Post Reply Final Fantasy. and where will it go? an Essay writing topic for Fans.
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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
the 1st ever final fantasy appeared before some of us weren't even born. its even older than i am. it was a mere whisper outside of japan. but it grew and came into the hearts of the fans. but as it grows more. fans start to question. when is the end?

well. this post is about your opinion. from the very 1st final fantasy to the most recent numbered release. XII. how far has it deviated? does it resemble Final Fantasy itself? is it original? where do you think Final Fantasy will go in the future? will XIII be the FINAL Final Fantasy?

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Posted 9/25/08 , edited 9/29/08
Well my opinion on the matter...and remember peeps its just an opinion

But i feel FF has changed both for the worst and for the better...

Im currently playing FF IV and XII this question is right up my alley...hehe xD (always wanted to use that saying)

but yes.....considering theres so much to say on this topic...and im lazy..
Just gonna say some shit i that caught my attention! hehe

What i love bout the classic FF's specifically talking bout 1 thu 5 is the unexpected back attacks....that can literally leave your party hurting...or worse annihilated if you don't know what your doing! xD
But on serious note...i dunno if any of you noticed?....but the NEW FF's (FFVI-XII) are just a tad to easy wouldn't u say? only get real battles out side the main story....side quest monsters r the shit now a day..and the only real battles that make u swet...but back then (FFI-V)...if u want to get through to the next dungeon? ur ass better train!! wooooooo no pansy FF players here...haha xD

On to the FF's from 6 thu XII

Of course u get the expected better Graphics and Sound
But as far as two of the latest FFX-2 and FFXII............come on honestly...if this is where this franchise is headed...xOim seriously worried bout square..... these games were almost not worth the buy over some of the rpgs i passed to get them... Straight out...the stories of these two games...suxed.....they just werent up to par with the others....felt very rushed....>_<

anyways....the good thing like i said is with new FF u get that the Unique new Features....and FFXII battle system is insane......honestly for me the only thing that makes me love this FF.......that battle system in my opinion is the best numbered FF Battle system to DATE!

AS far as FFXIII...from what i know..(and i dont know much..i kinda like to shield my self form the games info intill i can play it so i can be surprised...xD)
But FFXIII looks pretty.....
and the short battle theme sounds amazing..dam nobuo..u amazing amazing old man! u can inspire me with just a few secs of a melody!

But yea...i can guarantee FFXIII will not be the last....square already showed us they can be greedy...and money hungry...why stop now when they have more fans then ever....-_-

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