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Mai-Lee wrote:

waaa i never knew u guys posted chap one~ waa it's really good...ahah enjoyed it~ more please~

I Actually made Chapter 2!! but i'm waiting for Miharu-nee[sujuaddict] to be online!
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oh...okie...hehe be waiting then~
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Chapter 2: “New School and New Friends or maybe not?”

~ Erika’s P.O.V ~

KRINGGG!!! My eyes immediately flew open as my annoying alarm clock rang.
“Wake up, Honey!” Mom screamed.
“Yeah, Mom! I’m awake!” I replied to her.
“Ok! Go take a shower and get dressed.” Mom screamed again.
“Hai!” I answered
I got out of bed lazily, got my towel and went into the bathroom. After I took a shower, I got dress in my new uniform. I went to the kitchen and sat on a chair in front of the kitchen counter. I started to eat breakfast, after eating I went to my room to prepare my things. I suddenly held my puzzle-shaped necklace that I don’t where I came from and quickly let it go. I got out of my room and was ready to leave.
“Bye, Mom!” I bid my mom.
“Bye, honey! Take care!” mom replied.
She gave me my bento and I kissed her on the cheek and went out of room. I went to the elevator got in and when the doors were about to close a hand suddenly stopped it. The hand belonged to a girl. She was my age and she also wore the same uniform.

~ End of P.O.V ~

~Natsumi’s P.O.V ~

“Jumping to my dream! Setsunai kono kokoro de!” my alarm clock rang and I immediately got out from bed, for I still have to prepare breakfast. I went out my room and went in the kitchen and started to cook. I cooked eggs and bacon and also toasted bread. I was already used to this since my parents died when I was like 10. After I finish eating, I didn’t realize what time it is. I hurriedly took a shower and got dressed. I prepared my things and dashed out the door. I made a run for it because the elevator doors were about to close, I managed to stop it with my hands. When I step in, I saw a girl, my age and she also wore the same uniform as mine.

~ End of P.O.V ~

~ Erika’s P.O.V ~

I kept quiet, while the girl with the same uniform as mine stood next to me. I heard her sigh, she faced me and said.
“Hi! I’m Sagami Natsumi! Hajemimashite!” the girl said cheerfully while extending her hand to me.
“I…I…I’m Na..Na..Nakamura Erika. Hajemimashite.” I stuttered and shook her hand.
The girl or should I say Sagami-san, smiled oh-so-brightly.
“Anou…. Sagami-san… do you study at Akadou Gakuen?” I asked her.
“Yes! Are you new there? Cause I am! Oh and you can just call me Natsumi-chan. And can I call you Erika-chan?” she replied and asked at the same time.
“O..Ok. I’m also new there too.” I answered her.
“Yatta! My first day and I already made a new friend!” she said cheerfully.
I can’t help but smile at her childishness. I feel like…. Like… like… I know her? She seems so familiar. Have I seen her before?

~ End of P.O.V ~

~ Natsumi’s P.O.V ~

Yatta! I have my first friend! But why does she look soooo familiar? I feel like I’ve seen her before. Anyways, she seem so shy! She is so KAWAII!! I’m glad to have her as my friend!
The door if the elevators opened and we stepped out, we went out the hotel and started to walk to school.
“Ne, can we eat lunch together at school?” I asked her.
“If it’s okay with you.” She replied shyly.
“Of course it is! You’re my first friend here you know.” I said and grinned.
She also grinned at me and we kept on talking about ourselves, but it seems like we met before like… like… we’ve been bestfriends before. I don’t know why but I REALLY feel like I know her, I must be going crazy! After all we just met. We arrived at our school and entered it. We immediately went to the headmaster’s office. There, they gave us our schedule and the instructions. We went out and we looked at each other’s schedule and find out the we were in the same class. Both of us were so glad, so we hurriedly went to our classroom. Many students were also entering the classrooms, the teacher saw us and beckon us to come to her.
“Hi! You must be the new students! I’m Yamaguchi-sensei” she introduced herself.
“Hai! We are the new students! Nice to meet you, Yamaguchi-sensei! I’m Sagami Natsumi!” I replied and smiled at her.
“I…I…I’m Nakamura Erika. Nice to meet you too, sensei.” Erika said.
I smiled at her for she managed to introduce herself.
“Okay, please stay here and I will tell you went to come in, Okay?” she told us.
“Hai!” both of us answered.
Yamaguchi-sensei went in the classroom and greeted the students. She signaled for us to come in the classroom, I came in first while Erika followed.
“Alright girls, please introduce yourselves” she said.
“I’m Sagami Natsumi, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!” I said to the class cheerfully and bowed.
“I’m Na…Na…Nakamura Erika, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” Erika managed to introduce herself and bowed.

