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ok i dont know why it post two topics so can someone delete it before people start coming to this thread with stupid pictures of *THIS THREAD FAILS*
thank you

I always hear about korean, chinese, japanese, taiwanese and philippian dramas and movies but I never hear about Indonesian dramas.....I recently watch these two good Indonesian dramas called "Butterfly" and the other is well I kinda forgot the title because it was in Indonesian and I dont understand anything Indonesian I searched everywhere on youtube but couldnt find the movie(i think it was chita chita something...) so whats your favorite Indonesian drama if you hadnt watched any then watch one, at first I didnt want to watch it because the actors were'nt really that handsome but surprisingly it was good

P.S if your gonna watch "Butterfly" I recommend to you that you will need a high maturity level because its a lesbian movie
P.S.S i didnt know it was lesbian movie I just thought they were just friendly with each other but in the end....well you know but the beginning was really good and you wont believe the wonderful scenes in the movie its sooo magical looking lol
Posted 10/1/08 , edited 10/1/08
Repeated thread

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