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Posted 12/19/08 , edited 12/19/08

Geh-san wrote:

waaaah gomen i just read this now!...
i need to catch up with more fics
nwey, i love the story! good thing erika and natsumi are together again
demo why can't they remember each other clearly?
can't wait for the nxt one...
ano btw, can i also be a part of your fic?if that's ok?

Sure, Rei-neechan...
but Ryutaro is the only one available...
If you don't want Ryutaro... you can choose any JE ^^
Thanks..! ^^

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Posted 12/19/08 , edited 12/19/08
Ahhh cant wait fr the next chapter
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 12/19/08 , edited 12/19/08's good..i can't wait till next part...awww..they should have put the necklace together..baka takaki!! waaaa....more please
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Posted 12/19/08 , edited 12/20/08

i'm getting more & more excited for the next part~! XDD!
Posted 1/31/09 , edited 1/31/09
This is just a short chapter! Sorry for not updating for soooooo looooong!
I hope you like it! ^^

Chapter 5: “Let’s go for it!”

~Natsumi’s P.O.V~

“Oh, come one, Erika! You’ll do great!” I shook Erika.
“Yeah. You will.” Kanami agreed with me.
“Oh, come on, Erika! Just one try! We’ve seen you already!” Umi-senpai said.
“Your good!” me and Kanami chorused.
I saw Erika bit her lip and shook her head.
Oh, sorry! Wanna what we’re talking about? It’s started this morning.


I think I went to school a little bit early. Wow. It’s creepy in here. I think I will NEVER EVER go to school THIS early.
Suddenly I heard footsteps, approaching ME?!
What do I do? What do I do? Okay, relax, Natsumi. Your probably hearing things. Yeah that’s right. Your just hearing things.
“Natsumi?” the voice called MY NAME.
“AHHH!!!!” I shrieked.
“AHHH!!!” I heard TWO voices shrieked.
I stopped when I saw who it was. It was Kanami and Umi-senpai.
“Natsumi! You scared me there!” Kanami clutched her heart.
“What are you doing here?” Umi-senpai asked.
“Uhmm… going to school… I guess..” I replied.
“Wow. You’re early.” Kanami said.
“And you’re not?” I raised a brow at them.
Umi-senpai chuckled. “We’re always ear—“
We suddenly heard a dribbling basketball. I think it’s not only me who stopped breathing. We followed the sound, well Umi-senpai did, Kanami and me are clutching both her arms tightly.
“Who’s there?” she yelled. My grip got tighter.
We gasped at what we saw. Our jaws fell open as we watched her. It was…
“ERIKA?!” the three of us chorused making her drop the ball.
“Why are you so early?” I asked Erika as we sat down in our classroom.
I got a shrug as a reply.
“That was some playing, Erika.” Kanami complemented.

*End of Flashback*

And now we’re still persuading Erika to try-out for the Girls’ basketball team.
Erika sighed and finally said, “Alright…”
“Really?” The three of us chorused.
Erika slowly nodded and our faces lit up with excitement.
“You’ll do great, Erika!” Umi-senpai cheered and quickly strode out of the classroom as the bell rang.
Yamaguchi-sensei entered just as Umi-senpai left. Yamaguchi-sensei took the attendance and then Math class started.
I glanced at Erika and saw her writing notes quickly. Her faced seemed to be both worried and nervous. She must be nervous about the try-outs. But I do think she’ll do great.
After an hour of Math class, it was time for… I think… Art class? I hope so….
And to my delight it is Art class.
“Good morning, class.” The art teacher greeted as he settled his things on the table.
“Good Morning, Miura-sensei.” The class greeted—except me and Erika, who obviously doesn’t know every teacher here—and Miura-sensei smiled.
“Okay, today, we’ll have an activity that you’ll surely love.” Miura-sensei announced and the class’ faces broke into an excited grin. “We will do a partner activity.”
The class murmured excitedly.
“And of course, YOU will choose your partners.” Miura-sensei smiled, broadly.
The class’ murmurs grew louder.
“You will find a partner and try to draw his or her face.” Miura-sensei explained, sat down on his chair and gestured for us to start with a broad grin on his face.
Almost all of the class stood except for us and quickly strode to their desired partner. “Will you be my partner?” the question was heard in every table particularly in two.
“Yamada-san, will you be my partner?” or “Chinen-san, will you be my partner?” Was the question I heard the most. Of course, they would be popular, they’re members, after all, of the band Hey! Say! JUMP.
I sighed and reluctantly stood up from my sit, to ask Erika to be my partner.
Then, I heard something that made me stop in my tracks. I heard someone’s chair, noisily scraping on the floor. I looked up and saw not only Yamada but also Chinen-san standing up from their sits. The room became quiet. Yamada made his way towards Erika’s table, with mine and the other girls’ eyes following him.
“Will you be my partner?” Yamada asked and Erika looked up and slowly and carefully nodded. For a second I thought I saw Yamada’s lips twitch, into an almost smile.
The room remained silent as both of them prepared for the activity. I tore my gaze from them and the next thing I knew Chinen was asking ME to be HIS partner. And like Erika, received glares from the other girls.
"Will you be my partner, Natsumi-chan?" Chinen repeated.
"Un..." I replied, nodding my head.
"Yay!" Chinen jump up and down, my eyes following him.
Chinen grabbed me to get the materials and I, of course, subconsciously followed him.
A few minutes after the scene, everyone finally got a partner and I was nervously glancing at Chinen trying to draw him. He seems serious too.... and... cute.. Wait! FOCUS Natsumi! This is graded!
I quickly shook my head and again glanced at Chinen and to my sketch pad again.

