Who should act in the new Journey to the West?
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Posted 9/24/08 , edited 9/24/08
Who should be in the remake of Journey to the West?

This is probably the drama with the largest cast ever (mostly pretty girls...lol). Any thoughts?

no one can ever beat Liu xiao ling tong as the Monkey King...

Barbie Hsu should be the Iron-fanned princess because she's the powerful, ruthless type.

Zhou Xun should be Barbie's rival, the fox demon. Maybe it's the fact that she has played two fox demons already, but she has that sly, clever, and beautiful look.

Fan Bingbing would make a great Skeleton Queen...

Maki should be the jade rabbit.

I think Crystal Liu Yifei would be a pretty Chang'e, or the Indian Princess/rabbit (but it would be nice if they had an actual Indian girl play that role)

Cyndi Wang or Jin Sha should be the mouse demon.

Rainie Yang should be the Pipa demon.

SHE can be the spider demons. XD

Sun Li would be a good Guan Yin (goddess of mercy), because she has a very royal, kind, and pure air to her.... The fact that she was in a drama called Jade Goddess of Mercy doesn't hurt...

Charlene can be the kidnapped queen with the needle clothes.

and finally...the Queen of the female nation. I guess she's the most liked because she's only good "girls" because she let him go of her own accord... I think Jane Zhang has the right combination of poise, strength, and sweetness.

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