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Posted 9/28/08 , edited 9/28/08
What is life? What is death? Why are we here? Do we really exist? What happens after i die? Is there such a thing as heaven? Or even ghosts? Or even us? What happens to me when i'm asleep?
For the past few weeks, I haven't been able to sleep very well. I keep having these dreams. Why do I keep having them? I don't even know who those people are? Why do they keep haunting me?

Chapter 1: September 28
I started my day doing my normal habits. I yawn when i wake up and stretch my arms. I then take a shower and eat the meal my mom has prepared. Then i ride the car and my father takes me to school. I greet my friends and and go to class. I eat lunch with them in the cafeteria. And at 5:30 I leave school and arrive home at 6. The usual stuff a normal 15 year old student does.
But today something unusual happened, I decided to take the long route home. A path which i rarely take. I saw this bookstore and it made me feel like i just had to go in. The bookstore was old. It had a red roof, stained windows and a sign that says "Nomadic Books". I was intrigued by the name of the shop. I felt like i needed to enter, like something was calling me.
As i opened the door, i saw this woman who smiled at me and said "Welcome. How may i help you?" She had really long black hair, pale skin, eyeglasses which made her look very professional. And she wore a dress that looked like it was from those old movies from London.
She gave me a hand gesture and said "Is there a book that you're looking for in particular? I can help you find any book."
I smiled back at her and said "Nothing in particular. I just wanted to take a look."
As i was surfing through the bookshelves i saw this peculiar book. It had no author and its title was "The Journal of the New World". I felt like i just had to buy the book. i didn't even bother to try and see what was written or if it even had any pictures. I approached the lady and asked her how much for the book.
She smiled at me again and said with a calm voice "You can have it if you want. Consider it as a gift."
I was surprised at what she said. I couldn't just take it. I didn't even know who the lady was. She's not exactly what you'd call normal judging from her appearance. I refused to take it and told her i'd pay for it.
She was still smiling and said to me "If you really feel bad about taking it for free then give me that necklace your wearing."
I had no problem about giving her my necklace. I just bought it from a peddler i met once while going home. i handed her my necklace and she took it. Before i left she introduced herself. She said her name is Sophia Walker. She had an unusual name. She must have been a foreigner. I told her my name, Kino Sakamoto.
I left the store and headed straight home. I wanted to read the book as soon as possible. That night, around 9 pm, i hurried to my room after finishing watching tv. I took the book out of my bag. I was shocked at what i saw. Nothing. No words, pictures, anything. I gave my necklace in exchange for an empty book?! I was so angry at what happened and i threw the book into the wall. I decided to return the book the next day. I just went to bed and tried to sleep.
But little did I know that my adventure was about to begin.
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