~ End of P.O.V ~

~ Erika’s P.O.V ~

“Ok! Umm… you may sit next to Uchikawa-san. She will be touring you too. Please stand up Uchikawa-san” Yamaguchi-sensei said and smiled.
A girl stood up and smiled at us. I saw Natsumi smile back at her while I just kept my head down.
“Okay, you may now sit.” Yamaguchi-sensei said.
As we went to our seats, Natsumi stared at three boys, wide-eyed. I looked at the three boys, the two boys seem familiar to me. I looked back at Natsumi, she looked like she was about to scream. I tugged her sleeve and she came back to reality. She smiled at me and we went to our seats. The girl who stood up, introduced herself.
“Hi! I’m Uchikawa Kanami! I’m the president of this class. Nice to meet you!” she said and smiled at us.
“Nice to meet you too!” Natsumi chirped.
I just bowed my head and we immediately went to our seats. Yamaguchi-sensei started discussing, I suddenly felt someone staring at me and Natsumi. I shrugged it off. After a while I suddenly felt sleepy. My eyelids slowly droop and I fell asleep.
“Where am I?” I asked myself. When my eyes adjusted, I saw that I was in a meadow surrounded by daises.
“Erika!!” I looked at the direction where the voice came from, I saw a girl.
Then the surroundings suddenly changed into a playground. I saw 4 kids; 2 boys and girls playing in the sand box.
The surroundings changed again, this time into a beach.
“Catch me if you can!!” I heard a boy scream.
I looked at where the voice came from and I saw the 4 kids playing chase now. The girl that was chasing the other 3 kids suddenly stumbled, she landed hard on the sand, scraping her knee. The other kids went to her immediately, comforting her for she was crying.
The scene changed again this time it was raining and the 2 boys from before were crying, staying close to each other.
I gasped for air as I woke up from my dream. My head hurt, I slowly massaged my head. Yamaguchi-sensei noticed this.
“Nakamura-san, daijobu?” she asked concerned.
The whole class looked at me, waiting for my answer.
“Ha…Ha…Hai!” I answered her.
Yamaguchi-sensei sighed and continue discussing.
I suddenly touched my necklace.

~ End of P.O.V ~

That's Chapter 2! Btw the new character is Yamada_Yuuki83[Uchikawa Kanami]
There are Still more characters to come!
Please stay tuned! ^_^
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this story brings me back the feelings when I was in my chiLdhood... *hehe*
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hahahah kawai kawai!!!

coooL i love it!!!!!!

more more more!!
haha gomen bakanishi illness!!
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waaaa it's great~ i love it~ it's cool how u make her dream scene~ hehe mroe please~ omoshiro~
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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
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whee! this was a good part! i liked it!!!
keep up the good work!
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Chapter 3: “Getting closer”

