Do you like the movie 'Art of the Devil 3'? Why..? Why not..?

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Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08

I really like this movie, cuz I enjoy, when a movie is a little more scary, than I thought, it would be.
I watched the first movie, 'Art of the Devil' a couple of months ago.. And it was'nt so scary, but it was good though. Then I watched the second, 'Art of the Devil 2'.. It was a little nasty, but it was better than the first one. Then I watched this one.. It was really awesome, and I really love it! It's more scary than the two other 'Art of the Devil' movies. Besides.. I'm a huge fan of the evil woman, Mrs. Panor. She's also in the movie 'The Snake Lady'.. And ít's also very good. It's not a horror movie, but it's still very good. She's a way other character in 'The Snake Lady', and that's a little confusing watching 'Art of the Devil 2 and 3', when you just saw 'The Snake Lady' right before..

Love this movie.. And I think, you should watch it, if you like horror movies. :D
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