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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
Only 2 of Minato's Sekirei's have ever used their Norito's in either the anime or the manga and it was never for a combat situation. So give out some ideas! If the time came where they had to use the Norito, what kinda power would it be?

Lets make it a game! Here are the rules:

1. A Give the Sekirei's name and number which you want to make a Norito for.
2. Give an incantation for the setup for the Norito.
3. Say what the effects of the Norito will have.


No. 09 Tsukiumi

"Water of my contract, wash away the plague of my Ashikabi"

Tsunami: Creates a huge tidal wave of water that washes away all enemies in the area

Thats just a basic example, get creative and use any Sekirei that have already been shown. Also if you dont know what a Norito is yet its the prayer power a Sekirei uses right after they kiss their Ashikabi.
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