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A Girl with long, shiny blue hair looks into a perfectly clear mirror. The girl opens her eyes. Light blue eyes reflecting in the mirror with beauty. The blue haired girl is wearing a long gray shirt, cut in a triangle in the middle splitting it in half at the bottom, wearing a light blue tie with black clips on it, her black skirt just a few ways over her knees with light blue at the bottom of each skirt tip, a blue key chain with triangles on it, black headphones on her ears with her red light bright and ready, with her hair up in 2 red ribbons. She hears a male yet girlish voice calling her name. The blue haired girl turns to look at her door on the left side of the room. Suddenly a Man with long Purple hair who could be mistaken as a girl yet still looks like a man came in through the door and hugging the beautiful girl with long light blue hair. The girl surprised with her eyes wide at first then saying “Gakupo” she said with a sigh “Didn’t I tell you to knock what if I’m changing?”. “But your so cute my little Imouto-chan” Gakupo said while hugging her. She sighs once again and lightly pushes Gakupo off of her “Come on Onni-San” she smiled “lets get to school”. Gakupo agreed and they walked downstairs putting on there boots/Shoes and walking to school.
Gakupo and the light blue haired girl were walking down the hall way when suddenly a girl with red pigtails curled went through the door and landed on her butt “OW!” she yelled. The pigtailed red head saw the light blue haired girl and Gakupo, suddenly the pigtailed girl started crying. A women with short brown hair wearing some revealing red cloths and a humongous chest walked over to the red head and patted her on the shoulder “You ok Teto?” the women said. “Meiko my butt hurts” Teto cried some more with her hands in a closed form and near her mouth, right on the edge of her mouth and cried cutely. Gakupo and the blue haired girl walked closer. Meiko noticed them and greeted them “Yo! What’s up Gakupo,Miku?” Miku smiled and Gakupo answered “Fine” Gakupo smiled as well. After Meiko and Gakupo trying to cheer Teto up Miku,Meiko,Gakupo, & Teto walked inside. There they say a little Chibi person who looked like Miku. “Hachune MIKU! don’t do that ever again” Meiko scolded Hachune. “What did she do?” Miku asked curious. “She spanked Teto a million times with her Negi” Meiko said irritated. “Oh! That’s got to hurt” Miku whispered into Gakupos ear making it sound like it DID! hurt, but worse.
“Lets hurry and start our warm-up songs” a man with short blue hair touched one of the microphones in the huge, white room and looked over to us. “Yeah, yeah” Meiko said “RIN! LEN! COME ON WERE STARTING OUR WARM-UP SONGS!” Meiko suddenly yelled in the room. It echoed in the whole room. Out in the distant we saw a blonde head dragging a boy who seemed to look like her. She got closer and went to a microphone with the other boy. “How far did you go Rin and Len?” Miku asked, actually curious. “ Rin grinned “7,000 miles” Rin smiled proud. “………” Miku didn’t even think about how they could hear Meikos voice, once everyone was done talking. Miku and Gakupo went to there microphones, near the man with blue hair but just little ways off to the left of him. Gakupo gave a mean glare at the blue haired man. The blue haired man noticed his glares. “G-Gakupo” I put my hand on his shoulder “Stop giving mean glares to Kaito”. Gakupo nodded. Meiko and Teto went to there microphones as well. A song started playing with a normal beat to it named “Love is War”. Everyone started singing although it was rough for there mornings to sing a loud song.
The song ended and everyone agreed they did a good for that song together for the morning. Teto sat down and watched the others sing together without her for this song. Everyone began to sing again.
