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Just tell us what you want to know and we'll help ya!
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i'm still new to CR that's why i don't know that much

what are cr points for and how to get them
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Ok heres how u get CR pints:
2 points for each forum post, guestbook post, or video comment
1 point for voting in a poll
3 points for having a verified email
5 points for having an avatar
5 points for completing your profile (bday, loc, headline...)
2 points for each photo in your gallery
20 points for uploading a video (and it gets approved)
10 points for submitting a crunchyland design (and it gets approved)
200 points for creating an original subtitle on Crunchyroll (and it gets approved)
75 points for translating or working off an existing subtitle on Crunchyroll (and it gets approved)
20 points for uploading a subtitle file (and it gets approved)
1000 points for each month of Star Membership purchased

Well all u can do with them is make a new topic and search 4 cr users.
if you have 20 points, you can search for cr users
if you have 500 points, you can start a new forum topic

Still hav questions?
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hi, um, im planning to get a photoshop for my laptop so i can create my own aviis in CR, but i dont know what version to buy because there's too many..
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