~End of P.O.V~

~Erika’s P.O.V~

I quietly TRIED to draw the face of Yamada-kun. Wow, he almost looks like a girl. I think he’s prettier than me. Yeah, probably. I can’t believe he asked ME to be HIS partner. I mean, that’s just weird.
“Uhmm, Erika-chan, will you please stop staring at me like that. It’s getting uncomfortable.” Yamada-kun suddenly said.
I looked away and continued draw. “Gomen.”
“So… you’re a star huh?” I asked this STUPID question to try and start a conversation.
“Yeah.” Yamada-kun replied slowly.
“Must be wonderful.”
“Not really.” He muttered.
“Eh? Nande?” I asked and once again stopped drawing.
“Well, it’s because of the girls mostly.”
“Eh? What about US?” I tilted my head and pouted.
Yamada-kun sighed and turned his faced to his drawing again. “Nothing.”
I looked at him with a confused, hoping that he would explain what he said but unfortunately, he didn’t. I gave up and looked at my drawing again trying my best to make it look like him.
After a few minutes of drawing, Miura-sensei finally spoke.
“Okay, guys, please put your brushes down and look at me.” And of course everyone obeyed.
Miura-sensei stood of from his chair and looked around the class, beaming at us.
“Sagami-san!” Miura-sensei boomed.
“Hai?” I heard Natsumi squeak.
“Will you please show us your drawing?” Miura-sensei asked, not even looking at Natsumi.
I heard Natsumi sigh and got up with her drawing in arm. She went to Miura-sensei and gave him her drawing.
Miura-sensei happily received the drawing cheerfully and examined, his smile growing every second.
“Beautifully made!” Miura-sensei boomed again, making me jump.
Natsumi sighed a sigh of relief and beamed at the class.
Miura-sensei turned the picture around and I saw the most amazing drawing of Chinen-san.
It was EXACTLY like him. The face the features, EVERYTHING! I didn’t know Erika could draw like that! Wow.
“Wow! That’s me? I’m even more cute when Natsumi-chan draws me!” I heard Chinen-san squeal in delight and that made Natsumi blush.
“Okay, Chinen, sit down. You too Sagami-san.” Miura-sensei chuckled.
Natsumi quickly made her way to her seat again, still blushing.
Yes! Finally!
I quickly made my way to Natsumi and whispered to her, “Wow! You’re really good in drawing!”
Natsumi smiled at me and replied, “Thanks.”
“So, are you going to join the Art club? You can get in one of the contests!” I asked excitedly as we made our way out of the classroom.
“Maybe…” Natsumi smiled at the idea.
“You should go for it!” I said still keeping my voice down.
“Yeah… maybe I will since you’re going for the team.. I will!” Natsumi agreed, smiled at me and held out her hand.
I looked at her, confused. “huh?”
“Let’s shake on it!” Natsumi exclaimed and I smiled.
I shook hands with her and together we said, “Let’s go for it!”
Luckily the corridors were deserted.

~End of P.O.V~

Or so they thought……….
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love love it ^_^

next one pls...^_^


*just so excited*
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Posted 4/21/09 , edited 4/21/09
sumimasen for just reading it!
oooh i hope natsum joined the art club
since she has the talent!

more pls!..
oh btw..for the character part!
hai i agree to be with morimoto!
since i'm liking him now!!!
now's the chance to be paired up with him!
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uwaaa! gomen
for reading it just now!
even if it's so lon now
huhu onegai?~
im glad you made me Natsumi~
Chineeeen~~~ *node bleed*
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