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Post Reply Name a book/novel (Not just about vampires please, other stuff also!) much better than Twilight!
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/17/09
the city of ember(adventure)
the giver(mystery )
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Posted 7/18/09 , edited 7/19/09
Matilda. Nuff' said.
Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/22/09
Does manga count as a book? lol teehee I only read Twilight to see what the fuss was about it and man it blowed~~!! I also don't like Harry Potter... sorry to all the Harry Potter fans but it does suck along with Twilight ^__________________^
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Posted 8/16/09 , edited 8/16/09
The hobbit
lord of the rings
Moby Dick
The trial
The Stranger
The Plague
The picture of Dorian Grey

The Bible! to kill that fuckin vampire
The Koran!

even a cook book would do nice. Just boil water and put the twilight book in the fire
Posted 8/21/09 , edited 8/21/09
Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side is 100x better than Twilight.
Posted 11/11/09 , edited 1/13/10
Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
The Giver
Cinderella!! (hahahaha lolz jk) but i really think it's better than twilight =_='
Posted 12/26/09 , edited 12/26/09
VHS Manual. lol
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Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/26/10
I would rather read my Geometry textbook than read Twilight. And i hate math.
Posted 3/8/10 , edited 3/9/10
percy jackson! ♥
Posted 3/18/10 , edited 3/18/10
percy jackson & coraline! <3
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Posted 4/3/10 , edited 4/3/10
anything that won't bring any damage to my brain

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Posted 7/27/10 , edited 7/27/10
Harry Potter
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Posted 5/10/11 , edited 5/10/11
a book better than twilight...

The Bible :D
A dictionary

umm, the demonata series by darren shan
Percy jackson, all the 5 books
little prince
Bartimaeus trilogy
lord of the rings
Eragon.Eldest.Brisingr.and the fourth book
George RR Martin's A song of Fire and Ice [EPIC!!!!!!]
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