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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
i fnd it surprising nobodies started a forum topic for this yet...
..that is if this is allowed.

wasn't sure wether to put this into help thread or the lee soo young forum. thought i might as well stick to the topic since it is all about her...or more specifically..her mvs.

anyway, posts are basically for clueless people like me who are wondering alot about the ever so confusing but ever so beautiful mvs.

these are the ones i've found so far. i've only just 'discovered' her today. but this is prob the the first time i've been so fustrated about a singer. especially withe the grace mvs. so to start yous off, here's the best explanation i could find for the grace mvs^^

credits to Super_Fan from

In the "Grace" MVs (Part 1 and 2) That one girl with long hair has a huge crush on Junki. Such a big crush that she joins that hot air baloon club that JunKi is in. She later finds out that he already has a girlfriend, the girl with the short hair. The girl with the long hair is jealous of the girlfriend and actually has a talk with Junki's girl in regards to their current relationship. Junki's girlfriend tells the girl about the lab accident that happenned to Junki and how he became blind. The girlfriend also tells the girl with the long hair her eye transplant with Junki. After hearing this, the girl with the long hair feels sad, she knows that she can't be with him because of the girlfriends sacrifice. Now, a little later on the girlfriend realizes that the girl with long hair is in love with Junki and actually lets the two go on the baloon so that they can be together, but after the ride Junki returns to his girlfriends. BTW, Junki does like the girl with long hair, it's just that he can't be with her.

Now, the "Secret" MV (Part 3) is basically where everything falls into place and becomes clear. Here, the actual transplant surgery is revealed and how the girlfirend met Jung Da Bin (the little girl always with her). The little girl was the actually the doctors daughter and the one who got the surgery to take place. The doctor saw that his daughter was crying and decided to do the surgery even though it could be dangerous. Also, in here they reveal that JunKi and his girlgriend are connected. Ever since doing the surgery, whenever his girlfriends cries, he cries and actually if you remember part one and two that is why he gets a tear when he was with his buddies, his girlfriends was crying because she was telling the girls with long hair about the accident and he actually goes and gets her. In the end, you see Junki and the girl with long hair hug, this is basically showing that Junki does love her, but can't leave his girlfriend becuase he loves her too.

Also, there is a kendo scene with the girl with long hair and JunKi. This scene basically shows that the girl with long hair has to leave this love behind. She knows that nothing can happen because of the sacrifice that Junki's girlfriend made to Junki.

hope this post helps someone. and if its not allowed, freeze it or lock it or whatever;sorry.
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