't let go.
"What's wrong??" Amu asked as she blushed.
They both looked the other way and did not answer back.
"I'll go buy some ice cream" Kukai said. He looked at ikuto.
"I'll buy some for you too, since i'm in a good mood today." Kukai said and kissed amu on the cheek.
Amu was very surprised.
"W-what d-did y-y-y-ou do that f-for??" Amu stumbled on herr words. She didnt want to look at ikuto because she was embarresed.
When she finally calmed down, she looked at ikuto. He looked mad so she tried to let go of his hand, but he just held on tighter.
"Ikuto... c-ca" Then she saw that ikuto was looking at something in the distance.
"OMG !!!! She's so pretty" She looked at ikuto and in that instant it felt like her heart has drowned. The expression on ikutos face struck her like a lightning bolt. His face showed pain. It looked like he was in pain. It was painful. So painful for amu, she yanked her hands out of ikutos hand.
"Ikuto......... do you know her...?" amu asked.

Part 15

"Ikuto!!" Amu grabbed Ikuto's arm
"Who is that?" Just then Kukai came back
"Hey Amu, i need to leave, i have to go home, my mom just called, i'm sorry for leaving you all alone with this guy i hope you can forgive m---" then Kukai noticed the atmosphere aroung Ikuto and Amu.
"What's wrong? Did something happen" Kukai asked.
"Nothing, you can go home first Kukai we'll be leaving sooon any ways." Amu said quickly.
Ikuto turned to look at amu.
"Since when did i say we were going to leave soon" Ikuto said.
"Because i don't like this place" Amu turned away.
"U-umm.. maybe i should stay..."
"No, its okay Kukai, i'll be fine" Amu responded quickly.
"Okay then.. be careful, Bye!" Amu watched Kukai walk away and then turned to Ikuto.
"What is it?" ikuto asked.
"Why were you looking at her" Amu asked.
"Heh. Why were you jelious?" Ikuto took his index finger to lift up her chin.
"Shall i erase you worries" Ikuto smerked.
Amu could still see s pained expression in his face. She worried.
"ikuto, why were you staring at her with that expression" Amu asked.
Ikuto looked away, but amu turned him back to face her.
"Ikuto.... you can trust me" Amu said..
"She is, my step sister" ikuto responded
"then why are you looking at her that way." amu asked
"Because i did something bad to her, and i can't forgive myself until i fix it, and to fix it, i need you to help me." ikuto said while looking right at her face.
Amu was shocked. She thought it over and over again and the finally responded.
"S-so the reason why you came to me that day was because you needed me to help you do something?" Amu said as tears swelled up in her eyes.
"and everything you did were all fake? even when you told me you wanted to go out with me?" Amu said, yelling now.
"Amu... i'm not going to say no, buh after---" amu interrupted.
"So it is true! i can't believe i trusted some1 like you!" amu backed away.
"No! its not like that! amu! listen to me!" Ikuto tried to speak.
"No! why should i? you'll just tell a lie again!" Amu said.
Amu turned away and ran. Then Ikuto caught up with her. and grabbed her with both hands. (like hugging from the back xD >> awwwsss<<)“Amu, please, listen to me!" Ikuto Pleaded.
""no, please,, please" she cried.
"Just let go" she said as more tears fell out.
"Ikuto could not watc her like this anymore and let go. Her watched as she ran off. As he stood there, a single tear drop fell out of his eye.
That, was the first time he cried.
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plz write more i read it it was awesome
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