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[Member] Introduction Thread

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27 / F / Singapore
Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
Yo minna, mintpocky and i (ulteyejx) felt that a member intro thread was needed so that all we Tegoists could know who is in the group or not.. and that we could get to know each other better.. so ive come up with this format of introducing yourself.

1. Your username -> your real name.
2. Your age.
3. Your nationality and where you live in.
4. How did you come to love Tegoshi.
5. Name your favourite song(s) that Tegoshi-sama has sung.

so.. I'll go first..

1. ulteyejx -> jiaxuan (aka jiajia)
2. im 16 (but i'll be 17 this december)
3. Im a Singaporean Chinese and I live in Singapore.
4. I fell in love with Tegoshi when I first heard Tegomass' AIAI GASA on Neo Angelique Abyss (abt 2 months before the real single was released)
5. Ai Nante, Aiai Gasa, Kataomoi no Chiisana Koi.
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28 / F /
Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
1. ruchi08 a.k.a. ERO MOD, chichi, boobies
2. i'm 18 yrs old!! but doesnt look like
3. Filipino in the PhilippinesXD
4. i fell inlove with Tegoshi's "Skymoon walk" and his voice.. first song i loved was his lines in weeeek, cherish and (that time, i dont know Tesshi i was just like "this guy who sings my fav lines is good..")
5. Ai Nante, Can you feel the love tonight, I want it that way..
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27 / F / Asia
Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
1. TeSsHi-AmY-->Amy Lydeana(nicknames are in the "Be Baptised HERE" forum)
2. 17 years old but people always mistake me for a 12 year old
3. Chinese mixed native in Malaysia(i look like Chinese)
4. When i saw him sing Kiss~kaerimichi no Love song in Music station
5. i can't choose...everything he sing always sounds good(his voice makes bad songs sound good)
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28 / F
Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
1.tranmy90 ---> tra my *a Vietnamese name * (aka mymy)
2.17 years old *i will be 18 in this December*
3.I'm a Vietnamese n i live in Vietnam
4. Bcuz of his weird role in My Boss My Hero *Sakura-something*~ But absolutely fall in love with him when hearing his voice in Taiyou no Namida
5.Hik~ The same as lyly-chan i cant choose indeed...Mayb...Ai Nante Of course i love the other songs
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24 / F / ummm...idk!!??
Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
1. Vivian aka- Vivi-chan, Vian-chan(my baptised names Here)
2. 14 years old (i'm the youngest Angel)
3. chinese/vietnames born and live in Australia
4. When i watched My Boss My Hero (fell in love at first sight-AND he got me into News)
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29 / F / In Eunhyuk's hear...
Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
1. Tegodie -> my real name is didie
2. 18 years old (coming 19 dis december)
3. I'm a Malay and lived in Brunei
4. When i saw him in the yayayah show in haunted house something, hehe... he looks so cute when he's scared..
5. Ai Nante [/yellow<33 Ai nante kimi nashi ja~ Imi nai yo ikirarenai~
translation: Without you there is no meaning~ Without you I can’t live~

owh Tegoshi~ <333 lol
Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/26/08
1. my nickname is kyoeyla.. real name is aziela(kyo is my kareshi..bwahaha..) my baptised name is lala-chan..
2. i'm 22.. (guys, did i act like 1?)
3. i am malay(same as tegodie) and i am Malaysian..
4. i love kami-sama cuz of his bad-ass attitude which i think is soo smexy *must prevent ero thought XD*
i think i went completely crazy for tesshi after reading a fanfic bout him n a girl..and... tesshi ****ed that girl...
5. can u feel the love tonight..

p/s: y am i doing this?? i hv to finish my thesis.. argh.. kami-sama.. ur attraction is too strong...
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26 / F / in a WarDrobe wit...
Posted 9/24/08 , edited 9/25/08
1. ayreine -->actually this is my real name but my friend usually call me Nisya
2. this november will be 16, yay!!.
3. I'm Indonesian and now i live in Indonesia
4. When i saw him in taiyou no namida and taiyou no namida making clip... his character make me faint..
he's very kawaii!

5. Ai Nante. It really touch my heart
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26 / F / Baka Land
Posted 9/25/08 , edited 9/26/08
1. DearBlue --> my real name is not for you knowledge, but my nickanme is Ren. :P
2. I am turning 16 in october!
3. I am Scottish by blood, born in America, currently living in New Zealand, and moving to America.
4. Hmm... xD I dont really know. I just sorta always liked him when i got into NEWS.
5. Ai Nante definantly! BUT i also love "Kiss, Kaerimichi no love song" a lot too. I wanna hear something upbeat!

