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Random Facts About Yourself
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F / ಌNYC, the BIG APPLEಌ
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
1. love nature but always stuck myself at home
2. Korean freak =D
3. i like to surf the internet, play with my comp.
4. pretty quiet
5. favorite number 2, lucky number 7
6. not obsese with boys (doesnt mean im lesbian, i meant i dont flirt or do those sluty things)
7. Im a girl! :DD
and etc.
cant list anymore right now =)
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Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
1. I'm a lefty
2. Have been close to death twice
3. I have been drawing since I was 3 years old. I kick your ass at oil painting.
4. I used to bite walls when I was teething
5. I burned my face when I was a baby....I'm completely recovered thank goodness
6. I swam with piranhas....
7. I am broke
8. I rarely drink....once a year is pretty rare.
9. I'm making a guitar
10. I kick mushroomjay's ass
11. My biological clock is crazy
12. I am very shy the first time I met someone, after that I become less quiet, now if the conversation is really interesting, you will never shut me up.
13. If there's one thing I can brag about, is how I play Football (soccer)
14. I'm a rumor magnet.
15. Not very organized.....why defy entropy? jk
16. Agnostic
17. skipped 8th grade
18. Had a 65% absence rate on my high school senior.....still passed with mostly B's and A's
19. Broke my clavicle while mountain biking
20. Not good at math
21. I am always the last one of the list, since my last name starts with Zu
22. My name means "dark skinned" or Moorish >_> which I don't think I am.
23. I feed on noobs and spammers
24. CR took away my Anime virginity

Too long? oh well back to studying -_-
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New York
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
^i see your whole life there. lol, just kidding.

1) I'm a neat freak
2) I was bitten by a dog when I was 3 in China
3) I have OCD and bi-polar syndrome
4) I play the violin
5) My dad won't let me drink soda anymore
6) I've killed 8 state fair gold fishes and flushed them down the toilet (wasn't my fault!)
7) I haven't gone swimming in 4 years
8) I've moved and lived in 7 different towns/cities
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F / soho
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
i have an obsession with green tea ice cream, waffles, and cupcakes
im left handed
im very picky when it comes to food
i get paranoid after i watch scary movies
im a big animal lover
i dont like having a lot of friends....i dunno why it just bugs me
i dont like the feeling of long nails scratching against paper
i like to cry in the rain....O.o
i like looking at the stars
i enjoy photography
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Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
So many left handed people here!
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32 / M / Canada
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
im scared of midgets and clowns, and have an obession to jump from high places.
been sky diving twice personally, broken a couple of bones as a kid. want to go bungee jumping. just like jumping in general.
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78 / F
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
1. I hate the beach because seaguls scare me (but i go to the beach all the time..)
2. I still go trick or treating, and i'm planning on haveing kids so i can trick or treat with them..(I still go to easter egg hunts as well)
3. I'm left handed as well XP
4. At 18, i'm gonna jump out of an airplane, against my own will.
5. I dont enjoy thinking about things too much..
6. I'm probably the biggest hipocrite you've ever seen..
7. I believe that revenge is bad, but its very sweet.
8. I'm too shy to actualy have friends, yet i have a heard..
9. Today, I saw 5 fox kits, and god were they cute. I'm planning on stealing one.
10. I got hit by a car..and then had a scaffel fall on me.
11. In my world, my name starts with a Q....
12. I can't fall asleep unless a Tv's on, yet i hate wakeing up with a tv on..
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
- i dread long trips in elevators
( imagine my despair when I was cramped in those empire state building elevator )

- that "little superstar" video annoys the $hit out of me.

- I like dogs, hate cats.
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
^little superstar is hilarious :)

1.I love going to the beach, i go mostly to the same one every year
2.I am italian and german
3.I love soda
4.My car kicks ass
5.I watch a lot of tv shows, but none on the tv
6.I love movies and video games
7.I think sweedish fish taste better when they are warm
8.I dont really hang out with kids who like anime
9.I play volleyball all year
10.Im going to college next fall :)
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32 / M / Inside people who...
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
1.always waking up late
2.i got my ass kick by my senior in my sparring match and all my friends saw it
3.i like to tease the woman i love (she doesn't know it yet)
4.keep falling in my bed when sleeping
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24 / F / USA
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
1. My sisters thought i had ADD when I was a kid because i was uber hyper (I'm not)
2. I eat twice as much as my friends but still look skinny (high metabolism)
3. I owned 5 hermit crabs and all of them died in a month.
4. I like the smell of sharpies, gasoline, hand sanitizer, and windex.'
5. I lost my library card 5x already.
6. I can drink 10 cups of tea each day. (regular sized cups)
7. I read uber fast.
8. I love the word uber and cantalera (type of poison not even sure if i spell it right
9. I talk really fast
10.Hate the sun (my family and friends call me a vampire.
11. My earing got stuck in my ear once (the stud was actually swallowed inside my ear and I had to get surgery).
12. Scared of piercing (even ears) any part of my body.
13. Hate bugs and anything sharp getting next to me (especially if someone else is holding it.
14. I love dipping popcorn into hot cocoa.
15. i eat my cereal soggy

Do0mAid: Pretty please use the edit button =D! Thanks!
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25 / M / Somewhere over th...
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
1. I have a few crooked fingers (Family thing.)
2. I don't like raw onions or tomatoes.
3. I own a DS and a Wii.
4. I like sour stuff.
5. I don't eat fish at ALL. (Don't ask :P)
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27 / M / Toronto
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
1.size 11 feet. 5'5 status ahaha
2.pass gas at insane speed with small time intervals ringtones are full anime op
4.hate my california wannabe sister from canada and no we dont liv ein igloos
6.had 5 different hair colours
7.watched 290+ series
8.i break
9.i sleep
10. i hate shawn desmons .
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30 / F / Negev, Israel.
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
1. Have had 4 pet squirrels, 2 pet hedgehogs and hand reared a baby grebe.
2. Have OCD.
3. I have mild synaesthesia (crunchyroll is a green word :blush:)
4. Fell in my pond last night after winning a vodka drinking contest with my friends
5. Once at 3 worms as a dare.
6. Have all platinum medals on Big Brain Academy!
7. Likes sewing all my fingers together
8. Drinks enough Diet Pepsi to rot a fortress wall
9. Still has every birthday card she has ever recieved
10. Lights incense only as an excuse to play with matches.
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27 / M / Netherlands
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
1. I love Samus Aran (as far as you can love pixels <3 )
2. I love Samus Aran
3. I think that the Metroid Series are the best games ever made =]
4. I have long hair
5. I am a boy
6. I don't fancy History classes, I detest them *pukes*
7. I like Math, though it sometimes is very hard, but that just makes it fun and sometimes frastratinf x3
8.I don't like (watching) sports./ing
9. I like to be happy and laugh a lot =]
10. I really like listening to music =]
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