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Posted 9/28/08 , edited 9/28/08
After entering the entertainment industry for nearly 3 years, Fahrenheit chose Hong Kong to hold their concert and show the world that they do have talent, in the aim to change everyone’s impression that they use looks and constant rumors with girls to be where they are now. Fans screamed non-stop at the 4 handsome guys, and the amazing performances they gave, however at one point, Chun got his left and right shoes mixed up, and it looked a bit awkward when he was thrusting his sword out.

On the 26th and 27th, Fahrenheit held 2 concerts at the Hong Kong Expo, and attracted over 20,000 fans. The 4 are already very popular in Hong Kong, and this time, tickets were sold out very fast. In the 2 nights, fans yelled till their voices were hoarse; the 4’s charm and hotness dazzled everyone, and they had a total of 6 outfits during the concert, but surprisingly they did not reveal too much skin.

There was huge momentum on the stage and special effects continued non-stop; it really was an amazing show. Fahrenheit entered the stage wearing ‘Final Fantasy’ outfits, waving their light swords. Then when the atmosphere changed, they began singing slow songs. Then balloons were released, and this warmed up a romantic atmosphere, and even Aaron, who is scared of heights joined his fellow brothers and they sat on a machine, which rose to 5-stories high.

Fahrenheit seemed to want to break their “flower vase” image, as they together formed a band to show off their musical talents. Aaron played the keyboard, Jiro played the guitar, Chun played drums and Calvin showed off his beat-boxing skills. Jiro, whos knee was still injured, gave an outstanding performance as he played both an electric guitar, and a wooden guitar. Aaron played the keyboard, and at the same time, sung a duet with Jade Liu. Fahrenheit also arranged a retro-style part of the concert, where they sung old traditional songs, and danced wistfully.

During the concert, Chun had a flying scene, and he dresses up as a black warrior, one hand hanging onto the wire, and the other hand waving a samurai sword. It was only 8 seconds, but it cost a massive 500,000$TW. After this, he combined martial arts and performed a sword dance, but then it was noticed that he had got his left and right shoes mixed up, and this impeded him from performing even better.

After the concert, Fahrenheit said, “We waited 3 years, and now we have finally achieved our dream. We have worked really hard to prepare for this concert, thank you to everyone who has accompanied us on the journey to achieve our dream.” Charlene Choi, Chun’s dad and Chun’s brother all came along to the first concert to cheer them on, and the site was surrounded by the media, causing disturbance.

Credits:Asian Fanatics
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