people create anime 4 people 2 enjoy

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Posted 9/30/08 , edited 10/1/08
I will help along the way u may also talk about it with other people or me if u need help i will start u with a sory so follow along and make your own versions of it and see which one of u all is better and make 1 great anime.
I will start with just 1 sentece and u create the rest.
sorry had 2 use a name couldnt think of one.
Neko Kodomo
Hi my hame is Kodomo I am 15 years old and I attend furinken high school I have a older brother shouran and 2 friends kyo and hotomi....
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Posted 9/30/08 , edited 10/1/08
hi my name is Nadiya, i am 15years old i go to Raigen High school. and will be visiting Ryuu high school in japan. i am a "dragon", i once was a "chosen" princess and got turned into the "Yang of the ""yin and yang" i have an Onaji, Nate, he is kindof like my twin, but he IS me. i change at 12:30AM when i turned into yang dragon, but i usually sleep through it. but i mostly practice my techtiques at night...

how was it? im writing a story,, and want to turn it into a manga or anime. i have about 12 chapter's so far.
Posted 6/29/09 , edited 6/30/09
i was thinking of calling my anime or manga this: ロッドのオーラ (Rod no Aura) (English: Aura of the Rod) (i wanted to name it something else but the translation thing keeps lacking off for me!!!)

hi, i'm Nuri Aura, and i'm an 8th grade of Minawazaki Middle School. but one day, someone came up to me. his name was Izumi, and he came from the sacred fountain of light in the light world he said, and he told me this, "the ruler of the dark world has invaded our world and has stolen the sacred rod of the sacred fountain of light, and so i have escaped from there to come to you. you have to defeat the dark ruler, find the rod, and put it back in the sacred fountain to save our world." and so he gave me a rod as he told me this, "take this, you will need this for your adventure." but this rod isn't an ordinary rod, it glows from red to orange and so on. when its a certain color, then it shoots out a certain power. like, when its red, it shoots out fire. when its orange, it shoots out fireballs. when its yellow, then it shoots out lightning. when its light green, it shoots out sparks. when its green, it shoots out sharp leaves, which aren't ordinary leaves. when its light blue, it shoots out icicles or a blizzard. when its blue, it shoots out water. when its purple, then it shoots out poison, or it shoots out gas which forms the most deadliest storm ever, which it rare sometimes. but if its not used for attacking sometimes, then you can have paint coming out and control the paint for fun. but they say the rarest power is when there's all of the colors in the rod, then it first shoots out rainbow with light, then shoots out powerful stars. and its so powerful that it could kill all of the enemies and defeat the dark ruler. it's said that no one has ever done it at all, and so they get defeated by the dark ruler, which makes me a little nervous. but since the adventure might take a long time, then i won't be so nervous. but Izumi told me this, "i cannot help you in your journey, but hopefully you will have some helpers along the way." and so he vanished. and so i have 2 helpers. one of the helper's name is Kokoro Ribbon. she rarely fights, but she'll fight when me or my other helper has been attacked by enemies. she would heal us if we're injured. and my other helper is Kura Hoshi. he was kidnapped by the dak ruler after he killed his parents, and has been horribly abused as a kid. he was betrayed and was forced to leave last year. so, he came with me so that he could get revenge from him. and we hope to defeat the dark ruler and save the light world.

(NOTE: Nuri is Aura's last name, Kokoro is Ribbon's last name, and Kura is Hoshi's last name. i put their last names first before putting in their first name cuz that's how the japanese people have their names as.)

how was it? was it good? i was thinking about having it as a manga or an anime. and i really hope its good. sorry if it was so long.
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Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/22/09
my anime will be called "the unknown"

its about a 16 year old boy named tomo and he has been blessed with the sowerd called "the bond of twilight". Its seed that it keeps the balence of dark and light.type more later g2g
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