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Posted 9/28/08 , edited 9/29/08
‘words in the heart’
Because now Tsubasa can talk about pregnancy, the labor process, she have many thanks and many sorrys. And about her life from now on, Tsubasa will talk about them honestly.

Umesan Naoki, Tsubasa’s report to everyone
Dear friends, hi everyone✩
Today, we have many things we want to make clear to everyone.
Hmm~, Just like when we announced we were getting married, even though the news is very sudden, but a few days ago, Umesan and I had a baby boy. The baby is already born.

Since last year, maybe some people have already noticed. I just wanted to safely have the baby, and then announce the news. So it’s now that I officially announce the news to everyone.
When we announced we were getting married, we once thought to also announce the baby news, but we decided to make sure the mother and baby is safe and then we announce the good news.

Ok, our situation is “getting on the bus, and then pay for the ticket”. But, we don’t really feel embarrassed or ashamed.
It’s just we thought if we announced the pregnancy, we would–get some criticism. That would affect the mood of the pregnancy, so we announce the news after everything is ok.

Last year, I left Popteen and graduated, and shortened my work all because of the pregnancy.
Sorry for making everyone worried.

Graduating from POP, I hoped that of my power that I could keep working and raise the baby. But, I’m not really clear as to what I can do next, but I know that the “me” right now will keep working hard with what’s in front of me. In my power, I will want to face different challenges.

And to have many money for the baby’s trust fund, I must work hard for my job (laugh).
Hmm~ Speaking of myself, I hope to use my own ways, no matter if it’s work or raising the baby, to have a fun task.

About pregnancy questions, it’s because of some reasons that I can’t answer, so I’m going to skip these questions, very sorry!
I feel a little bit betraying my readers, very sorry!
So, I didn’t leave a message about this on my message board, for those who were expecting my news, very sorry!

Even though these announcements are simple, this is my labor process.
Lastly, very thankful to the readers who reads till the end
Lastly…from now on, the three of us will create a sweet family, hope to have everyone’s warm blessings.
Hopefully, everyone can still keep giving us support and encouragement.
Umesan Naoki, Tsubasa

Ah~my feeling right now really feels like I can’t catch a breath. Everyday I’m lacking sleep, the whole day feels like breast-feeding, changing diapers, helping wash the baby etc.running around.

Even though it’s hard work, but I’m very happy. Because my child is really cute.
Everyday I find interesting things!
So I take pictures everyday (laugh).

Just who does he look like?
Because he’s still small, so can’t really tell. So for the time being, his eyes have double eyelids, his nose is high like us, the hole under his nose is long (laugh). And he have full lips, and a definite inheritance of his father’s ears
The baby’s ear look extremely like Umesan’s special shape. That part makes everyone think it’s so weird!
Like it’s another one of us…so happy (little happy face that I can’t make)

So for this cute little baby, I have to build up my iron, vitamin C.
Because drinking breast-milk, it helps the baby to be not tired, and build up his health. Even though, it hurts, but I still work hard!

Ah~hope to raise a healthy little baby.

Lastly…because now I understand how hard it is to raise a baby, I want to thank my parents, bringing me into this world and raises me into an adult!
This kind of hard work is not your typically work…
After being a mother, do I understand how great a mother is!
This kind of hard work is understood after being a mother myself. No matter if it’s knowledge or a thankful mind, it’s been a great experience.
For those expecting mothers, must make sure you’re healthy, ganbatte!

It’s no problem!

Today, I must stay up all night, ganbatte!
(little bear/dog like face that I can’t make)

From ✩CONVERSE✩ to cellulite
CONVERSE, after founding out that I was pregnant, I can’t wear high heels at all (except work, photographs), so basically all my high heels have been given to someone else. The shoes in the house are all flat styled kind of shoes.

Umesan always reminds me [you can't wear high heels!] Every time he would say this, very thankful to him.

About Umesan~, he’s even more serious about reading pregnancy books than I am. He brought a pregnancy book, the day before, he would go to the book store many times, and then buy them for me (laugh) Really more serious than I am.

