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Hi! i am kinda new here.
i have questions regarding, well hairstyles.

1) Firstly,i am thinking of buying a ceramic straightener & curling iron for myself. the one with both in one package thing. but actually it is my first time buying this kind of things and i dont know which brand to buy as i heard some brand are not good and mostly japanese brand is good. which i dont know what brand is it.

2) i want to know which hair product is better. i know Gatsby are one of them but i dont really like Gatsby much. so,i wondered if there is any better brand. i heard of lucido & liese but i am not sure. i would like to know more about japanese product but others are okay too.

Posted 9/29/08 , edited 9/29/08
1A= I also use a ceramic straightner and it use it to curl my hair with it. I use the H2PRO ( i always thot i use the chi one LOL) anyway this straightner is actully pretty good.. O_O not even shitty at all. pretty pricy too. - -;; but i didnt buy it. lol

2A =
If you're looking for wax, gatsby is the best one of course but theres others. i also used pantene & L'oreal i didnt like it because it didnt work on my hair even when its short. so i dont really recommmend those. I never use other japanese wax beside Gatsby. I did use this type of wax i forgot the brand but its pretty good. i was using it at my auntie's salon.. lol

If you're looking for hairspray : Bed head super good, &&& big sexy hair =awesome.
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chi, sedu, and solia r prob the best brands. buy one around 100 bux would be good, spending like close to 200 or more is prob a waste, too cheap is bad too, cuz it'll just damage ur hair and it wont work as well after a while.

for wax, personally i've only used gatsby, works pretty well..
and i also use these hair spray called tridesign or w/e. just got them a few days ago and they work really well. i just got a hair cut, and the lady waxed up and sprayed my hair, i liked the spray so i bought it.
my hair now is like kinda short/medium, so iuno how well it would work on girls w/ long hair = =
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