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Posted 10/1/08 , edited 10/2/08
SeungRi belongs to Bubble_Tea (Cathalina)???(myb)
Daesung belongs to chineseazngirl123 (Felisha)???(myb)
TOP belongs to....??
Jiyong belongs to...??
Youngbae belongs to...???
(if you want to be the owner of either TOP, Jiyong or Youngbae (maybe SeungRi or DaeSung) post below with these following things)
1] Name:
2] Member:
3] Why do you think you will be best for him?
4] Is Big Bang your favorite group? If so Why?:
5] When did you start liking Big Bang?:
6] Did you apply for the month(s) before?:
7] Are you mad that we didn't pick you for that month?:
8] You do know we love you right??:
9] You still love Big Bang right?:
10]Hows life?:
11]Have a good day and good luck!:

There will be a member who will belong to one of you guys each month.
We(Bubble_tea [Cathalina] & Chineseazngirl123[Felisha] will choose.
And as for SeungRi and Daesung.
It will be harder to get =p. So yeah.
But if you give good answers (we both like them) you will own them for the month and we wont ={
Cat ;A; im already sad thinking about even mayb giving dae away ><
Btw Im nicer than Cat xP xDDD so if u want Cat's RIRI or My Dae >.> then try now even though we will both vote in the end....you know wht actually it doesnt make a difference NVM xDDD

Anyways Everyone just fill out for the month of Nov. Below
We will tell you the results on Oct. 30 or 31, 2008

Good luck to everyone ^-^
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