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Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/26/08

Hiya Everyone! Here is the place where u study or finding some information. We have a lot of books and computer here which can help u find some more information or having a relax time here! someone even have a romance at this library, for example like dating at here. Anyway let change the topic here, so have fun reading at this peace and silent place.

The Rules in this Library:

1) Plz Do Not Make Some Noise Here
2) Plz Do Not Shout At Here
3) You May Whisper Here
4) You May Have Ur Lunch Here Too If You Want
5) Have Fun Here.

Allright that all the rules! Pretty Simple right? Hahaha... Anyway this Library was very special! It open at 24 hr always! So if u feel u couldn't sleep u may came here and read! ^^

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