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Posted 9/25/08 , edited 9/26/08

greetings i am the new captain of division five. i hope to be a reliable captain to my comrades. i am currently looking for more members to fill the ranks so feel free to ask for a seat in division five.

my zanpaktou is kaeri, which means reciprocate or return. she is one of the few two sword style zanpaktou. to use shikai i put the hilts of my swords together and chant from within there are two when come together we are one. this forms a double bladed katana with the following abilities: passive -- every time kaeri parries an attack she is able to absorb a small amount of spiritual energy from the attack, kidou -- vengeance slash-takes some of the spiritual energy stored and is able to heal minor wounds completely; kidou shot-takes some of the spiritual energy stored and shoots out a blast equivalent to way of destruction 31: shot of red fire. bankai occurs when i snap the grip of shikai forcibly and utter when we as one become two our enemy doth be doomed which forms the appearance of each half of the grip wrapping around my hands and arms as each blade splits into five blades of their own, approx. 18 inches each, that cover my fingers and thumbs on each hand.
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