MIzu's gone crazy -another shugo chara talkshow-
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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/23/08
hey welcome to meh talkyshow

Ikuto: holds up a bagg of milk what happened to teh milk?

Amu:has milk around ehr mouth ummm i dun know.

ZOmg Its time! For MEh Crazy talk show full of dares questions and some put downs maybe some confesses ZOMG CANDY!

Mizus chara senri: NYAHH dun let have candy take it away from her!

ikuto: already didhas mizu over hs shoulder and amu has the candy

mizu:mannn oh yeah heres meh chara senri shes a fox chara yay X3

senri:this will be updated with the first people's quetions and stuffy nyah

mizu/amu/ikuto/senri:FIRST PERSON TO SAY THEY WANT TO BE ON THE FIRST TALKSHOW WILL BE ON IT! same so on so forth x dont forget to post a pic of how your character looks liek if you want to be on teh talkshow



Ran/Miki/Suu/yoru: -whistles- we didnt do it... -each holding m&m's-

Mizu:Anyways! Heres our first special guest Ari-chan!

Ari-chan:OMG hi -sees all the Shugo chara! characters in chairs-

OO -looks around and sees tables with food drinks and a wii and ddr mat-

Mizu Well As our special guest you get a free cookie!


Amu/ikuto/senri: Now for the questions!

Mizu: YEP!

To Kukai,from Ari-chan:Would you date me, Kuukai-chan? Please?

Kukai:Well,You seem sane So yea!

Ari-chan: OMG A date with you! Happiest day of my life!

Kukai/Ari-chan:-Both run of to the beach-

Mizu:-sweatdrops- SO -stares at Table- NO WAY A sandwich!

While i eat Heres the next question!

To Ikuto,From Ari-chan:How come you so Perverted?

Ikuto:Because its fun


Ikuto: if you were in my shoes its because of the benefit of making Amu blush Tons of shades except blue,purple,and white and yellow

Amu: H-HEY!

To:Mizu,From:Ari-chan:Can you pair me up with Kuukai? Please? And let me Join the


Mizu:YAy a question for me!

Kukai you are officially paired up with Ari-chan for this talkshow


Ari-chan: -faints-


Mizu/senri:Well That concludes the Talks show! review and send in some questions and if you do,You get to have a customized cookie Like the one above for Ari-chan!

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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/23/08
Nice! *Gives Mizu a M&M*
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