He would start talking to me about [sour things is good for the expecting mother!]
So everyday I would eat them.
He’s very thoughtful and would make sure I did eat them

Every time when I’m taking a photograph in high heels, there must be a person beside me to keep me on my feet. These 10 months, my friends have been like that.
Very thankful to them!
I really liked flat shoes before, really I’m a shoe addict. Builder’s shoe and moccasins have really helped me though this time.
There’s even pretty outfits for pregnant women, really happy!

Even though this is an inevitable thing, but when I was pregnant, even loose jeans that were 28 inches, I couldn’t fit into them. My feeling were really depressed then.

The time when I keep thinking [Ah...], Umesan would try to comfort me and say [Because the baby in you will become big, so it's not because you're fat, you're not fat~] The more he said things like this, I’m even fatter than before by 12.3kg…
This is way too fat.

Sometimes I eat hot pot, sometimes rice is my main staple food for health, I worked hard to make my appetite return to normal, but when I’m not sick of some food, my appetite turned out too good! Bread and sweets that I didn’t like before, now I think they’re delicious (laugh).
After having the baby, i lost 6kg, but the rest that still left is cellulite. So I must begin to work out. (little bear/dog face that I can’t make)
Stand up! Get rid of cellulite!
Besides raising the baby, I can still do some work out, so I nonstop keep trying them out!

Stylish old woman
It’s rare that Umesan can return home, he just laugh so happily after seeing the baby.
He help me bathe the baby, feed him milk, change diapers…Though, he’s really stupid at these things, but he works hard doing these things.
Lastly, he give the baby a little kiss.
Being together with me for the whole day, and he haven’t give me a kiss!
(o.o) no words left.
When he went back, Umesan said [I said bye bye to the baby, and the baby said byebye back~!(o o)]
Yes! He’s drunk in the happiness of being a father.

Today, I wore the Mickey outfit that was in POP
Next, I have continue my work before, I wore many beautiful clothes and makeup, did them for the magazine. As long as I can continue working, No! for life, I will continue to work hard, wearing my favorite clothes, have a nice impression working, even though I’m a mother, even if I will grow old, as long as I am a female, I will remember my favorite look. Maybe one day, I will be a wearing granny panties old lady…, but that’s ok… If I do become an old lady, maybe I will wear leopard prints? (little pointy face I can’t make)

Baby peed all over me
Today, I’m going out because of going to Toy R Us, a friend brought some baby products for me.
If someone is at home, then I can safely go out
I’m really greatful for their help
I really depend on mom and dad too much, I’m probably always a child in front of them.
No problem.
Seeing all the baby products, they’re so cute, really want to buy them all.
Because the baby grow up fast, so I must resist. Just pick the cheap yet cute basic clothing.
SHIMAMURA love to use them♥

malva’s Mori-san came to see me for talking about work. She specially came to see me, which is a thing that haven’t happened for a long time. The baby was asleep the whole time when we were talking. When Mori-san left, then the baby began to cry, such a good baby(little satisfied face that I can’t make)
Mori-san, very thankful to you.
Speaking of myself lately, I’m beginning to be used to this kind of life, when the baby is asleep, I’m asleep too (laugh).
If the baby keep crying nonstop, making me not know what to do, I use smiles to fight it!
I heard crying is a high task for the baby!
Because it’s thing I can only experience at this time, making me so interested in them.
If I don’t think like this, then I could easily go crazy (laugh).
I laugh in the deep night, maybe because my mood have taken a turn for the worse!
The life rule is to go through everyday healthy, when I get up in the morning, i watch the morning shows.

Tomorrow is the day that Daddy come to see us!
So everything must be prepared tonight, goodnight!

Ganbatte! Daddy Umesan
Umesan is here! He’s been with the baby all day
After helping the baby fall into sleep, Umesan say he want to see the baby’s sleeping face, so he keep talking to him (laugh).
I worked so hard to get the baby to fall asleep, like lying by his side, playing with many toys to get to him to sleep…
Umesan kissed the baby again.
Then he said [My little baby...I'm not some idiot daddy...really cute right? It's true!] He’s really a great idiot daddy.
But, he’s very cute♥
All the parents in the country, are you saying the same thing like me, hahahaha.
Daddy Umesan is hurrying changing diapers.
Even though Daddy Umesan can only sometimes come, but he never forgets to be very close to the baby. He’s very busy during May, he’s probably very tired!
(little bear/dog face that I can’t make)

