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Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/26/08
I know this is late ( I kind of forgot about it ) but still... this group HAS rules...


General Rules

1. Be active as much as possible ( If you haven't even post a minimum of 20 in the forums, I'll expel you! )
2. Respect others ( especially the mods )
3. Create your character ( I'll pm you if you still don't have and I'll give you 10 days after that. If you didn't create anything then I'll expel you too )

Battle Rules

1. When you fight, let others attack you too ( even if your a special being, still you have weakness )
2. You must let others injure you ( I mean, you can be injured by others )
3. Go to the clinic once you're injured ( You need to be treated )
4. You can fight anyone ( student vs. student/ student vs. teacher/ teacher vs. teacher etc.)
5. If you can regenerate, you can't do that when you're in battle ( to be fair )

Class Rules

1. Report to the teacher if you're in.
2. Do not use your powers inside the classroom unless you have permission ( either from me, any teachers or the mods )
3. You have to take the yearly exam ( I'll warn you all once it came out )
4. You must follow the instructions of your teacher
5. Help one another

Club Rules

1. You should join at least 1 club and be active.
2. You should visit your club room at least 10 times ( by posting there )
3. You should report to the head/ teacher/ coach/ captain that is assigned to your club.
4. You should join the activities of your club.
5. For the head/ teacher-in-charge/ coach/ captain of each club, you should create activities for your club ( If you don't, I'll let others take your position )

Mod Rules

1. Help in maintaining the orderliness in the group
2. Be active as possible as you can
3. PM me or post in the group's wall if you can't be active for days/weeks
4. Don't create unrelated forums
5. Ask permission if you want to change/do something in the group ( like you want to change the description or you want to expel someone etc. )

Student Council Rules

1. Held your meetings in the Student Council Room
2. Be aware of the happenings in the group
3. Help in keeping the school in order
4. Attend your classes ( unless you have meetings etc. )
5. PM me or post in the group's wall if you can't be online for days/weeks ( If you don't, I'll let others take your position )

Other Rules

1. You should only create forums that are related to this group ( to prevent too many forums )
2. You should help the group obtain its goals
3. For your characters, don't create a perfect-like character ( like it has no weakness )
4. No personal fighting here
5. Lastly, ENJOY!

>>I'll only warn you 5 times by pm then if you still didn't follow, I'll expel you!
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