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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
11 months after Dozing Green, comes GLASS SKIN. The new single that you have been systematically playing on the Tour 08 Death Over Blindness since May.

Kyo :
Yes. But, frankly, I do not really remember.

What do you mean ?

Kyo : I do not keep many memories of this tour. It is however the tour with the highest average in terms of quality (achievements) in my opinion, but as it ends, I am already in a state of mind where I want to move forward. Right after, my mind was already full of ideas for the next album. Essentially, I am not the kind of person to go back to the past (laughs). Well, at first, it’s a song that is “easy to get into”. It is easy to understand. It’s simply that it passes effortlessly and, little by little, some parts of the song will reveal a whole other aspect of it.

Toshiya : And when we play it on the stage, it’s a pleasing track. The parts that are different to the rest, or even the parts that do not evolve that much. On that point, there is no particularly exciting part but everything originates from a completely natural feeling.

In all the history of Dir en grey, isn’t it the song that is the easiest to attribute to a category ? Strangely, wouldn’t it be the decision to “compose inversely” (compared to the usual), or to break the expectations ?

Toshiya : No, we wanted this song to be of a ‘natural movement’. It wasn’t even a track that we did with the intention to have it become the single.

Shinya : When we had to decide what song would become the single, everybody was able to give their opinion. And at that precise moment, we could not even call it a song (because of its incomplete state). But coincidentally, everyone thought : “what if we gave this one a chance?”

Toshiya : Back when I was already thinking “It really is a good song”, I was not even thinking about composing unlike what we usually composed. I just worked on it with total frankness (natural). In truth, it is often difficult to get inspired by/for a song with such simplicity because of the timing (laughs), but, in my opinion, this time, everything felt so natural, so simple.

Kyo :
I really don’t think “If we did that, it would be new, right?” or “let’s release a song that would have nothing to do in a single at all!”. I hate that kind of bad thoughts … Now, we only wanted to present the sound that we felt like doing, we were able to create a whole new atmosphere so we want people to listen to it. And that is really all that counted.

The title “GLASS SKIN” is a symbol. A symbol of fragility, of ephemeral. Is that kind of interpretation possible ?

Kyo : Yes. Something easy to break. Something totally human. To give a short explanation, the theme that I am singing is the destruction of the environment. It is not a love song. Usually I do not explain, but whatever (laughs). I do not like to tell people what to do or think, or to explain.

Shinya : I think that the title in itself tells the atmosphere of the song quite well.

It really completes the music. There is also a new version of “Undecided”, from Kimon. Then, a piano-vocals version of AGITATED SCREAMS OF MAGGOTS unplugged … And in the limited version, there is also a live version of Ryojoku no ame.

Toshiya : We already had the opportunity to play Undecided unplugged in 2007. And we all thought : “if we had to this song now, that is what it would have become”. During the recording session, we wanted something simple.

Shinya : About the live version, it was possible that we forgot some notes and that might be a problem. There is nothing else to say, we wanted to put something new.

And for the completely shocking version of ASOM ?

Toshiya : Simply big (laughs).

Kyo : Well, you really have to listen to it to know. All those that have listened to it asked me the same thing : “how did you do it?” (laughs).

So ? It’s production secret ?

Kyo : Yes (laughs).

So, during the Tour 08 The Rose Trims Again, there is the release of UROBOROS on November 12th

Toshiya : Truthfully, until the tour has really begun, I will not be in the right state of mind. Between the pile of things that remain like the last touches to make to the album, and all the other incidents … (laughs). Anyway, I am still impatient to start it. As well as the tour in the US in November.

Kyo : Once again, we have something new to present. I think we did something that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. So come see us.
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