Daddy Umesan works very hard

Jealous toward a pacifier
When the baby is crying, Daddy Umesan would hug the baby and [flip him over and around] how should I put this~he’s probably very happy doing that!
And there’s this toy that GUY sent, the toy that GUY sent makes the baby stop the loud crying, I don’t feel good about it~(little face that I can’t make)

The pacifier is created by a previous POP model and a designer. All the other presents that I received are all so cute, thanks! But Umesan still can’t handle [I♥mama] (laugh._ So there’s already a jealous heart, we’re in a contest to see who the baby will call “Dada” or “Mama” first.(little bear/dog face that I can’t make)

This time, there are a lot of questions about pregnancy, even though it’s so late, but I will use my experience to answer those questions!
First [Having a baby is painful?]
Painful! Like getting a watermelon out of your nose…this kind of description is probably hard to everyone to imagine (laugh).
Preparing for labor, I was just playing cards with Umesan, just like normal times talking the sudden pain that would come…(laugh)
How come I still feel pain, but when the contractions do come, it should be more painful than now~ This is just practice] At the time, this was how I felt (laugh).
Now talking about this, feels like talking about a legend.
But when I did feel the pain, it was so painful that I kept crying.
Because I’m recognized as having a tiny body, so I must successfully have the baby. Because there are many courageous females that have babies, so I should have no problem.

After hearing NICO say this, I got the biggest encouragement.
So those who are afraid of having a baby, you must continue to work hard!
At the beginning, the doctor said that my baby is very very small, but after having him, his weight was 2804g.

[Products that are very useful after you brought it?]
This is what my sister recommends, a breast-feeding pillow
After using this, my hands aren’t that sore, I hold the baby more steady. I think that this is very useful. It was my friend who saw it (Speaking of it, Umesan still think it’s not very useful)

[What do you wear when you were pregnant?}
I wear LIZ LISA everyday! Because it's cute, there are many style of dresses. So they make me pretty throughout my pregnancy. And, I brought loose exercise clothes at a second-hand store in Harajuku. And I brought some fluffy skirts. Because winter is very cold, so I wear thicker clothes and ✩ANAP's clothes is great too! Also, blazers too... The clothes I used to love to wear, I couldn't fit into them, felt very sad. But pregnant ladies should be happy and wear pretty clothes, so that your feeling won't be all depressed. Instead, it adds a different fun, this kind of changing your mood is great!

[How to get your figure back?]
As of right now, I haven’t done anything special, but I use after-labor correction clothes for my stretchy stomach to return back into its shape. I heard that it’s best to get back into shape 6 months after labor. Thinking of taking [TAMAHIYO], to do some after-labor exercise. I head chiropractics works too, so I’m going there too! I remember [TAMAHIYO] said to start exercising 2 days after labor.
Oh man!

My stomach feel extremely~soft.
Never mind, the starting month, I’ll just quietly work out

[Raising a baby is very hard?]
Even though you will find the new feeling to be really interesting, but it really is hard work.
My baby doesn’t cry at night, but instead he cry in the morning.
If I had time to eat, I would rather sleep. But if I don’t eat, then my mom would get me and tell me to get up…(laugh).
Even though I’m forced, but I still eat a little.

[Do you have any suggestions for expecting mothers?}
Hmm~if only my house have a scale...!
Really regretful, because managing your weight is really important, so you can think of it as a challenge... ✩

Also, I worked for a full 8 months before I requested time off. I heard rather than staying at home, doing nothing, instead going out to walk for a bit or working out a little is good for the laboring process. So I'm lucky that I worked out before I had the baby. But completely not allowing it, would feel too pressured
I think this is about the feeling I have!

First time experience
Today is May 5th. Child's day, but the baby probably still doesn't understand?
Must grow up!
Talking about now, today!
Because his nails are too long
First time cutting the baby's nails
His hands are so small~
I'm going to use the special nail cutter for the baby.
Going to use the time since he's asleep.
[Oh~so soft~]
Cut cut
Successfully done
Really interesting
So nervous
Today, friends are going to start coming to see me and the baby.
The weather is so nice, I feel great!
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♥ ( > o < ) / awwh! that was soo sweet!
tsubasa, umeda and baby sound cutee♥
thank youu soo much for this translation!
i enjoyed it very much~ ( ^ o ^ ) / ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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