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Blood Pledged Cas...
Posted 10/17/08 , edited 10/17/08
Just love these Pictures~!!!!!!!

yowan123 wrote:

I'm sure if wolfram saw Yuuri's reaction at the "coffin scene", he would surely accuse him normally of being a "cheater, flirt, dog... and more blah"

Actually, I'm trying to figure out what Sara's been thinking while Yuuri's in front of him , the space a mere few inches before their heads touch each other. But he has this straight face, and looking straightly at Yuuri's eyes. Like he's just plainly looking but with a bit of attention. I would love to know what he thinks of Yuuri at that moment. I know he's observing Yuuri, because he's very observant.

damn sara. he's sooo pretty. His pouty face is soo cute.

I'm sorry. I don't know where to post this.
Looking back at my screenshots. *sigh* Saralegui is too much!

Posted 12/11/08 , edited 12/12/08
I don't know actually I think is because he is cute...
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F / Where da'ya think?
Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/10/09
I love him, because either its fake or not, he has such a gentle face and a calm attitude, his wandering expression is also so cute. It feels like he's so lonely and kept thinking a lot of thing because there's no one to share one thought except Berias,
I want to be there if he needs a friend..
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22 / F / Blood Pledge Cast...
Posted 1/12/09 , edited 1/12/09
well, i'll have to say sara is my no. 4 fave character~ i like him bcoz he's tricky! XD
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29 / F / Voice Actor's Par...
Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/22/09
Even though a lot of animes already surpassed Kyo Kara Maoh, Saralegui remained by favorite
Maybe because of his nice composition and voice. Plus, he is an almost-trap
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