~Natsumi’s P.O.V~

Yes! Finally! Class is over! Omg! I didn’t know, Nakajima Yuto, Chinen Yuuri and Yamada Ryosuke study here! Oh my!
I looked at Erika-chan, a while ago, she looked really scared or like too tired. I wonder what happened? Well, anyway better talk to her. Oh and didn’t Sensei said that Uchikawa-san will be giving us a tour?
“Sagami-san, Nakamura-san.” Uchikawa-san called us.
“Hai?” Erika and me, said at the same time.
“Umm… we’ll be having the tour now.” She said.
“Ah, Hai. Hai.” I replied while Erika nodded her head.
The tour was short and brief. After the tour we went to the cafeteria to eat. Uchikawa-san was very nice to us.
When we entered the cafeteria, a girl suddenly shouted.
“Kanami!” the girl said waving her hand.
Uchikawa-san went to where the girl was seated.
“Yo, sis!” she greeted the girl.
“Are they new here?” she asked and pointed at me and Erika.
“Yup. I just gave them the tour.” She answered her sister.
The girl stood up and said,
“Hi! I’m Uchikawa Umi. Nice meeting you!” she extended her hand to us and smiled.
“I’m Sagami Natsumi! Nice meeting you too!” I immediately replied and shook her hand.
“Nakamura Erika des. Hajemimashite.” Erika whispered and bowed her head.
I smiled at Erika’s shyness. In the corner of my eye, I also saw Uchikawa-san and Uchikawa-san [LoL] smile. They invited us to sit with them. Of course we accepted. The two sisters sat beside each other, while I sat beside Erika.
“So… where are you from anyways?” Uchikawa-san’s sister asked us, starting a conversation.
“Well… I just came back from Europe.” I said, answering her question.
“How about you, Nakamura-san?” she asked and looked at Erika.
“A…A…merica.” She replied, stuttering.
“Souka.” Uchikawa-san said and nodded her head.
“Anou…Uchikawa-san.” I said.
“Hai?” the sisters said, both at the same time.
“Oh…umm.” I didn’t what to say.
“Oh, sorry about that.” Uchikawa-san said, understanding what I meant.
“Just call me, Kanami-chan ne~” she said.
“Ah, Hai!” I exclaimed.
“And you can call me, Umi-senpai or Umi-neechan!” Uchikawa-san’s sister said and laughed.

~End of P.O.V~
~Erika’s P.O.V~

“Well, you can call me, Natsumi-chan!” Natsumi said.
“How bout you, Nakamura-san? What can we call you?” Umi-senpai asked me.
“Umm… Erika-chan.” I replied, not more than a whisper.
“Ok!” Kanami-chan exclaimed.
I looked at Natsumi and smiled. She smiled back. She seems so familiar to me. I’ve seen that smile before. I just can’t remember. Is something wrong with my brain today? I silently laughed at myself.
“Kanamiiiiiii!!!” a boy shouted.
I looked at boy. Oh! Isn’t he the boy from my class? Yeah! He is!
“What is it Yuto?” Kanami shrugged.
I switched my gaze from the boy and looked at Natsumi. Her mouth was hanging open, her eyes also wide. Is she gonna scream? It looks like it.
The boy that screamed approached our table. Kanami looked at him.
“Kanami-channn, are you still mad at me?” the boy said and pouted.
“Yes.” She shrugged again.
“Ne, please forgive me, pleasssseeee!” the boy pled.
“No.” her voice was firm.
She looked at me and Erika, while Umi was still looking at boy. Kanami giggled. I assumed it was from the face of Natsumi.
“Yuto, will you please introduce yourself.” Kanami said to the boy. She giggled again.
“Hai! Nakajima Yuto des! Hajemimashite!” the boy introduce himself with a bright smile.
Natsumi’s face was the same. Is she okay?
“Are you a fan of them, Natsumi?” Umi asked Erika and giggled.
I continued to stare at Natsumi’s expression, also waiting for an answer.
What does she mean by fan?
Natsumi nodded her head with the same face. What is going on?
“Really? She’s a fan of us?” The boy, Nakajima, asked.
“Seems like it.” Kanami answered and shrugged.
I nudged Natsumi. Natsumi looked at me with the same face.
“What does she mean fan?” I asked her, confused form the conversation.
“Don’t you know him?” Umi asked me, surprised in her voice.
“No, I don’t.” I said and shook my head.
“Well…that’s a first.” Kanami said with a mischievous grin.
“Na…Na…Nakajima Yuto??” Natsumi suddenly spoke, but still with the same face. She pointed at the boy.
“Ore? Yup! I’m the one and only, Nakajima Yuto!” the boy proudly exclaimed.
Natsumi’s already widened eyes, opened wider.

