Post Reply New students, Don't be shy to introduce yourself!!
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23 / F / BOO !! scared ya...
Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/28/08
Now, for the new students, feel free to tell others your personality, your hobbies, your favorites and many more! Don't be shy... go on.

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26 / F / between a rock an...
Posted 9/30/08 , edited 10/1/08
o-okay umm... konichiwa. kitsune-chan desu, hajimemashite *bows* i like to meet new people and i enjoy learning interesting things.
im very shy and quiet, but once you get to know me, im very opposite to my outer face i hope i make some new friends and learn many new things. yorishiku gozaimasu~ *bows*
Posted 10/1/08 , edited 10/1/08
mmm....konichiwa...I'm carmel but you can call me jo-chan for it's also my name...i like to know more people in this group and i hope i can get to know everyone well here.....
I easily get nervous in front of many people...and i'm not that confident...i hope we can all be good friends *bow*..
Arigatou Gozaimasu
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/5/08
konichiwa, cymbeliene desu, u can call me eliene for short because cymbeliene might sound rather too complicated for some people ... soo i hate waking up early in the morning and im always late at school... im pretty calm and mature when im with other ppl but when u get to know me, i become more & more cheerful & childish. Arts and Music are my favourite subjects. i dislike maths the most. I dont like crowded places and i feel uneasy when ppl stares at me.
Hope i can make some new friends this year.. doozo yoroshiku *bows*
Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/8/08
hEy thErE !

mEh nAmE s hAnNa bT u cAn caLL mE hAnNa-chAn :]
i'm g0oD at sinGinG nD dAncinG ... i pLay thE fLuTe nd i'm g0oD at iT [n0T bEinG b0asTfuL]
hmm. ..guEss thAt's aLL i cAn givE

f u wAnT m0rE inf0rmATi0n, jsT buDDy mEh
hihi :]

byE~byE ^^
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F / sa tabi tabi lang XD
Posted 10/11/08 , edited 10/12/08
hello everyone

aril is my name
i like watching
oh i'm very shy and quiet........

oh i'm also a bit childish....
and i love listening music...........

and please feel free to buddy me...
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