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Post Reply What was your reaction to Lelouch's Death (regardless if he lived or die actually)?
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27 / M / Malaysia
Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
i expected him to be fact,i was hoping for him to be dead!!...but when i knew that Zero Requiem's REAL PURPOSE
DAMN!!!....i cried!! congrats to Nazuka Kaori [seiyuu for Nunnally] for when she screams & cries i was like DAMN their seiyuus are superb!!!....
Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/23/08
i was surprised!!.... but i was really amazed that he did all those things, even sacrificing himself, for all.... especially for nunally..... and this was all planned by him
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Posted 10/26/08 , edited 10/26/08
I was shocked. His plan was like GENIUS. xD And.... I did cry at the end, where Nunally was crying. T.T
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25 / F / Under the Starry...
Posted 4/12/09 , edited 4/12/09
the second i realise that "Zero" was gonna stab him... i went numb with shock
the flashback brought tears to my eyes

and when Suzuku stab him... i thought i was dreaming, how can Lelouch die? >-<
Suzuku started crying... and i couldnt stop too

when Lelouch slide down the banner
i thought it was pitiful, that Nunnally wouldnt know the real him...
but when he touch his hands... and she realise too...
the moment she started screaming... i was helplessly crying...
it last for hours...
i didnt even properly see the ending ( if not i would have notice that was Lelouch and save myself from crying too much)

what a pity o.o...
only noticed that 2 days later
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24 / F / Philippines
Posted 4/22/09 , edited 4/23/09
In my case, I watched season 2's ending right before i watched the whole thing! yeah, i know it's stupid, having a major spoiler in order to decide whether i should watch the series or not.

Anyway, as i watch the final episode of R2 after watching the whole thing it didn't made me feel that much sadness as i am suppose to be without spoilers but god! The shouting of Nunnally, the background music and the cheering of the people! that made me feel sorry for lulu they were like "ZERO ZERO" and cornelia was like "Lelouch the DEEEMON has died!" i reeeally feel bad for him.

if only the people know what the zero requiem and his sacrifice was about!
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