~End of P.O.V~

~Natsumi’s P.O.V~

Am I dreaming? I am DREAMING right? OH MY GOODNESS!!!
“Erika-chan, don’t you know him?” I heard Umi ask, but I kept my eyes on NAKAJIMA YUTO.
In the corner of my eye, I saw Erika shook her head. She doesn’t know NAKAJIMA YUTO of Hey! Say! JUMP? EH???
Kanami and Umi laughed.
“Well, practically Erika-chan, this boy is a part of a very famous boy band called Hey! Say! JUMP, so it is very weird for you not to know them.” Kanami explained and laughed again.
I tore my gaze from Nakajima Yuto and looked at Erika. I was surprised that she doesn’t know Hey! Say! JUMP. But I kind of expected it too. She is a very shy and quiet girl.
Suddenly girls started screaming. I turned to look at the doors of the cafeteria. And I saw, Hey! Say! JUMP?! WHAT?? OMG!!, I couldn’t even scream. I was too shocked.
Suddenly Kanami grabbed my hand, while Umi grabbed Erika’s. They started to run, dragging us. They continued to run while dragging us until we were out of the cafeteria. I was breathless.
“Why did you that?” I asked Kanami, a little angry.
“Because if we didn’t do that, we might be covered with bruises by now.” She explained, panting. That confused me a lot, judging from the look on Erika’s face, she too was confuse.
“Bruises? Why?” I asked, confused.
“Well, you did see Hey! Say! JUMP enter the cafeteria. Usually they always come to our table because of YUTO!! So most of the girls are sooo jealous because they always eat with us.” Umi explained again. Making me understand the situation.
“Oh.” I said finally understanding.
I looked at Erika’s face, from the looks of it, she was still confused.

~End of P.O.V~

~Erika’s P.O.V~

What are they talking about? What is Hey! Say! JUMP? Is that the boy a while ago?
“Erika-chan, you really don’t know them?” Kanami asked me. Her voice somehow… curious.
“Un.” I replied.
“Oh.” Natsumi gasped.
“Anou… What is Hey! Say! JUMP?” I asked, wanting to know the subject of the conversation.
“Well… Hey! Say! JUMP is a very famous boy band. And it seems like Natsumi is a fan of them.” Umi answered.
“And we’re a fan of them too. But then me and Yuto got close so Hey! Say! JUMP got close to me too. And eventually my sister so… that’s it.” Kanami added.
“Oh.” Was all I could say.
“So… you don’t know them Erika-chan?” Umi asked me.
“Uh… Un.” I answered.
“Ah.. sou…” she said and wondered off.
We started walking around the school. We walked in silence.
“Yabai!” Kanami suddenly screamed, I saw her looking at her watch.
“Nani? Nani?” Umi asked frantically.
“The meeting!” Kanami shouted.
“OMG! I forgot!” Umi exclaimed.
Both of them hurriedly bid me and Natsumi goodbye, while running. I wonder what meeting?
“Weird” I heard Natsumi murmur.
We again started walking, we walked in silence.
“So… you also live in Tipton Hotel?” Natsumi suddenly asked.
“Yeah.” I answered her.
“Who do you live with?” she asked, I glanced at her and saw her looking out in the distance.
“My mom. How about you?” I asked her too.
She looked at me and said, “No one.”
“No one?” I asked confused.
Her answer took a few minutes to register in my brain. Then I realized…
“Oh” I gasped.
I looked at her and she looked at me. She smiled. I was VERY surprised.
“Sorry.” I whispered.
“That’s okay. I’m used to it.” she answered.
We again walked in silence.

