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Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
1. 주 문-MIROTIC

MIROTIC, the title song of the 4th album, became the talk of the town as Remee/Troelsen, the team of composer for ‘Eat You Up’, BoA’s debut song in America participated in creating the song, and the hit composer, Young-Jin Yoo, arranged the song.
This is a reverse beat dance track where the elegant melody and addictive refrain are impressive. Also, The dreamlike but strong vocal of TVXQI in ‘MIROTIC’ makes the perfect harmony with the straight lyric that sounds as if it is a spell to control the woman they were struck at first glance like ‘You will give yourself up to me, you will be mad about me, you are the slave of my love’ that it makes the song more interesting.

Lyrics by: Young-Jin Yoo
Composed by: Sigvardt, Mikkel Remee Secon, Lucas Troelsen, Thomas Troelsen
Arranged by: Young-Jin Yoo

2. Wrong Number

‘Wrong Number’ brings the elegant groove along with the aggressive sound full of masculine beauty. HERO raps for the first time to make the dark but mystic ambience of the song more impressive, and the appealing voice of each member of TVXQI doubles the emotion of the song.

Lyrics by: Jun-Woo Kang
Composed by: Marvin Ambrosius, Christopher Lee Joe, Iain James, Philippe Anquetil
Arranged by: Han-Jin Yoo

3. 노을..바라보다(Picture of You)

‘Picture of You’, written by Xiah, is a pop ballad created through the beautiful combination of the sensuous melody and appealing voices of TVXQI. The lyric that compares the heart of a man who wishes to protect his lover to the glow and the sun is impressive.

Lyrics by: Xiah Junsu
Composed by: Tuohey Alfred Dale, Bui Thanh Vu
Arranged by: Jae-Myung Lee


‘CRAZY LOVE’ matches the exciting electronic beats with the melody of strings and it was created by the hit composer Young-Hu Kim through the inspiration he had from the movie, ‘You are my sunshine.’ Like the movie, the will to keep the love for the woman, the love that calculating people would not understand, is reflected in the lyric along with the bright and cheerful rhythm.

Lyrics by: Young-hu Kim (Xperimental Productions)
Composed by: Young-hu Kim (Xperimental Productions)
Arranged By: Young-hu Kim (Xperimental Productions)

5. HEY! (Don't bring me down)

The strong sound of the drum and the beat box leads the melody in this S.M.P (SM Music Performance) style song, ‘HEY! (Don't bring me down)’, and the cool performance of TVXQI is also anticipated with the song.
The lyric describes a will of a man who promises unchanging love and wishes to keep the love forever while the seriousness about love is considered old fashioned.

Lyrics by: Young-Jin Yoo
Composed by: Young-Jin Yoo
Arranged By: Young-Jin Yoo

6. 넌 나의 노래 (You're my melody)

This is an Urban/R&B style song that can be considered as Part 2 of the song from the 3rd album, ‘On & On.’ The beautiful lyric that compares a number of songs in life to the love of a couple is continued to the story of ‘On & On.’ The gentle and sweet ambience makes it a trendy song with simple but addictive charms.

Lyrics by: Young-hu Kim (Xperimental Productions)
Composed by: JV, Sean Alexander, Pascal Claps" Guyon (Xperimental Music)
Arranged by: JV, Sean Alexander, Pascal Claps" Guyon (Xperimental Music)

7. 무지개(RAINBOW)

‘RAINBOW’ is an acid jazz song with the impressive sweet melody on top of the cheerful house beat. The swift and gentle voices of the members sounded as they are heard in the air are lovely and bring the untainted and unsophisticated feeling of love of a boy growing up while keeping the beautiful memories in the youth.

Lyrics by: Kenzie
Composed by: Kenzie
Arranged by: Kenzie


This song brings the eccentric feelings through the crossover of pop and Indian folk music that has never been attempted in Korea. The melody played by the rare sound of the Indian traditional instrument, sitar, makes the song much more dreamy. The rich and splendid harmony presented by TVXQI and the unique lyric written by WHEESUNG are attracting listeners.

Lyrics by: WHEESUNG
Composed by: Kevin Kumar, Sean Kumar (Xperimental Music)
Arranged by: Kevin Kumar, Sean Kumar (Xperimental Music)

9. 악 녀(Are you A Good girl?)

While the drum excites the body, the simple melody balances the beat in this club dance music, ‘Are you A Good girl?’ styled in Electro Miami beat. Like the interesting title, ‘Are you A Good girl?’, the lyric describes the feeling of a man who likes a girl with strong personality and wants to dominate her man.

Lyrics by: Young-Jin Yoo
Composed by: Young-Jin Yoo
Arranged By: Young-Jin Yoo

10. Flower lady

Listeners can appreciate the sweet voices of TVXQI members in this medium tempo song, ‘Flower lady’ along with the sensuous lyric that compares the lover to the flower.
Also the acoustic guitar, drum, and percussion formed the main sound to complete a gentle groove.

Lyrics by: Yun-Gyung Cho
Composed by: Andrew Omar Grange, Rupert Lloyd Gayle, Micah Samuel Williams
Arranged by: Han-Jin Yoo

11. 잊혀진 계절 (Forgotten Season)

‘Forgotten Season’ is the hit song of Yong Lee first performed in 1982, and it was remade with contemporary trend and is presented in the solo performance of HERO. While it emphasized the trendiness through the neat R&B beat and classy electric piano, it also kept the sensuous melody of the original that it will excite nostalgia to the middle-aged people and also let the young generation hear the masterpiece from the past.
Especially the touching voice of HERO makes the perfect balance with the sweet ambience of the song to present new charms.

Lyrics by: Gun-Ho Park
Composed by: Bum-Hee Lee
Arranged by: Suk Hong

12. Love in the Ice

This is the Korean version of ‘Love in the Ice’, a sad ballad included in ‘T’, the 3rd album released in Japan.
MAX wrote the lyric of the song to make it more special, and the listener can feel the capacity and characteristic of the voice of each member in full. This Korean version was presented to the fans through SMTOWN LIVE’08 held on August 15 and brought explosive responses.

Korean Lyrics by: MAX Changmin

Source: mirotic (review + infos)
Credit: tvxqiple + [email protected]
Compiled by: [email protected]
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