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Do we Appreciate Crunchyroll Enough?

Posted 4/14/07 , edited 4/14/07
What Do i like About CrunchyRoll?

"Fast loading,no hangings during loading,easy to search for whole series.People are friendly here(forums),and the main thing is,everyone here shares the same interest so I don't feel like a loser with no friends to talk to:tears:."

What Can You/Shinji Do To Make it Better?

"Simple is good. So i'm pretty good with the current system. Maybe if I could somehow find a way to donate to CR,and hope CR is earning enough so that the video quality could be a litle better for everyone."

Anime,Music,Games,Dramas Can We Relly Ask For More?

"My world revolves around these topics!!I'm good! "

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Posted 4/14/07 , edited 4/14/07
Since everyone in here seems to like cr a lot, I'd thought I would add in a couple of comments that show how ungrateful some people are.

These are concerning my uploads:
-sigh, jamejehe, try to never upload anything again....plz
-the problem is wif the uploader la.. i only get tis problem when jamehze is the uploader
-WHY THE FUCK cant he stop HOSTING
-errrg, i hate the host

Concerning the adbrite player:
90% of the people who see movies in crunchyroll will leave the site.
Adios larger button. adios crunchyroll.
-PLZ make the larger button for us free users!! and I am not gonna sign up for Paypal at all.
-terrible. i read reviews on siteadvisor about adbrite so many ppl said dont trust it, its crap. if ur trying to get paid from the ads on adbrite many said that they dont pay up. they only pay to big names. Also the new videos cant be viewed with the new design its says error.
-why do u guys bitch about stupid stuff. instead u should bitch about why u need to pay now to make the screen a little larger. i dont think its fair to have to pay for it to be larger cause if we pay then we'll just use full-screen
-They are way worse than youtube. lame!
-your that desperate for money even though taking that away is making ppl just go to youtube very few are gonna buy a membership over that

These are all anonymous of course, but honestly all people do is complain continuously...
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28 / M / Body in NY Mind i...
Posted 4/14/07 , edited 4/14/07
Ok bundeling everything that was said on this topic in 1 word answer , "NO". Or so most of the supporters think no. When the overflow of new members came in mostly during dec - feb their were massive amounts of spam and uploads. They neglected all rules that were in place. I mean if you saw the uploaded list you would say "holy shyt I gotta lot of work to do" (media mods point of view). Its cooled down to a reasonable 25 vids and less spam (EXCEPT FOR THE GAMES WHICH ARE FOOLISH TO HAVE). Crunchyroll is a community that shares knowledge of anime and everyday life. Not some place to leave the trash around. But I must commend the mods that they have been doing great work and of course SHINJI our founder. If some members here cant get their acts together they should just leave. But dont mistake that every single negative action is need for punishiment. Unless its repetitive.

Basically crunchyroll has went from calm / abonoxious / back to a more subtle state. HOPEFULLY THE FUTURE CAN REMAIN THIS WAY AS WELL!!!

edited: P.S. thx Forum Mods for taking the idiotic spam out of here. Its sure must be a true hastle.
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32 / M / SD
Posted 4/14/07 , edited 4/14/07
yeah CR is the best i don't have to put up with weak ass youtube ever since i found this site THANK YOU CR!!!!!!!!
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Posted 4/14/07 , edited 4/14/07
Yep! CrunchyRoll is the best!! WoohoOO!!

How to help Crunchyroll?

DONATE!! That's what I did.
Posted 4/14/07 , edited 4/15/07
As much as it can be immediately inconvenient, I'm actually really proud of shinji for keeping the site legal and not distributing licensed material. Rather than pushing the envelope as far as he could get away with, he has built a stable, living community that he should be proud of.
Posted 4/14/07 , edited 4/15/07
We could all help Shinji and the mods by;

1. Always thanking the uploaders when they upload anime and such.

2. Be kind to one another, not swearing.

3. Generally not being rude or any behavior that isn't nice.
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30 / M / Philippines
Posted 4/14/07 , edited 4/15/07
i like the way crunchy is right now but of course, there is always this crave for improvement. crunchy helps promote the superb artistic side of asians not just to their fellow asians but to the entire planet as a whole. i would have wanted to support crunchy financially but hey, i'm just a student, LoL!
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28 / M / Tokyo, Japan ha n...
Posted 4/15/07 , edited 4/15/07
i like how it has so much anime n dramas n movies n awesome peoples
i can become a lil older and get a credit card and help support CR
i really wanna help out but i dont have a credit card T.T and im broke UGH
theres nothing i really wanna ask for
because it would be wrong of me to
since im unable to help out with bandwidth and stuff >.<
i'll contribute when i acquire a credit card
until then
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Posted 4/16/07 , edited 4/16/07
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Posted 4/16/07 , edited 4/16/07
What Do you like About CrunchyRoll? Everything
What Can You/Shinji Do To Make it Better? Donate
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Posted 4/17/07 , edited 4/17/07
What Do you like About CrunchyRoll? I'm a big fan of K-pop culture so I love the large amount of english subbed stuff available here. I'm also attempting to learn Chinese and the Taiwanese dramas are helping me understand grammer and word order. Plus, they are live action versions of some of my favorite mangas and anime.

What Can You/Shinji Do To Make it Better? I donated. I think Shinji is doing a great job.

Anime, Music, Games, Dramas Can We Really Ask For More? Popcorn.
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26 / F
Posted 4/17/07 , edited 4/17/07
i love everything!
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Posted 4/17/07 , edited 4/18/07

q_h wrote:

* Shinji and mods all work hard
* There are many lovely members here
* Organization of videos and the site in general is great
* Has been improving a lot (look at the History thread!)
* Great collection of videos
* etc. etc. etc.

* I help answer simple questions (hehe)... or answer those that have been answered before... so mods don't have to answer them again and again...
* I help point out incorrect tags, duplicate videos, etc.
* I try to follow the rules as much as I can (don't double post, don't spam, etc.)
* I help suggest videos that people might like (?)
* etc...

notes: i hurts me to see people attacking CR for various reasons... I appreciate how it offers so much for being a free site. people do work hard to keep this site running as smoothly as possible. enjoy it here and be understanding!

thanks shinji and all mods

um... this site isn't all about animes, so don't you think this thread might be more appropriately placed in the General Section?
^ I think some of the things I was going to say have already been summarized here I just thought I should quote my thoughts.
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Posted 4/19/07 , edited 4/19/07
Time for more bashing by the CR leechers who can't seem to appreciate anything:

This in regards to the latest removal of OP.



-you piece of shit why did you remove one piece im not comming back enymore

-hope shinji gets a hart atack the motherfucker why does he wants to rremove one piece that baka he is a real baka

-Might as well go ahead and removed NAruto and Bleach to lose the rest of your members on this site, I'll go to YouTube, least they aren't cockmunches.

-Fuck you Shinji, seriously, why do you have to be a dick and remove this show huh? Seriously, you are so gay.

First of all I'd like to sincerely apologize for all the users here who do nothing, but leech and do nothing to help benefit the CR community. I really hope that Shinji doesn't let bastards like them to undermine the project he has endeavored to set up and provide. The unacceptable behavior of these people is not representative of the general population. Most of the people here have no respect or appreciation for him and it disgust me.

Now, to my suggestion. I demand that we have stricter rules and go on a banning or warning rampage toward people like the above mentioned.
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