~End of P.O.V~
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waaaa sugoi~ i love it~ it's so good! ahahah kanami seems really nice...hehe i can't wait till next want more..onegaishimasu~
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next chappi!!!! hahah gomen gomen!!
kya~ hahhah
just soo excited!! ^_^
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I didn't know I was one of the characters until I read the plot again!!
I'm glad to be Erika!!
she's so like me!! LooooooooL
we live in the Tipton Hotel?? LooooL
that cracked me up!! ^-^
I love it love it love it!!
more please?? ^-^
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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
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i loves it!
rofl!! i'm friends with yuto && members of hsj! xD
whee~~ i wanna read more!
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27 / F / JE box | YG hotel...
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waaaah gomen i just read this now!...
i need to catch up with more fics
nwey, i love the story! good thing erika and natsumi are together again
demo why can't they remember each other clearly?
can't wait for the nxt one...
ano btw, can i also be a part of your fic?if that's ok?
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I wonder...

when will I again see another chapter in here??
*sniff sniff*

I wanna see next chappie~
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Chapter 4: "Familiar Strangers"

~Erika's P.O.V~

Natsumi and I continued to walk in awkward silence.
"Are you always this quiet?" Natsumi suddenly asked.
I looked at her slowly, "Yes."
She laughed. Why is she laughing?
I suddenly heard her scream in pain as I fell on my back. Ouch. That hurts. I looked up and saw two boys.
"Gomen!" one of the boys apologized and help Natsumi up. The other boy offered his hand to me with a blank expression. I took it and he helped me up.
"Gomen!" The one who helped Natsumi apologized again.
We straightened out our uniforms and faced them.
"It's—" Natsumi stopped and covered her mouth with her hand. What is she doing?
"Yourmfmfmfmfmfmmmfffm...!" Natsumi screams were muffled, what is she saying?
I was surprised when one of the boys took her hand from her mouth. "What?"
"Wait. Let me calm myself first." Natsumi said making me MORE confused. She turned around and breathed in and out, in and out. She sighed. She turned around and faced the two boys.
"Chinen Yuuri and Yamada Ryosuke. Am I right?" Natsumi asked in between her heavy breaths.
The boy who was looking away, looked at Natsumi with an alarmed expression that got me MORE confused.
"Yes, I'm Chinen Yuuri." the boy who helped her said. "He's Yamada Ryosuke." he continued and pointed towards the boy that helped me.
"Right. What are you doing here?" Natsumi asked, still breathing heavily.
"We study here." the one called Yamada Ryosuke replied coldly.
The other boy called Chinen Yuuri rolled his eyes at him and faced Natsumi with a smile on his face. "Your name is?"
"Sagami Natsumi."
Chinen-san looked at me. "And you are?"
"Nakamura Erika." I replied not more than a whisper.
Yamada-san's head snapped up. Chinen-san looked at him.
"You study here?" Natsumi asked, breaking the silence.
"Yup." the one called Chinen replied gleefully.
I pulled Natsumi to one side. "Who are they?"
"The band we're talking about a while ago... they're members of it." Natsumi whispered
"Can you please introduce yourselves to my friend?" Natsumi asked as she faced the two boys.
"Sure! I'm Chinen Yuuri! Nice meeting you!" the boy who helped Natsumi introduced himself while extending his hand to me.
I shook it. "Nice meeting you too."
The other boy looked at me and said. "Yamada Ryosuke."
"Nice meeting you." I said and smiled and to my surprise he SMILED BACK. Apparently Natsumi and Chinen-san were surprised too.
"Ikou." Yamada-san returned to his cold attitude.
"Nande?" Chinen-san pouted.
"They're waiting for us.." he replied coldly. Who's waiting for them?
"Oh..." Chinen-san said in realization.
Yamada-san and Chinen-san walked away towards the right direction. Chinen-san stopped—making Yamada-san stop too—and looked at Natsumi and me. I saw Yamada-san glance or rather GLARE at him.
"Come on! Aren't you coming?" Chinen-san asked with his usual cheerful voice.
Natsumi and I looked at each other and then at them and slowly followed the two boys as they started to walk again. When we entered the school, I noticed that Lunch time was over. We went to the rooftop and apparently someone WAS waiting for them. 8 other boys to be exact.