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23 / F / USA
Posted 9/25/08 , edited 9/26/08
jiajia-chan, arigatou for granting my request! >.<

1. Hello minna-san!~ It's very nice to meet you all! I'm mintpocky123 , also known as Minty
My real name? It's-a-se-cre-t~! <3

2. I am a proud 13 year old!!! ...don't bully me just cuz I'm one of the younger ones!!! LOL

3. Hmm...well, I'm 100% Chinese, Japan born (Sapporo), but I grew up in Canada and mostly the U.S. of A~ (currently living in America!) *proud for some reason* (^o^)v

4. *swirly purple swirl* @[email protected] *tries to think back...* Oh! One of my classmates at school was obsessed about the Lovely Complex anime, and I was currently obsessed with the Lovely Complex drama and manga. Guess what? we talked about lovely complex a lot. XDD

So, one day, she told me how she really liked this one group called Tegomass. I though to myself: "Te-go-Mass? What a weird name!!!" She told me to listen to Kimi+Boku=Love, and I did. It was ok, but I didn't like it that much. :/

(pst...if you're reading this, domo arigatou~!!!)

4.5 (just to split it up, and make the rainbow numbers complete~) day, during Summer Vacation, I became extremely, and remembered I searched the on CR! I saw Aiai Gasa, which was super kadorable!!!!!! <33 But at that time, Tego had blonde hair, so he didn't steal my heart....yet.

I saw the Kiss~ PV, so clicked on that too. After searching the tegomass members on wiki, I realized that Tegoshi-sama is an extremely good looking, talented singer with a fun personality!~


That's it.

From then on, I started watching Tegomass videos, and NEWS stuff. (at first, I didn't like NEWS, but stayed with them for Tegoshi's sake.)

5.I have to say....right now, it'd be I Want it That a Way That song got stuck in my head for about a day, and would not get out. (not that I wanted it too)

My only complain about it is that the recording sound quality is horrible!!!
Tegoshi-sama deserves better recordings!!!

Tegoshi-kun, aishiteru~! <333
Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/26/08
1. xChibi -> I'm Christy. My nickname's Kuri =D

2. 14 o_o"

3. Chinese. Hong Kong. (I lived in Canada for 6 years. xD)

4. Um well, it's funny. I finished watching Hana Kimi, and I thought there was Hana Kimi extras... and on the side of the video, it says 'related videos' and it said 'NewS Extras'. I thought it was Hana Kimi news extras. XD So I clicked on it and I'm like 'oooh' then I clicked on the ero-lyrics thingy :3 I LOVED his smile, his facial expression, his laugh, his eyes, his hair. (everything~!) And yeah I guess it was love at first sight? =D

5. o_o I love all of them. =D It's hard to decide just one, 'cuz he puts his emotions to all his songs <3

Kya~ Tegoshi-sama, zutto aishiteru. Yakusoku da.
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28 / F / Everywhere
Posted 9/28/08 , edited 9/28/08
1. I'm zubaidah90
2. 18 this year
3. I'm a malay and i lived in singapore
4. I come to love him after i heard him sing You.=)
5. Ai gasa gasa,Ai nante,I want it that way,Kiss.

Basically,I love his singing cause it calms me.And it seems like he is a nice and friendly person.
A lil too ero maybe?
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25 / F
Posted 9/30/08 , edited 9/30/08
1. reiko25------>gabbie
2. 15 years old
3. chinese filipino from the philippines.....i'm only 30 or 25% chinese :)
4. i loved him ever since i saw a close up pic of him and when i heard him sing kiss~kaerimichi no love song~
5. everything he sang!especially ai nante and aiai gasa and bokura no uta :))

i so love his voice, it makes me melt!and i love his killer smile and his mesmerizing eyes...i love HIM for short!:))
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28 / F / tarlac
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
hmmm..i just j0ined this gr0up.tnx t0 my kawaii classmate, i became a teg0ist..

>rei-chan here! minna hajimimashite!
>h0w did i bac0me a teg0 fan?'s a l0ng st0ry..h0h0..
>i l0ve teg0pi..*peace teg0massu fans..^^*
>i'm n0t sure ab0ut my nati0nalism..^^

ja, minna y0r0shiku!
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27 / F / (GER) zannen dake...
Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
minna, hajimemashite!

1. yoelintu -> Karina
2. still 17
3. i'm from germany... lived in japan for a year though, does that count? xD
4. loved tesshi-sama ever since i picked up a magazin which had him in it some years ago
5. favourite song is yappari "Stars" sung solo by kami-sama!!

jaa, yoroshiku ne!
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