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Post Reply Is there going to be a second season?
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Posted 4/7/10 , edited 4/8/10
Is there any news yet?
On a second season

I actually thought it was a good anime, it simply caught my interest.
I wonder why they ended it early :/, I do pray though that they will make a second season.

Is there any news from the anime having another season in like a year or monthes from now?
Is there a petition the creators made on continuing it? Anything?
I really loved that anime, not only that they didn't cover actually EVERYTHING.

They missed these details;
-Finn and Ryuu having a relationship being built.
-Finn's gender being revealed.
-The girl Takishima had to marry, who ate a lot o-o, but they didn't get married... I think that was Finn idk...
-Takishima's relationship building with Hikari more.
-Confession of Hikari.
-Confession of Kei.
-The relationship building with Megumi and Yahiro.
-The relationship building with Sakura and Jun.
-Tokiwa coming into the story falling in love with Hikari, becoming second, then first, then trying to take the same high position as Takishima, Takishima getting jealous xD.
-The engagement Takishima makes to Hikari, and her answer.
-Hikari becoming a model, for a short period of time lol xD.
-Megumi getting her singing job.
-Hikari and her brother's relationship growing, and how she finds out about his other side again.
-They kinda skipped the whole CLIMAX of the story... :P

So basically...
They'll have to make a second season, all this details being missed are HUGE part of the story not only that it's interesting to viewers about an unrevealed gender, a secret relationship, Takishima's proposal, a love triangle, and more :). They can come up with a whole twist, just sticking with the same couples they had before, and were leading too in the first part of the anime.

Hopefully there will be a second season

For now... anyone know any news?
Something related to 'Special A' or... still nothing?

Please answer my question, and enjoy reading my facts and details on what they missed and ya...

~ Sam
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Posted 8/27/11 , edited 8/27/11
.. I like Special A.. I hope Thre Season 2.. !!.. Ther is Season 2..!! (I guesss. !!) !!
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