~End of P.O.V~

~Natsumi’s P.O.V~


I grasped Erika’s arm and I saw her wince. She looked at me weirdly. I breathed heavily. Okay, relax. In and out, in and out. I closed my eyes and breathed again. I felt 11 pairs of eyes on me. I felt someone touched my arm, hesitating a little. I opened my eyes and saw all of the members of Hey! Say! JUMP looking at me and of course Erika too. The one who touched my—hesitating—is Chinen Yuuri. I smiled, an awkward smile.
“I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” I assured them and smile again.
“Are you sure, Sagami-san?” Chinen Yuuri asked with a concerned face.
I nodded. “Un. Daijobu.” I smiled a reassuring smile.
He smiled too. “Glad your okay. So you probably know them, right?”
“Yes. But I think Erika-chan doesn’t.” I replied. I felt Erika nudge me.
“Let us introduce ourselves then!” said Nakajima Yuto. “You probably know me right?” pointing at himself. Erika nodded. Nakajima Yuto looked at the other boys and gave them a look.
“Inoo Kei. Yoroshiku.” introduced Inoo Kei. One by one the other members also introduced themselves.
Morimoto Ryutaro.
Okamoto Keito.
Arioka Daiki.
Yaotome Hikaru.
Takaki Yuya.
Yabu Kota.
“Call me, Ryu-kun.” exclaimed Ryutaro.
“Call me, Keito.” said Keito casually.
“You can call me, Dai-chan!” Arioka Daiki told us, cheerfully.
“Yamada.” Yamada-kun said, codly.
“Chii!” squealed Chinen Yuuri.
“Natsumi.” I said and nudge Erika.
“E-E-Erika.” Erika said, stammering—again.
“Ne, Yama-chan, did you know that they know Kanami-chan and Umi-senpai!” yelled Yuto as he went towards Yamada.
He narrowed his eyes at Yuto. “I see…” he replied, still having a cold face while Yuto just smiled. The other members started laughing.
Yamada glared at them.
What’s so funny?
I felt Erika pull to one side and whispered, “What is going on?”
“I don’t know either.” I replied in a whisper.
I felt someone tap me again. I turned around and came face to face with Chinen Yuuri.
“Something wrong?” he tilted his head.
“Nothing.” I replied awkwardly.
“Let’s eat! I’m hungry!” Yuto yelled.
The other members chuckled and followed Yuto as he went down.
“Weird.” I heard Erika mumble.
We also followed the boys. They went to the canteen. I heard my stomach growl, luckily they didn’t hear it.
“You hungry?” Erika asked with a grin.
“Yeah.” I replied and giggled.
“Let’s eat then.” She said and pulled me to get food.
We got some food and sat far away from the table of Hey! Say! JUMP. They didn’t seem to notice us and that was good for us.
“I feel like I’ve seen them before.” Erika said, breaking the silence.
“Yamada-san and Chinen-san.”
“Really? Me too, but not as stars. I feel like I’ve known them before they became stars.” I replied, realizing that I was feeling the same thing.
“Yeah. Like I’m really close to them. I felt like I’ve met them before and you too.” she pointed at me.
“Me too.” I said, realizing the odd moments we had. I think I do know them. I touched the necklace around my neck.
“What’s that?” Erika asked, looking curiously at the hand gripping my necklace.
“This, I don’t really know where I got it.” she looked at it and let out a gasp. “What?”
“I have one like that too.” she said and presented me a necklace exactly like mine, she was wearing it too.

