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45 Seconds Job

July 26th 2008
09:45 a.m.

A beautiful morning at Camel St neighbors outside fixing their yards, kids already gone to school. Everything seems normal and the sun is shining bright. It appears new neighbors are moving in and they have a dog, a pretty dog. Look there he goes to work, Cain Company, one of the most recognized companies around the world for the export and import of the finest diamonds on earth. Mr. John Cain, owner in his totality of Cain industries. He started the company when he was only 22 years old, of course importing insignificant objects. Surely a lucky man, his company grew to the extent of placing John Cain on the top ten richest men on earth. Not only that, Mr. Cain is on the top 15% smartest people on United States of America, registered people. Cain had a gorgeous wife and three beautiful kids, Sasha Seventeen, Martin fourteen, and little john only three years old. John is a peaceful minded guy who does not show off how much money he has. He lives at a normal neighbor hood surrounded of regular $30,000 dollars a year income neighbors. His house has a market value of approximately $220,000.00 not much for one of the richest men on earth would you says. For a guy who do not wants to stand out he just missed out one thing, security systems, one of the best of the world, every single spot is guarded and secure, even his front yard has motion detectors. The whole house is an impenetrable fort, but why so much security? In the basement, Cain guards one of the most unique diamonds in the history of human kind and I don’t plan on stealing it. It will take years of planning and the best robbers in history to break in. That is when amateurs come in handy; they don’t need any planning they just act. I am not a robber, but neither a hero for what I will do. Such beauty is not to be kept hidden thus I shall do that no one else has ever even think of doing. There is not such a thing as impossible and soon I will prove that everything is possible and there is no security enough to secure that you love the most.

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it's a pretty nice story~!
i'd love to hear the next one!!!
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it makes me boring. actually. I really dun care about the situation.
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it seems good
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