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Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
Arh..But i think i have an idea..

Here i go..

Once inside her room,Yuuki sat on her bed & thought about what happened at the ballroom..

"Zero sure pissed off when Kaname kissed me..I wonder how he feels right now.." Yuuki thought to herself..

In the min-time,Zero was still at the ballroom..He was looking around with anger in his eyes..Suddenly Kaname walked into the ballroom..Zero fell deeper into his anger as he stares at Kaname..Kaname pretended that he did not saw Zero & walked away from his distance..

Zero clenched his fist & walked around the ballroom to check if anything bad has happen..

While he was walking,he thought to himself,"That Kaname..I won't forgive him..I won't forgive him!Why would he kissed Yuuki here?Does he not think of her feelings?"

He stops mid-way,clenched his fist & banged the wall..The people nearby him jumped..Some were scared & walked away from him..Some stared at him with confustion in their eyes..

"What?Do i look like a freak show here?" Zero asked angrly..

"Eh..N..No.." A boy replied & walked away from Zero..

So did the rest of them..Zero was left alone at a corner with his fist still on the wall..
Posted 10/15/08 , edited 10/15/08
As Zero walked passed everyone throughout the ballroom, heading towards the balcony...he spotted Yuki.
Wondering what she was doing, he quietly followed her and thought..."I wonder wat shes doing," as soon as he thought that..he realized they were in front of the Moon Dormitory. Suddenly he filled with anger a yelled out, "YUKI!"

With a sudden jump, she quickly turned around and spotted Zero, not realizing she was being followed..she thought, "oh crap...great." Zero walked towards her and grabbed her fiercely by the arm asking her lots lots lots of questions.


Yuki tried to answer, "i was-" but got cut off in mid-sentence...


"Zero I-I.."


Realizing Zero's yelling, Yuki burst in to tears.

Zero of course randomly thought, "oh great...crying again!" and he said, "look sorry...i didn't mean to yell at you...i lost my temper a bit back there...gomen...."

Wiping her tears, Yuki nodded, accepting his apology.

Zero took her hand and headed back to the dorms, dragging silent Yuki along...

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Posted 10/17/08 , edited 10/18/08
once they got back to the dorms zero pulled yuki into his room and had her sit down,pulling up a chair
zero sat beside her,he takes a deep breath to calm his anger and gently asks"what were u doing at the
moon dorms.
"i was going to see explain to him my feelings,and to tell him my final desicion.that i am
in love with someone else.

zero looked at her in pure shock"if you mind my asking..who is it that your in love with"
yuki feels the blood rush to her face as she tries to find the simplest way possible to tell him how she feels.
" in love with"

zero stares at her blankly and thinks to himself"she...she loves me..but how can she love me,how can she love a monster"
yuki leans forward and kisses him softly"i love you doesnt matter to me weither your human or vampire
i love you all the same..just as you are"

zero sits besides her and holds her close"i love u too...yuki"

Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/24/08
(awwww...such a sweet romantic night they had)

As Zero pulls away slowly...he stares deeply into her eyes with, warmth. "I've always had my deep feelings of love, but i never had the courage to say it" -Zero slightly turns crimson red with embarrassment-

-Yuki grabs him by the face- "Its fine..." -slightly smiling- "I'm just glad that we have each other..." -Yuki stares at the grandfather clock- DING! DING!

"Well looks like we should head back, everyones probably wondering what happened to us...." Zero said.
-Yuki nods in agreement-
"Yeh we should!" -as she gets ready to get up, Zero pulls her back down and gives her a kiss-

-shocked Yuki smiles at Zero-

"Ok lets get outta here before they start a group search for us..." -she nods-

and they walk towards the ballroom hand in hand....

On the way there...Kaname spots them and gets extremely irritated and glares at them.

"Humph! We'll see what happens next..."
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Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/24/08
Yuki notices Kaname-sama stareing at her and Zero as they walk hand in hand.she says to herself

'Im sorry Kaname but my heart belongs to someone else"she looks down feeling guilty but shakes it off with a smile.Zero looks at her"I wonder whats wrong."when he looks up he sees Kaname stareing at them with pure hatred.he says to himself"Checkmate Kaname i win"he keeps walking ignoring Kaname.
Posted 11/14/08 , edited 11/15/08
(OOC: I'm very confused... is this all just... Godmoding? I guess I won't meddle with this, it seems complicated enough, haha.)
Posted 11/24/08 , edited 11/25/08
(OOC: D-Did I kill it???)
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