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[Fanfiction] It Never Works Out Between Us

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24 / F / Here.
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
Replies :

Katie245 : Sorry for the one day late post! Here you go. I’m putting in some Amuto moments!
mo0rawr2 : Thank you. Oh and, I think you should edit Chapter 2 . Because something went wrong there. You come by here a lot. I can see your motivation to read my fic! =)
sweettara10 : Yes. Hopefully, I get the time to write more. My final exams are in like two weeks! AHH! And, maybe it IS Amu. Maybe it ISN’T her. Hehe!
mewchiy : Sorry, but I didn’t understand your comment! O.O
LaRebeldeRaven : HERE YOU GO! Sorry about the one day late post! I was busy yesterday!
xxluck : Awww…. That’s nice of you. Thanks! Chapter Three DONE! :D
iluvshaoran : Oh. She posted it up for me from here. So practically, I did not rip off anyone’s fiction.
Willowstorm : Thank you. Oh! I like you avatar! :blush:
IkutoxxxAmu : Ah. I forgotten to say… I’ll write down their ages in this chapter. Thanks for reminding me.
Author’s Note : These are their ages –

Kuukai, Ikuto and Himeko : 18
Utau, Nagehiko, Tadase, Rima, Amu, Kairi : 16
Yaya : 15

Oh and.. Amu has a driving license. Easter gave it to her.
Chapter Three : Cool&Spicy Transfer Student!

“C’mon Ikuto-kun! Let’s eat outside together!” Obviously, that was a fangirl of Ikuto. Another girl interrupts, “NO WAY! Ikuto-kun’s MINE!” And like any typical movies, they start to fight. This is the third day of Ikuto’s transfer and the second day since Ikuto has last seen the cold and heartless Amu. Interrupting the fangirls fighting session, Himeko, Ikuto’s current girlfriend came in. As usual, she came in with elegance.

Her long black hair that outstands any other girls. Her sweet voice that melts all guys. She giggled as she saw the scene of the girls fighting over her boyfriend. “Sorry, but Ikuto’s with me” She smiled sweetly. The girls pouted in defeat. Ikuto sighed and walked over to her as if asking her to go eat lunch. Himeko locked her hands with his and pulled him out of the classroom.

“How long are you going to act like that?” Ikuto asked in his husky voice. Himeko had her lunch prepared in an obento box. “Maybe forever? Tsukiyomis were supposed to serve Easter after all. And it was Easter’s order to go out with me. It’s not like I hate it anyway” Himeko smiled. This time, she didn’t smile sweetly, it was very evil.

Suddenly, there was a group of guys crowding around a Sakura tree not too faraway from the one Himeko and Ikuto were sitting under. Voices such as, “Please be my girlfriend!” and “Please go out with me” or “I love you!” could be heard. Being the jealous Himeko, she stood up and walked over to that crowd. Only to find the pink haired girl sitting alone, listening to her iPod.

She felt very angry. “How could such a girl attract more attention than ME?!” Himeko thought. Ikuto was behind her, wide-eyed. Shocked. Hinamori Amu, has transferred back to Seiyo High. Amu looked up annoyingly. Her cold stare scared the guys and they slowly moved away. “Annoying. Why did Easter even enroll me in this kind of stupid school?” Amu said to herself.

“Easter?!” Ikuto thought.

“Heh. Looks like Easter sent you here too. Hinamori” Himeko smirked.

“Oh? Looks like the GREAT Himeko-sama needs to go to school too?” Amu shot back at her.

“You! Don’t forget I still have ---”Himeko was cut off.

Amu grabbed Himeko by the collar, almost lifting her off the grounds. She looked at her the coldest glare she ever shown anyone. Her eyes had a killing aura. “I’ll retrieve it back. I will. Until then, I wil find the Embryo before you do!” Himeko trembled. She had never met someone so cold and heartless.

Amu let loose of Himeko’s collar and motioned her chara, Dia, to go. As she turned, she saw the navy blue haired boy looking straight at her, AGAIN. She wondered “What the hell is with this guy? I see him everywhere” She planned that she will kill him if he gets in her way to find the embryo.

