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Creepy Stories Thread
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Posted 10/30/08 , edited 10/30/08
THE RED EYE,i know,,my frend's cousin,, here's the story,

at night[12] my frend's neighbor cottage at the beach was noisy, his cousin bravely knock at the door and told them to be quiet,,then a silence came after that ,[coussin] he did it 3 times[the cottage neighbor is noisy 3 times] then on the fourth time he looked on the small hole of the door then his cousin only saw a blood., on the other day his cousin told what happened that night and the care taker told them, that no one is there but last month or year ago there was a girl died bec. she was raped and chopped into pieces,and her eyes were red so that means the red thing his cousin saw was the girl's eye looking at his eyes. ;]
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