Moderator Request^^
Posted 9/25/08 , edited 9/25/08

Hiie Mods..Heres A Fourm For Mods To Request Avii As Well As The Creator^^
IT Works Like This :
IF one Mods Request , The Other Mods Will Do IT OK?
This Forum Is To Entertain The Mods Who Are Bored Lol

I Will Request first^^

Text to add on:
Text to blink/animated??
Size: (long&thin, normal)
Crop it?
Any borders?
Any decorations?
Pictures*In Spoiler*
Posted 9/25/08 , edited 9/25/08
Text to add on:Hayami
Text to blink/animated?? : NO
Size: (long&thin, normal) : Thin And Tall
Crop it?: Yep
Any borders?: NO
Any decorations? : Brushes And Cute Background
Pictures*In Spoiler*

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