“Hinamori-san!!” A voice from faraway could be heard. “Amu-chan!” “Amu-chi!!” Baby voices, Deep voices could be heard. She looked to her left, she saw a guy with long hair, a blonde haired guy and her hazel brown haired guy running towards her. Not to mention a baby looking girl. She halted to a stop. “Do I know them?” Amu asked Dia.

“Hmm… I don’t think so…” Dia whispered back.

“Hinamori-san! You came back!” The blondie said.

“Amu-chi! I missed you! Let’s go eat candy after school!” Yaya pounced on her.

“You guys better stop. Amu-chan will get pissed” Dia warned.

“Huh?! Woah! Hinamori! You had a new chara?” Kuukai said.

Amu looked at the guy who said the last sentence. “A new chara? I had Dia in my whole life” Amu said coldly with her bangs closing one of her eyes. Yaya got scared and got off her. “Annoying people” Amu muttered. Dia flew behind her whispering “I warned you”. Tadase, Nagehiko, Kuukai and Yaya stared in awe. The previous Joker did not recognize them!

“She doesn’t remember any of us” Ikuto said softly.

The Guardians turned around to look at him. One thought was in their mind. The Humpty Lock. What happened to the Humpty Lock if she forgotten her memories? Ikuto made up his mind not to tell anyone about the Lock. He asked Rima not to say anything either.

Amu headed towards somewhere she felt familiar. She looked up. It was a huge greenhouse. She tried her best to remember but couldn’t remember anything. She then saw a purplish-blue haired guy standing by the door. The guy smiled weakly. Amu flushed and snapped her fingers. She disappeared on the spot leaving the sad and shocked Nagehiko standing alone.

Night came quickly. Amu went back to her hotel. She packed her things and was ready to move into a house for herself. With Amu’s magical powers and Dia’s help, she packed her things in no time. She put her luggage in her car and drove off to the location of her house. The house is big. A bit too big for one person to live in it.

Her room was big with a balcony. She smiled as her house was completed with the furniture that Easter bought for her. She didn’t have to worry about paying the phone bills, electrical bills and water bills. She only had to worry about grocery. She was running out of money. Dia asked in worry, “Shouldn’t you get a job? We need to use our own money to buy our groceries” Amu smiled in agreement.

“I have a bit of money with me. Should we go get some?” Amu asked.

Dia nodded and smiled at her. And off they go.
(Somewhere on the Streets)

“Leave those girls alone” A husky voice commanded.

“Huh? Who are you to command us?” Two people who seemed like thugs replied.

Ikuto smirked giving the signal to the girls to run away. He then chara changed with Yoru and fought them. Apparently, they had guns and knives. One of the shot the gun and it hit Ikuto’s right leg.

Bleeding, Ikuto continued to fight to release his stress from Easter.
“Ah! We’re done shopping! Hmm… I still got some money left with me” Amu said enthuastically
Dia stared at Amu, which she got back a “What?” in return. Dia giggled and said, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you smile whole heartedly” Amu smiled more and headed home. On the way home, she saw a guy on the ground panting. She looked at the ground,


She looked at Dia and Dia returned the look with a smile. She gave the grocery bag to Dia and carried the guy to her house. As she almost reached home, light began to return. She looked at the guy and found out that he was the navy-blue haired guy. She stopped with a vein popping out of her head.

“What’s wrong?” Dia asked.

“It’s him! The stinky guy!” Amu exclaimed.

“C’mon! He’s bleeding badly!” Dia encouraged her.

Amu sighed and walked back home. In 5 minutes, she reached her house. She dragged the bleeding guy all the way to her room and put him on the bed. Dia had left the grocery bag on the kitchen table and headed to Amu’s room with the first aid kit.

Amu took of his stained shirt and found herself blushing at the sight of his muscular body. She shook the thought of and started to bandage his head, which was bleeding heavily, with the help of the Diamond Chara.
She then realized there was a bullet stuck on his right leg. She took a pair tweezers, dip it in alcohol, and tried to pull the bullet out. She managed to pull it out with a lot of effort. For Ikuto, it hurt a lot just to have it pulled out.

