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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/23/08
Yea..well, I was late. ='p
I was busy for a lot of days so I was only able to watch this episode today. x'3

...So the anime fans wants a second season, yes? (Haha~ seeing as a lot of people keep hoping for one x'3)
I mean, I'd love a second season too. ='o
But I don't mind it not getting one. But if I was given a choice, I'd like a second season. xD

◄This thread may contain spoilers to those who've not watch the series or this episode. ►
◄So be forewarned. ='p►

Anyways...what do you think of this episode?
I found it...erm...OK.
I had to turn off my "common sense switch" completely for this last episode, or else I would've screamed my head off like, "WTF?! You can't just jump off from the clock tower! ARE YOU FRIGGIN' out of your mind!?" at Kei and Hikari..>_>

Even though it has been completely crazy and weird...that last episode was just frustrating.
But! That's just how Special A is. xD
I guess it would surprise you a little bit, but you will get used to it in no time. ='p

I already expected they'll all use their individuality in this episode.
Like Ryuu's unbelievable way of making even the fiercest of animal turn into the most faithful animal ever lived. xD
Jun's "playboy" charm..that of course..will only be triggered by none other than, Sakura. xD (I knew she was that maid! xD)
and...Tadashi's stupidity. ←he should be happy..coz that was a compliment. xDD
I never expected Yahiro coming out though..xDD Ahahaha~ (I guess I never thought he'd come out more really. ='3) Yahiro's soo helpful. He just enjoys being with them coz he just loves to make fun of Kei. xD (I really love him even more in the manga coz he always giggles. xDDD)
Anyways...we see Megumi's being helpfulness too with her voice. I was surprised when she suddenly couldn't sing...then Yahiro comes out! OMGOMG! My inner YahiGumi fangirl screamed out! -laughs-
So then..I was so happy that he was gonna kiss Megumi..but! Tadashi! The idiot (← I'm complaining now) just had to show up out of nowhere and ruined the moment! Yahiro's reaction was funny though! Haha! xD
Well, at least the idiot one was still helpful in the end. ='p

Just couldn't take it that both of THEM HAD TO JUMP OFF AND KISS ON AIR! O_O
I wasn't expecting that. O_o
It didn't feel as sweet as I wanted it coz I was thinking "you're falling you know" the whole time they were kissing. So was all ruined. xD Because of me, but because of them too. ='p I'm not taking all the blame on this! xD

Anyways..since I've ranted what I think about the episode!
Let's see what you guys think about it too! ='D
Reactions..I love reading others' reactions! ^.^

Anyways...One of the SWEETEST, to me, moments would be...

Yahiro and Megumi's moment. ='p
They most definitely kissed before we see them together the last time, sitting side by side on that roof. >w< Sooo cute!

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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/23/08
its finn! i love him *_*
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Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/26/08
um........ srry if i sound stupid.... but...who's finn?
& i'm a bit upset that megumi & yahiro didn't fully managed to kiss!
that's my most fave couple!!!!!!!!!!!

& i was soooo going " WTF! u guys r like gonna fall, & u guys just managed to.... float in mid air? "
i was simply shocked at the keiXhikari moment at the bigben......
& i really hooooooooooooooooppppppeeeeeeeee 4 season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/24/08
I didnt like the last ep
Posted 10/28/08 , edited 10/28/08
yea seh ... who is finn ._. ?
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Posted 11/5/08 , edited 11/5/08
that was finn... i was also shocked when i saw that

it's definitely finn
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Posted 7/8/09 , edited 7/9/09
I hated the last episode. =.= Really different from the manga,
But it was still entertaining. I suggest you read the manga. It's longer, funnier, and has more romance.
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