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firstly ,
i just copied it from somewhere so thanks to the author .
who's the author ?
unknown :?
but thanks for making this .
i love yamashi pairing :)

Daydream wonder

I. Perfect vision

The whole thing doesn’t hit him until he saw the perfect vision before him,
a smile that could penetrate the dark walls of a miserable person.

It was sudden like the hybrid rainbows that would appear after the
light drizzle of rain. Yamada Ryosuke falls in love at second sight.

He grins upon the fact that Mirai waits until the others had disappear
off set to give him a lingering embrace.

“I’ll miss working with you Ryu-kun.” She tells him quietly, calling him
by his Tantei Gakuen Q character name before pulling back.

Her smiles are amazing, and he curves an even brighter one back, “Same here,
you did great, Megu-tan.”

And her giggle almost makes him weak in the knees. Mirai winks at him one last
time and he gapes at her, holding onto the railing for support as she disappears from his view.

Like a nocturne that played during romantic scenes, Ryosuke sees through ethereal
visions of butterflies floating about, and Mirai walking down the corridors in slow motion.

She was the perfect vision of a beautiful angel.

II. Daydream wonder

Love was complicated according to the life story Kame had once told him, but Ryosuke daydreams anyway.

Ryosuke daydreams of a young smiling down-to-earth girl giggling with him and giving his
arm light touches. He wonders if the beat of his heart was really a sign of love or just
an odd obsession for her smiles.

He wonders of tomorrow and what it will be like if he told her he liked her. He daydreams
of kissing her, a small peck on the lips while holding her smooth small hands in his.

She was a fascinating girl, a splitting image of Horikita Maki herself, personality and smiles.
Shida Mirai had a radiance upon her whenever she walked by and the wink she gave him not so long ago
nearly sends him stumbling down the stairs.

Ryosuke wasn’t one for asking many favors, but in this particular subject, there was no other choice.

While flipping through the latest Vogue magazine, Tomohisa tells him nonchalantly to go for it,
to give the cute little girl a kiss or the sort before someone gets to her first.

“Is that what you did with Horikita-san?” He blurts out, cracking a nervous smile when Tomohisa tenses
and narrows his gaze at him.

The older singer then chuckles and his lips curve into a grin, “Well…Let’s just say I did something
more or less romantic than just a small kiss to get her into my arms.”

Ryosuke blinks in bewilderment from the ambiguous statement, tilts his head and crosses his arms,
“And what was it that you did?”

Tomohisa pauses, strokes his chin and licks his lips, “Hmm…I’ll tell you when you turn twenty.”

The young singer lets out a defeated sigh and rolls his eyes.

Of course it was easy for Tomohisa to get the girl, but Ryosuke believed that Mirai wouldn’t be
as easygoing about the subject as Maki could, not at this age so to speak.

Perhaps he was better off continuing his little daydreams for now.

III. Imaginary line

Ryosuke knows that Mirai loves to go to the same corner café alone to order her favorite
vanilla cappuccino before settling down and engrossing herself with a novel.

He knows because he runs by the shop in the morning and catches a quick glimpse of her through the
glass window.

He imagines himself walking in, greeting her coolly until
he saw that shocked face of hers ands
squeals of “it’s been three months!” because it had been that long since he had last seen her
before returning her tight embrace.

But of course, Ryosuke finds himself doing nothing but daydream by the window.
If he couldn’t grasp life itself, then it will never come if he continued on this imaginary line.

And sure enough, when he finally decides to confront her on a rainy, gloomy day,
the world comes crashing down upon him.

Watching from afar, she enjoys her time with someone he expected never to have bumped into,
giggling and lightly touching his arms as he drapes his hooded sweater over her shoulders.

Ryosuke waited too long and now someone had come and swept her away before he could.

“Neh, I told you not to wait too long to grab her attention. You have a lot to learn my boy.
” Tomohisa playfully scolds the next time they meet up for rehearsals.

Ryosuke pouts and whines, draping himself on Tomohisa’s arm, “You’re so lucky to have Horikita-san
for a girlfriend.”

Tomohisa lets out boisterous laugh and ruffles his hair, “Yes,
don’t you wish there was more of her

It was then that Ryosuke wished that Horikita Maki was his age instead and
he imagined what it would
be like if he was the one going out with the renowned Horikittie herself.

IV. Horizon

It wasn’t like for his best friend, Nakajima Yuto to go
out after every rehearsal, but nowadays,
even on rainy days, he does.

Yuto likes to go to the corner café shop at the right
time that Mirai does just to give her some
company, hoping to grab her number or the sort.

Ryosuke wasn’t one to look over the horizon and take a
step to grab the object he saw first, not when
his best friend wanted the same one.

“Shida-san is the most amazing girl ever.” Yuto tells him one day,
twirling through the door with delight
after what seemed like hours back from the corner café.

Yuto crashes onto the sofa and lets out a dreamy sigh, “I don’t think
I’ve ever met a girl
like her…except
for Horikita-san.”

Ryosuke gives his friend a half-smile and nods in agreement, “She is.”

But it was at that very moment that Yuto suddenly bursts out wailing,
as if he had been rejected, “But she likes someone else!”

Taken aback, Ryosuke scoots closer to his friend and nudges Yuto’s stomach,
“Who does Shida-san like then?”

Yuto grudgingly looked to him for several seconds and then stormed off without
another word.

Ryosuke smirks, inwardly relieved about it all and decides to
dash out of the room to give his friend a sympathetic hug.

The horizon rose for everyone and there was always
going to be something new that would come to them sooner or later.

V. Deeper than words

Age didn’t matter when it came to love, because
really, all there was to it was faith and sometimes balance.

Ryosuke claps his hands together and intakes
a deep breath before letting it all out.

Words flew out of his mouth, some hard to understand
and some fragments of phrases. Mirai stares at him with
a mystified look and blinks
several times trying to comprehend what he was trying to say
through his many stutters.

“I—Shida-san, what I’m trying to say is…that I li—”

And as if the wind spoke for him, Mirai gently smiles
and suddenly springs into the air right into his arms.

“Kyah! What took you so freakin’ long?!”

“Eh?!” Ryosuke stands there flabbergasted from her
sudden excitement and words, “What are you talking about?”

She rolls her eyes and giggles, “Man, Horikita-san was
right. Guys are slow.”

Like the ones in his daydream wonders, she gives him a quick
peck on the lips and drags him off to the corner café.

It was then that he realized that actions were deeper than words
and daydream wonders.

Perhaps he would take on Tomohisa’s advice the next time around and
grasp for the things that came to him right away.

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