She sighed at the sight of blood on her hands. She went to the bathroom and took a shower. Dia helped make dinner for both Amu and Ikuto.

15 minutes later

The pink haired girl came out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around her. She took out a short sleeved blouse and a pair of short pants from the closet. She turned around, only to find the cat-like boy lying on the bed staring straight at her, surprised. She flushed from the thought that she wasn’t wearing anything except a towel.

She quickly run back into the bathroom and wore her clothes. She came out of the bathroom, this time, with clothes. The first sentence the boy said was, “Why did you save me?”. Amu, being very pissed, shot back at him, “Is this how you thank someone who dragged you all the way from the streets to bandage you up?”

“Um.. thanks for saving me… is what is should I say…” Ikuto said while trying to get up. He felt pain everywhere on his body. Amu hurriedly went over to his side to help him sit up. “You shouldn’t wake up so quickly. You’re still wounded” Ikuto stared at the girl in front of him. “Is this the cold heartless girl I met yesterday?”

“If you’re thinking whether am I the cold heartless girl yesterday, YES I AM!” Amu said as if she was reading his mind.

At this time, Dia came in with a bowl of porridge and a glass of milk. Amu thanked her for making the porridge and took the tray from her. “I’ll feed you” She said without thinking. Ikuto smirked which caused Amu to blush. Amu still fed Ikuto neatly without dripping any porridge.

“Can I ask you something?” Ikuto said.

“What?” was all he got from Amu.

“Are you working with Easter?” Ikuto asked softly.

“Yeah, not in the entertainment section though. Why?” Amu said curiously.

“Nothing. I’m also working for Easter…” Ikuto said, this time, softer.

“Heh? Your name?”

Ikuto was hurt from the fact that Amu did not remember him. But he didn’t show any expressions of being hurt.

“Tsukiyomi…. Ikuto”

“Mine’s ---”

“Hinamori Amu, right?”

“Stalker…” Amu laughed.

“Amu-chan. It’s time to sleep. You’ve got school tomorrow!” Dia advised Amu. Amu nodded in response and sat on a chair. “You can have the bed. I’m leaving” Ikuto said politely.

“If you can move, go ahead and leave the bed” Amu said coldly.

“Here comes the cold Amu…” muttered Ikuto. But what Amu said was right. He couldn’t move. “But I---” Ikuto was cut off when he saw Amu already fallen asleep. He reached out to her face and touched it softly. “You knew Amu-chan?” Dia asked softly. Ikuto didn’t give any reply and closed his eyes.
YAY! Chapter 3 done! Sorry. This chapter is a bit boring. But the upcoming chapters are slightly more interesting! =D
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M / OMG are you stalk...
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
Nice this is Super Special awesome lots of romance
I can't wait till the next chapter.
Do your best!
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Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
okay update
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23 / F
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
fantastic chapter! cant wait for more
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24 / F / In my room~
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
I really can't wait for more!
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28 / M / s'pore
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
The progress is a tad fast. It'll pay to slow down a lil. Also, i find you well suited to writing short sentences, stick to it, it may be short but they're much more meaningful.

I look forward to your next draft. Hopefully my words drive you on a lil.
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
Waaiittaa minute ...
So ... The Amu that are searching for the Embyro is like .. A clone ?
And the one unconcious at Easter is the real one 0.0 ..
Im totally confused ...
I can't believe they gave Amu drugs >.< .. Shes too young
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25 / F / In the imaginatio...
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
I can't wait! I really love your story, it's awsome <3
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
Awesome story. Update soon!
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
this is good write more soon please
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F / New Zealand
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
This is a great story please write more soon!
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25 / F / In your closet. O.O
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
yay! this is good. thanks!
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24 / F / in the neko world
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
I really love your story ^^
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24 / F / Sumwhere~
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/4/08
Please update soon!!!
Yay, Amu learns Ikuto's name!
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/4/08
Wow!!Can't wait for the next chapter,It's so awesome ! =D
Looking forward to it ^o^
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