Post Reply Bishounen of the month
Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
1.a member should submit to me (by pm) a picture of the bishounen that she thinks is the most deserving to be the "king bishies"
2.i will get five (5) pictures that i think is the most qualified from the rest
3.i will upload it on this forum and each member should vote for their most wanted bishounen
4. voting period will end every 29th of the month
5. sending pictures will be as always but be sure to indicate the month you want to qualify your bishounen and where did he apeared
6.there will be a ranking system:
highest-------"king bishie"
2nd placer----"ideal bishie"
3rd placer-----"first prince"
4th placer -----"second prince"
5th placer------"third prince"
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