~End of P.O.V~

~Chinen’s P.O.V~

Wahh! So delicious! The food here is so delicious. I got to thank the cook! I wonder if Natsumi-chan and Erika-chan will eat with us?
“Dai-chan!” I squeaked. “Can I have that?” I asked with pleading eyes, referring to the Snickers bar.
Dai-chan sighed and gave me the chocolate.
“Thank you, Dai-chan!” I beamed at him.
He smiled. “It’s okay, Chii.”
I giggled and unwrapped the chocolate bar. I just LOVE chocolates!
“Hey, Chii, don’t you think they look familiar.” I was surprised by Yamada. I would usually be the one to start the conversation.
“Who?” I looked at him quizzically.
“Erika and Natsumi.” he answered.
“Kinda.” I mumbled.
“I think I’ve seen them before in…..” Yamada broke off as he sank back to his thoughts.
I suddenly heard the cafeteria doors open. Natsumi and Erika came in. I watched them as they got their food and sat down at the farthest table from us. I think only Yamada and me noticed them.
Wonder why they wouldn’t sit with us. Are we scary? Well, I don’t think so. Because if we are scary, we will not have so many girl fans with their ear-splitting screams.
I still watched them as they talked. Suddenly Natsumi-chan held something on her neck and then I think Erika showed something too. I wonder…
I stood up from my sit and went over their table with the other members watching me.
“Hi!” I beamed at them. They quickly let go of that something on their necks and looked at me. I think I startled them.
“H-h-hi..” Erika said. Natsumi shrugged.
“What’s that?” I said pointing at Natsumi’s neck.
“A necklace.” she replied.
“Oh.” I looked closer at it. Oh, we have the same necklace!
“I have one just like that!” I exclaimed and fished the necklace out of my shirt.
I looked at Natsumi then Erika, they were looking at my necklace. I continued looking at Natsumi then Erika, again and again.
“What’s the matter?” I asked.
“That,” Erika pointed at my necklace. “Where did you get it?”
“This?” I held my necklace. “Well, I don’t remember. I just like wearing it!”
“Oh. We have the same necklaces.” Natsumi said. “You, me and Chii.”
“Yeah. Weird.” said Erika.
“Where did YOU get your necklace?” I asked both of them and sat down at their table.
“Don’t know.” Erika and Natsumi answered.
Wow. Weird.

~End of P.O.V~

~Yamada’s P.O.V~

I watched Chinen approach Erika and Natsumi’s table. I watched them talk then Chinen suddenly pulled out something from his shirt. Erika and Natsumi were looking closely at it.
I found myself slowly making my way to Erika, Chinen and Natsumi’s table.
“Yo, Yamada!” Chinen beamed at me. Erika and Natsumi looked at me.
“Yo.” I said, lifelessly.
“What is it?” Erika suddenly asked as I sat down beside her.
“What were you doing?” I looked at her.
“We were showing each other’s necklaces.” Chinen answered instead of Erika.
“Necklaces?” does Chinen wear necklaces?
“Yeah. This.” he said and got something from his shirt.
“I have one like that.” I said as he showed me his necklace.
“What?” all three of them chorused and looked at me.
In reply, I showed them my necklace. They all gasped.
“What?” I asked. I looked at Natsumi’s then Erika’s then Chinen’s shocked faces.
Then Natsumi and Erika showed me their necklaces.
“Where did you get that?” Erika breathed.
“I don’t know.”
“Oh look! It’s like a puzzle! Let’s put it together.” Chinen squealed.
Natsumi, Erika and me looked at each other and then our necklaces. It was indeed, like puzzle pieces. Weird.
Chinen suddenly grabbed Natsumi’s necklace to connect it with his but then…
“Oi, Chinen, Yamada!” Yabu called. “Let’s go.”
“But-but-but—“ Chinen whined.
“Let’s go.” I grabbed him and followed the rest of the members.
Chinen looked at Erika and Natsumi. “Bye! I hope we see each other again!”
All the members looked at Erika and Natsumi.
“Bye!” they chorused and we went out of the cafeteria.
“Your right. They do look familiar.” Chinen whispered.
They were very familiar. But I don’t know if I do know them. It’s kinda weird. Especially that we have EXACTLY the same necklaces. And Chinen, I didn’t know he had a necklace like mine. I don’t really pay attention to him cause I don’t like noisy and loud people.
Nakamura Erika.
Sagami Natsumi.
I’ve heard that names before. I just couldn’t…. remember when.
They’re very familiar to me. But I don’t know them. They’re strangers.
They’re familiar strangers.

~End of P.O.V~

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