Again, they finished another song together although Teto wasn’t with them singing. “EVERYONE!” Miku yelled suddenly. They all looked at Miku “I want to share a song me and Onii-san learned is it ok?” Miku asked and everyone nodded. Miku and Gakupo went to change for the song. When they came back Miku was in a white, with frills at the bottom and almost everywhere, long dress. While Gakupo was wearing a blackTuxedo and a half white mask broken in half. They began singing there new song called “The Phantom of the Opera”. They finished and the others applauded. Miku and Gakupo left to change into there normal cloths. When they came back everyone was already practicing there scheduled song for this morning. Kaito was singing “World is Mine Another Side” Meiko was singing “Utsukushi kereba soreden” Rin and Len were singing “-Circle of hearts-“ lastly Teto sang“[Red rock shooter]” of them were already in there dimensions. Miku gave Gakupo a hug and a kiss on the cheek “See you after were done k?” Miku smiled and Gakupo nodded. Miku went to her microphone and a box appeared covering her up the same thing happened to Gakupo. They were in there dimension singing there scheduled song. Miku was singing “Melt” and Gakupo was singing “Uta No Tori”
“RIN! GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE!” a pigtailed dirty blonde yelled. A girl with black hair who looks like Rin Kagamine stopped and looked at the dirty blonde waving her yellow phone in the air “No way Akita! You have to catch me first” Rin yelled sticking her tongue out and waveing the phone in the air. Rins eyes spread wide as Akita jumped Rin and they both fell on the floor getting in a cat fight. A man with red hair who kind of looks like Kaito except his hair is spikier stands next to Rin’s Twin Len. “A-Akaito shouldn’t we stop them” Len asked with a sweat drop. "No wait!" Akaito stopped len with his arm before Len could go and Akaito grins "lets bring out the pudding". "Pudding? What Pudding?" Len asked. "Yes the choco pudding" Akaito imagines Akita and Rin fighitng in pudding. Akita and Rin Glare at Akaito. "GKK!" Akaito stepped back a little. Rin adn Akita jumped Akaito "AKAITO DONT IMAGINE STRANGE THINGS!" Akita yelled pulling Akaitos hair. "WHY DIDNT YOU HELP ME!" Rin yells while kicking Akaitos stomache. Len just watches Akaito get his ass kicked by 2 girls "I tried to tell him" Len thought.Just to get Akita and Rin to stop beating up Akaito, Len asks "Hey, where’s Haku and Sai?". Akita stops attacking Akaito. While secretly, when Len and Akita aren't looking, Rin hugs Akaito and starts kissing him all over his face! "Wow! what a change of mood" Akaito thought while he was being smooched all over his face. "Although I kind of like it ". Len stares at Rin and Akaito while Akita doesn't notice them kissing behind her. "You know, I don't know either" Akita puts her index finger to her lips and looks up thinking. Len starts laughing inside at all that's happening behind Akita, and she still doesn't notice. Suddenly a scary hand touches lens shoulder. Len felt a evil Aura and turned his head to see a scary face his hides spread wide and he froze in fear. What appeared to be a scary Aura was actually Haku who had stayed up all night drinking. "Wow! Haku you look TERRIBLE!" Akita said with expression. "Uh" Haku moaned. "HI HI!" Sai appeared behind Haku waving her hand "How is everyone" Sai asks. Haku then falls on the floor passed out "Well we all know she isn't feeling good" Sai pointed at Haku with her thunb. Finally Rin finished with Akaito and saw Haku on the ground and started poking her. "Is she dead?" Rin asked still poking her only with a stick this time. "I don't think so" Akaito said staring at Rin and haku . "She seems worse then usual" said Akita looking at Haku "What happened last night?" Akita asked. "Well..." Sai said telling everyone about it.
Haku grabs another bottle of wine and starts drinking. "Wow! Haku you sure drink a lot! that’s your twentieth one" Sai said amazed. Haku did not respond. "I wonder what it tastes like?" Sai asked looking at 100 more bottles "Hehe~ it won’t hurt to try at least ONE!" Sai thought and grabbed a bottle of bear (or wine). Sai gulped down the bear (or wine). After Sai finished her first bottle she felt strange "*Hiccup* Yummy *Hiccup*" Sai continued to hiccup for a while after her 5th bottle Sai went crazy and bugged Haku all night making her not sleep and ruining haku's house.
> Akita, and Akaito jaws dropped . While Rin stared blankly not really understanding (since she doesnt know what bear (or wine) is and Len still trying to get over his scare from Haku. "What?" Sai asked blinking . "I cant believe Sai did that and isn't barfing or falling" Akaito and Akita thought "Man do I feel bad for Haku".

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