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Posted 9/24/08 , edited 9/24/08
Reporter ®: The latter half of 2008 will be dedicated to your fourth album. The cover picture has already been released; how do the members feel about the picture?

Jaejoong: Actually, revealing the cover picture now is good, and so are the videos. These are only very small portions of what is to come. When the time comes for the official release of the fourth album, we will show fans many things they've never seen before. We hope people will keep supporting us. Please anticipate it!

R: Do you think there are any special differences between Chinese and Korean fans?

Yunho: First of all, there is the language difference. (Laughs)

Junsu: The most unique aspect of Chinese fans is their lightboards. From the "TVXQ" lightboards to individual member name lightboards, the impression is good.

R: TVXQ's performances always have a lot of dance steps. It's raining today; are you guys worried that it will affect your performance? And there will be many fans attending, so do you guys have any words of caution for your fans?

Yunho: We're actually pretty worried that the rain will affect the outcome of our performance. But we can't stop the rain, and if you think about it another way, we can make some very special memories with our fans, being in the rain with them.

Junsu: With our clothes wet, maybe the effect will be even better!

Yunho: And, everyone! Don't catch a cold by standing in the rain! Safety is always first. Don't slip and fall!

R: Do you feel anything different coming to China this time?

Yunho: Last time we came to China for a TVXQ concert, but this time, we're here not as TVXQ, but as "SMTOWN." The feeling is really good.

TVXQ: TVXQ fighting! Sohu, fighting!

R (after thoughts): If I'm not mistaken, this is Sohu's first interview with TVXQ in two years! I was also able to see them from this close of a distance in 2004, and if we talk about differences, over four years, a group of cute boys have grown into charismatic men! After the interview, the media asked TVXQ to switch poses for pictures, and they went back to their humorous personalities, making new hand gestures and laughing at the same time.

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Source: Sohu + Mr. TVXQ
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