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what is ur SCARIEST DREAM????!!
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29 / M / australia
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
=O.. when i was young.. i had the same dream over and over again for 2-3 years! ... it was of my mom.. as a pig wearing a dress in hell and dancing around.. scared me soo much!!
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31 / M / Somewhere out there
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
A 50 ft croc chasing me...

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Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
Dunno when, but i was stucked in my childhood school, where vamps were chasing students... until i was the only one left... i ran and ran. then when i was about to see the sun outside and escape i woke up..

and there was one... i was running and someone is chasing me the place was near my childhood house, and when i ran over to a car, i see someone washing and it turned to me... it was the same guy chasing me, and he grinned at me which is so scary then i went to the door of our house a guy jumped in front of me.. then it was the same guy. In every place i went he was there, but just wearing diff clothes, and i dreamt about that about 2-3 times. very creepy.
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29 / F / Earth
Posted 9/27/09 , edited 9/28/09
I have 4 scariest dream:
1. I alone i earth (I think that time earth already destroy) I search anyone who still alive (I saw many corpses already become skull) I only found 1 person after that nobody else alive and that place like a desert no water no else alive even animal.
2. I become WANTED everybody searched my to catch me and punish me even all my friends search me though I don't know what was my fault, there are some people who helped me (they saw me I'm not a bad person) also become a victim I always ran away..... faraway
3. I guy I hate very much confess me, it really pissed me off, he forced me and always following me spying me.....makes me disgusting (In real life I really hate that guy)
4. This the sacriest dream I ever have: I become LESBIAN darn!!!!!!!!! (thank god I still straight) l Hate it!
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 9/28/09 , edited 9/28/09
i have lots of scary dream but i'm gonna shared some..

1st dream:i was in the house of my grandparents with my family,they were throwing a party with guests who are monsters..there was a vampire said to me "come and lay on my lap" so i obey him..he was about to bite me until my grandparents said that dinner is i go to my seat i almost puke because the food was =soup with eyeballs= =spaghetti with blood sauce= =and a hand chicken=..and i said "please wake me up" then the monsters said that "you're not dreaming",i cried and cried hoped that someone would wake me up,and then it did..

2nd dream:when chucky killed all my family and i was the only one left..and he offered me to become one of them and kill people..but i waked up..

3rd dream:when my father was stuck in the car and he fainted inside the car..we had nothing to i tried to broke the glass but it can't..when i waked up i had tears in my eyes..

4th dream:when my sister was saying goodbye to me and she will never come back,i hugged her tight and said don't go..but she disappeared..i also wake up with tears in my eyes..

5th dream:when my bestfriends and my love one didn't remember me..

6th dream:i left something in the church bcoz i'm a was almost closed..when i saw my crush who was a choir member killed the old man who was there cleaning..i was so scared and almost screamed..he saw me and he grinned and comed closer and closer to me,i cried and cried and run as fast as i can..until there i bumped into another choir member,and said "where do you think you're going.."i tried to run but when i turned around my crush was behind me and said "hold her"..then he held his knife and was about to stabbed me until his sister come and saved me..then i woke up..
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F / ♪Inside Your Head♫
Posted 10/6/09 , edited 10/6/09
A cannibal that eats babies. I can still remember her face with her mouth covered in blood. eww
This dream happened just two nights ago. I was watching a movie in my dreams and the movie was about a lady who eats humans but more of babies. There is the female main character, the cannibal lady, and the mother of the baby. One day, the cannibal lady (which happens to be blonde) decides to go act as a babysitter for another lady. And I think the main character knows the mom of the baby so she stays with her sometimes. And then my dream skips some parts and it goes to the part where the main character founds out the babysitter is a cannibal that wants to eat the baby. They run away. Then later, the cannibal lady pretends that she has changed and says that she doesn’t eat humans anymore and that she wants to be their friends. My dream then skips to where those three were walking down on a sidewalk and the cannibal is carrying the baby on her chest, walking in front of them two (in my dream as I was watching the movie, I was like “get the baby! She’s going to run away with it!). As I said that in the dream, the cannibal Blondie starts running. The two other ladies were like “Oh shit!” Skip. They ran into a street basketball court. Later on, the baby was saved and I think the cannibal was killed.

Somehow when you’re dreaming, it’s very very scary. But when you tell it to other people, it doesn’t seem as scary. But yeah. I was so scared that I woke up in the middle of the night. It was still dark out. And I found out both my legs were all sweaty from being covered with a fur blanket. And I had two blankets on. haha
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34 / F / US
Posted 10/6/09 , edited 10/7/09
I had to stop watching We got married because I keep having dreams of that happing to me. LOL.
Just like the things in the show. In the dream i'm a famous writer(world wide) and I'm paired off with someone 7 years older than me. A taiwan actor but I'll keep the actor to myself.
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23 / F / ~♫Somewhere♪~
Posted 10/31/09 , edited 10/31/09
uh... so far, mine is....

Just today, I dreamed about a worm-like creature (which is color black)
My dad was putting it on me or something and my mom was keeping me down.
Then I ran towards our mango tree and there I saw many of that worm creature!!!! >.<
It was sliding down on me, then I ran and screamed!!!! >.<
Suddenly, my dad got a hold of me and keeps pushing me down and putting the worm on me!!!! (eepp!!!)
(They were like hypnotized or something)
When I had the chance to open my jacket, I saw the worm inserting to my skin like a needle!!! (gross!!)
Suddenly, my dream changed the settings... to like a Historic Spanish like houses!!! (Philippine-like Spanish houses)
my dad creepily told me that all girls (on our family) should have worms within us!
Weirdly, I thought about, It's worse being a girl than a boy!!
Then, I woke up, frightened and got weireded out by my dream. o.O
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Posted 10/31/09 , edited 10/31/09
Ehh? A dream thread in Drama section?

Please just post here:

Nightmares and Dreams
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