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Random Facts About Yourself

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30 / F
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
1. i'm ambidextrous
2. my eyes are three diferent colours
3. i have 9 piercings
4. i speak with a mixed accent
5. people always come up to me to ask for directions
6. i don't like chocolate
7. i get frustrated if i don't know how to say something in english
8. i was told i have a very expressive face but i can't express anger
9. people don't believe me when i say i'm part west indian.
10. i get asked if i understand mandarin/cantonese
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31 / M / US
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
More or less in chronological order. My browser closed for some reason when I was half done, and I thought screw it, but then remembered someone who did not feel they knew the 'real' me, so list dedicated to that person.

1. Born in Romania
2. Adopted
3. When I came to America, in the airport was the first time I saw a black man. I asked, why does that man have kaka all over his face...where he could hear me.
4. Some cute little Hispanic kid beat me out for a front page photo on a newspaper for our naturalization ceremony. Damn reporters.
5. I was looking though old pics and I came across one from a newspaper from when I dressed up as zorro when I was around 8. I was quoted as saying, I am scared of real monsters and ninja turtles, which I did not say. Damn reporters.
6. Met the lama ting-zing, and he stayed in our house for several days. Basically the guy in charge of all the Buddhists in China back then.
7. Friend and I were playing in a farmers field. He saw us and yelled at us to get off of his land, and shot a shotgun. Dunno if he missed or shot just to scare us, but we ran like hell.
8. My hair was blond when born but has gradually gotten darker. Dark brown now.
9. Slammed a car door on my index finder, and the whole nail came off. Basically looks like little squiggly worms under there, not pretty.
10. Has eaten monkey brains

Uh thats enough.
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26 / M / You'll never guess!
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
1. I'm a nerd
2. I love to sleep
3. I have a short attent....
4. Ninjas are the best
5. Fencing is both a sport and a way of life
6. I go to an all guys school (it's horrible)
7. I'm socially awkward
8. The only thing better than eating beef jerkey is eating beef jerkey that's on fire
9. I love everyone here!
10. Not really
11. I really love to sleep
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31 / F / England
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
10 random facts that came to mind when I started thinking about it XD:

1. I have been playing the violin for 12 years and am Grade 8
2. I study Ancient History and Archaeology at university
3. I hate having butter in my sandwiches
4. I hate having warm air blown onto my face
5. I have my very own chocolate fountain <3
6. My current boyfriend is my first boyfriend <3
7. I love reading fantasy novels, stories set in the Ancient World and novels set in
WW1 period
8. I like to watch Midsomer Murders (<3 Troy!)
9. I can read Ancient Greek and Latin (to a certain extent)
10. I love eating oranges in quarters
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30 / M / Boston
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
1.I love Talking but only to people i like..
2.People hat me because there think i'm a Snob
3.Hat everyone except the person i like
4.I hat people that lie
5.better be off alone then ramdom with other
6.Like drinking but only when i have fun
7.own over 100 style of brand of clothes
8.I love nokia phone
9.I like lession to music then lession to other singing
10.people hat me because there can't be me(Neverless be me)
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33 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/9/07
10 things about me that even my best friend doesn't know:

1. I like to play "dirty pop" and pretend I'm a popstar while dancing in front of the double mirrors in my apt.
2. I own a hula hoop...and it's pink...with sparkles...
3. I've read yaoi..and it doesn't bother me.
4. I don't eat past 7pm
5. I'm a virgin...a "real" virgin...yup, that means never been kissed.
6. I have secret thoughts of strangling my bf's boyfriend because he is a racist English a-hole.
7. I have a wild side...but most people think I'm timid and professional. Especially my co-workers. Little do they know...
8. I have daydreams about being rich and hooking up with someone famous from S. Korea. (Ironically, I can't speak any i don't know how that would ever work out. lol)
9. I'm going to become a lawyer..yes yes, it's one of those money-grubbing, heartless lawyers. j/k. :)
10. I have prettiest feet with the cutest toes. I really do!
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31 / M / CA
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/10/07
1. I have to eat something every hour I'm awake or I get cranky
2. I think onions are gross and I have only recently started eating them
3. I want to have my own urban clothing line. shoes, clothes, run the table
4. If not that, then product marketing or game design
5. I can only understand tagalog, my american accent embarasses me
6. I was born in New Mexico and for the longest time I thought and claimed that I was Mexican
7. I can play the piano, sax, guitar, and the trumpet
8. Three of those I taught myself, the other I took lessons but taught myself how to play by ear
9. I hate music theory and anything to do with notes
10. I smoke when I'm stressed out or about to do a long assignment or paper. (I don't do it habitually..a cig really helps me calm down and focus for some reason)
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29 / M
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/10/07
I was banned from Canada
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79 / F / in the club
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/10/07
Just recently, I cooked my own style of 'fried rice' --- the verdict, my friends loved it. yummy!
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25 / M / A PLANET
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/10/07
Well, you want some random crap? Here goes:

1. I have a turtle named Zippy. He is a red-eared slider.
2. Been in the martial arts style of Shotokan and similar styles for over 2 years.
3. I'm pretty much ambidextrous. (I write left handed, but I throw better a lot of the time with my right hand/arm etc.)
4. I'm not very romantic.
5. I like to listen to music in my spare time.
6. I'm not very shy. I used to be, but now I'm quite bold...believe
7. I once had to sing a duet with one of my best friends at the age of 10. We sang, "I Got You Babe" A Sonny and Cher song. (We did quite well. I even won an award for it. :D)
8. I'm quite the perfectionist when it comes to certain things. (martial arts ESPECIALLY)
9. I am now an uncle. My nephew was born last month.
10. I'm cranky a lot due to stress. -_-; You don't like me when I'm cranky.

There. I know you guys don't care, but I decided to do this to please I guess a, "hidden fan."
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28 / F / ハワイイ
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/10/07
1. My first drama was "Summer Snow"
2. I dislike AMERICAN tourist
3. I go surfing all the time
4. I can speak several different languages
5. I'm always procrastinatinating (like now)
6. I was voted prom queen (seriously!)
7. I have a crush on my Japanese neighbor
8. I know judo
9. I love playing video games
10. George Bush pisses me off
11. I love romantic comedies
12. I play the alto sax very well
13. I want my own car (hybrid please!)
14. I constantly crave onigiri (rice balls)
15. I want to meet someone from Japan!
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29 / M / Tx
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/10/07
1 MY favorite game is Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

2 my favorite Game system is the Wii
3 I play video game constantly when im not watching anime

well thats about it
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/10/07
1. i don't like my roomate
2. i'm not into normal people
3. i like rainy days as much as sunny days
4. i am really lazy
5. i am really nice
6. i'm not talkative
7. i can't cook
8. i play a lot of instruments
9. i can't swim well
10. i am pretty much bored 24/7
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31 / M / Aboard the Hyperion
Posted 4/9/07 , edited 4/10/07
1. I'm adopted twice.
2. I was born in the Philippines
3. Graduated twice since the school back home only went to 6th grade and I have to finish 7th and 8th in the US.
4. I have a spontaneous sense of imagination.
5. I get along with lots of people well.
6. I do not get tempered easily.
7. I play the elec. base a little.
8. I love my dog.
9. I want to become a research doctor.
10. My username has four derivatives.
11. Out of the 270+ anime I listed for viewing, I've only seen 115 (complete and incomplete).
12. I like philosophy and theoretics.
13. My favorite color is dark teal.
14. Rocky road is my top ice cream.
15. I play DotA-Allstars on WC3.
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