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Posted 9/29/08 , edited 9/29/08

Hi there. This is Hero Jaejoong!

Finally, a comeback today, the first broadcast of Dong Bang Shin Ki!

The long-awaited first broadcast...

Some of our members have the flu ...

The tension on the stage before going up there ...

Whew ... I think we did a good job.

I was worried that we would make the wrong sounds (i mean the tune of the song)

Do you think in your head, but does not have been the stage of 100% ..

Really hard stage a comeback today ...

The members were so good ... tired tired

Thank you, our members ...

And more ... I knew what Cassiopeia able to cheer ...

Our self-respect ... .. Cassiopeia

We would have been the pride of Cassiopeia stage ...

Sorry we did not have such a perfect stage/show today.. ...

Play well and the future condition more and more ...!

From the highest stage of the next stage ...

Let me show you do not show all the possible rooting of the ...!^^

Also lacking a lot today, but ...

I feel like it was good to see each other ...

Thank you so much ... ^ ^

Also do not change.,,!

Dong Bang Shin Ki, will be in my mind's always been established

Now, more and more for each other!
So I'll see you in the next stage ^ ^

TRANS BY: [email protected]
Translator's Note: check out this translation from [email protected] Forums. This is Jaejoongie's Iple message: accurate one ^^;; credits to them ^^,


Hello. This is Choikang Changmin. ^ ^

Today, finally, the broadcast of our new album, Dong Bang Shin Ki. ^^

In fact, they (t/n: all of them, i assume) got a cold, I was really worried about that

But too many of the game ==> [t/n: we were still game!]

Oh, thank God, but ... I think is relatively safe and is about to break. ^^

1 year and 7 months after we left,

In fact, for the first time, i am feeling really worried...

For a long time and so much to thrill and tension ...

It was funny that I had a great time. ^^

I feel a little bit like I said write, and I think makbang ... Ha ha ha ^ ^ == [t/n == im rushing here...*late for school*]

It's really a long time from now on we go again and our house left empty

I'll show you a good thing you love a lot of album TVFXQ 4. ^^

A lot of hard work and preparation for our new album

Malyigin, such as greed, but more and more!

Wherever you go! For anytime, anywhere, we need a lot of 4. ^^

I've prepared so hard? ^^

I'll do a lot of hard work, and give a tremendous cheer, please. ^ ^

Now autumn morning air, and truly weather injira bamgonggiga chagapneyo ^^ ==> [t/n ehehehe, gomen~ I dunno what this means..yet]

Watch your cold, we work together, let's fly up ^ _ ^

TRANS BY: [email protected]
Translator's Note: Apologies for the crazy translation. I also needed help with EXCITE translator. This is as close as it gets to the information. ^^;;
SOURCE: TVXQ Official Website (Please use IE-Internet Explorer to view)
Credits: fangirlmitz + nathaLie (mirotic)
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