Mr. Morning
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Posted 10/1/08 , edited 10/2/08

Description: The Rainbow Stone Train crosses straight through a vast continent.
Newbie train crew member Toy is posted to work in Morning, the train carriage which charges the cheapest ticket prices!"
Torquay Toy (the nephew of the head-conductor of Morning) wants to work on a train powered by rainbow stone, but ends up working on the "Morning" section, which is reserved for the lowest class passengers.

By: Takayama Shinobu (the same mangaka as Amatsuki)

It's kinda just about a train and a boy aboard the train and changing everyone around him.......typical Takayama Shinobu's kinda slow and not much is out (only chapter is scanlated) but it's SO pretty!!!! a;sdlf a .....

you can read it on mangafox.
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F / phil....
Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/2/08
i'll give it a try...
is it so good???
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