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24 / F / in my La La Land~
Posted 9/28/08 , edited 9/29/08
April 20, 2008

Hello~ hello~!! Five weeks from last post, it's Okamoto!

Many things have happend in this 5 weeks!
So I willl write about those this time♪

First is of course the concert~
It was really fun and enjoyable!!
As expected, Osaka was great!
The hotel's pool was also fun~
7 went together but Yuto was funny~
He was playing alone with a kickboard

However, JUMPaper is interesting ne :D
You can figure out the flow of time when you read it~

By the way, my dog broke out from home this morning~
I was really surprised~
But my house is a condominium so we were able to find it easily.
It went to the entrance on the 1st floor from the 4th floor so it was quite dangerous ^_^
I was late to school ;p

It's so easy to be hooked on instrument ne.
I started playing the guitar but once I touch it, I can't let go for an hour♪
Scary!! Everybody be careful!!
We will release a single called Dreams Come True on May 21st~
I think you would understand this if you saw the PV but it's very JUMP-like!!
Please do listen to it.

Also, DVD of the concert at Tokyo Dome will be released on April 30th
so everybody who came or who couldn't come, please watch it!!

See u after 35 AMs and PMs (he wrote this in English)

PS: I'm having Keitenglish segment on Hyakushikiou sometimes so please check that out too!!!!


May 25, 2008

Dream~ it's hard~... okay!!
First, I'll tell you about my dreams that have come true so far!!

Entering Johnny's!!
I was thinking about this a lot.
When I was in England, I was thinking that I'm here for entering Johnny's (the truth is not that ;p)
and I was cheered up a little by thinking like that.

Getting on TV!!
My first appearance on TV was Hey! Say! 7's third performance on MUSIC STATION on August last year
and I was very tensed up.
During the performance, Yuto-kun put his arm on my shoulder and that made me relaxed.
I regret that I walked with gliding steps to gather in the end of the performance.
But I was really happy to be able to perform there ^_^
A news flash!!
Right now, volleyball JAPAN got ticket for Beijing~
I'm very happy :):)
Dreams coming true is very happy ne ^_^

And now, I want to tell you my very best dream.

My dream is.
I want to be somebody's aim.
An easy example is Ohno-kun's position for Chinen-kun.
That's the dream that I want to come true the most.
Of course it has a long way to go to make it true, but untill then,
I'll do my best, so please support me ;p;p

By the way, please listen Dreams Come true!!

See you again after five weeks~

Credits 2 AliciaS
please visit her Keito's fansite, she made just 4 him (isn't she's sweet )

Posted 9/28/08 , edited 9/29/08
Awww~ Keito's super sweet!!
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